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Friday, February 10, 2006

Episode: 10249
Directed by: Jim Baffico
Tape Date: 1/23/06

Chelsea’s arrival ends Zack’s service as the family and guests chat; Lois and Alex also chat as Abe’s vision clears his brain as well; Bonnie feasts at the loft while reading Mimi’s diary.

OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCES again by Peter Reckell (Bo) and Kristian Alfonso (Hope) this week..I know we sound like a broken record..but reading it isn't enough gotta see it to appreciate it!!!

John visits Abe in the hospital, thrilled his pal can see again. Abe tells John how much his gift of site from Zack meant and wished he had spent more time with him when he could have. Abe feels bad he couldn’t be at Zack’s funeral and John says the same, explaining that Marlena was attending with Alex and he would be the last person she’d want to see there. We return to Abe telling John how he’s thankful for Theo and Lexie every day. Abe assures John that Marlena will come to her senses and realize she really loves him. Abe gives John some advice, how to beat Alex at his own game. John isn’t restricted like Salem PD is on his investigating techniques. His ISA spy capabilities can have him checking on Alex in ways they can’t. John agrees, saying he can’t believe he hadn’t thought of that before.

In the psych ward, Lois marks the word KILL over a picture of Marlena’s face with lipstick (surprised she’s allowed to have it in there). Out loud she tells Alex to hurry up and finish up his mission. It’s time for Marlena to die so that they can be together, forever. The guard looks at her through the glass window and tells himself he needs some coffee or he’ll fall asleep on the job. He moves the key in the lock a little and leaves them dangling as he heads for the never empty coffee pot. Lois tries the door and surprisingly finds it unlocked. She rushes back to her bed, throws some pillows to form a shape under the sheet and takes off.

AT THE CHURCH…we see Marlena and Alex outside (as are others). Marlena’s concerned the outing may have been too soon for Alex as he felt a little light headed inside. He suggests they go home and they do so.

HOME AT THE PENTHOUSE…Marlena thanks Alex for saving her life and wants to show him how grateful she is. She kisses him and he says the next time they’re in the church it will be to renew their vows. He knows there are a lot of things she doesn’t remember yet. She’s happy to remember that she is married to him and that she will be, forever. The phone rings and she doesn’t want him to answer it, to let the machine do so. She goes up to change and he answers it. It’s Lois. She snuck out to call him and he orders her to return to her room before they know she’s missing. She tells “her love” to off Marlena so they can be together. He orders her to stick to their plan and she will get everything she deserves. She refuses to go back, orders him to come get her out of there or she will tell John Black what he’s really up to. Later, he treats her more gently on the phone and she agrees to do what he says. Marlena walks in and has a John and her flashback of them kissing as she sees Alex on the phone. It’s Valentines Day and he feeds her a whipped tipped strawberry. She tells Alex she was going to make some herbal tea, but he announces he has to rush off. She knows what he’s up to, but says he won’t get away with it. Of course she figures he’s off to buy her Valentines candy or flowers. She won’t let him go and wants to take care of him instead. He says he has a quick errand and will return shortly to let her do whatever she wants to him. She tells him that he’s not going anywhere and she won’t let him out of her site again. Remembering what Lois said, he’s anxious to get out, but Marlena refuses to let him go.

Inside we see a replay of Shawn finishing his eulogy, kissing his mom and sitting down with Mimi. She tells him how Zach would have been so proud and her telling him she has something to tell him later. Kate did overhear and tells Victor that Mimi is planning on telling him the truth. Victor agrees that Shawn deserves to know. Bo reaches to Hope as we see at the end of today’s show and she turns to see Chelsea walking in the church. As Bo and Hope both stand up in surprise to see Chelsea there, Bo quietly responds, “Chelsea, what are …as Hope says “how dare you come here” and gives her a good whack on the face. Billie rushes up behind Chelsea as Bo asks why she let her come. Billie says she tried to stop her (Lockhart house must be nearby as neither woman is winded and we know Chelsea can’t drive). Bo tries to get Hope to sit down, but she raises her hands and says for him not to touch her. Bo defends Chelsea saying “she came to pay her respects. Zack was her brother.” Hope says..”I can’t believe you’re still defending her. You not only went behind my back and reinstated her license but you gave her the keys to your SUV. Your daughter killed our son Bo.” Shawn overhears and surprised to learn this (well…if you had spent more time with your grieving parents you might have known). Hope tells Shawn that Chelsea was the one driving and let her mother even take the blame for it. Shawn faces Chelsea and says “you were the one who killed my brother? It was you? Chelsea tells him she’s “sorry, I didn’t mean it” and cries on Billie’s shoulder (I really think this kid will do anything she can for attention..bad or good!) Shawn tells her to get out before he throws her out. Shawn turns to his dad, not believing that he had a part in this cover up. Hope tells him that it’s clear that Bo’s on Billie and Chelsea’s side, not hers, his and Zack’s. Chelsea and Billie both say it was an accident. Shawn can’t believe his father was part of the cover up (Victor is standing just behind them, taking it all in. Billie has poor distraught baby daughter Chelsea sit in a pew and rushes for some water for her..(hopefully she throws it in her face!) as Bo stands over her. Hope quietly tells Shawn that she didn’t want him to find the truth out like this. He wished she had told him before. Shawn hugs Hope and says they both know what’s important right now. Dad lied to both of them. Bo tells them that’s not true. Victor puts his hand on Bo’s shoulder and tells him that he’ll stay with Chelsea, he should be with his wife. Bo thanks Victor, but says his wife doesn’t want him anywhere near her right now. Hope arches her eyebrow at him as Shawn hugs her (hopefully he’s figured out his mother needs him).

A very angry Shawn is stopped by Mimi who tries to calm him down. He can’t forgive his father for lying to them and says there’s no excuse for it, especially when a child is involved. His mother not only had to bury her son but has to deal with her husband’s lies about his daughter being responsible. He begs Mimi not to lie to him and she promises not to, saying she loves him. He has to be with his mom right now and knows she has to be with her mom due to her heart condition. He’ll see her back at the loft. He still wants to marry her. He walks by Victor and Caroline who are talking. Caroline tells Victor that Bo should never have sided with Chelsea. Victor agrees lies can cause a life time of pain…look what it did to them. They watch as Shawn tears into Bo about his lies and wouldn’t blame his mother for not forgiving him. Victor worries that others may be waiting to take advantage of the situation.

Outside Patrick arrives and learns what happened inside. They exchange words about his part in the truth being revealed. She tells him Chelsea’s inside and how she had grabbed a cab before Billie could stop her (aha). Patrick tells Billie they both need to leave there asap and he’ll see her at home. Patrick goes inside (looking mighty fine in his suit) and finds Hope at the altar. Bo sees them talking and walks up, asking Lockhart what he’s doing and to stay away from his wife. Hope tells Bo that Patrick is her friend and quite frankly, she trusts Patrick a lot more than she trusts him right now. (ouch, the truth hit home on that one) Bo calmly asks Patrick to leave them alone out of respect for the loss of their son. Patrick does so, telling Hope to call him if she needs him. She tells Bo he had no right to treat Patrick like that. Bo says Patrick had no right to interfere, but Hope . tells Bo what he did to cover up what happened wasn’t fair. Shawn says Chelsea may have been driving the car, but he was the one who killed Zack.

Billie is furious with Kate (as she should be). Kate tells Billie that she and Bo need to be together right now for Chelsea’s sake. Billie can’t believe her mother is saying this, saying that Hope and Bo just lost their son and need to be together. Kate calmly says that Hope can’t stand the site of Bo right now. Billie tells her mom that Hope just lost her son and needs Bo. Chelsea does her own whine and Billie…drum roll please…yells at Chelsea to KNOCK IT OFF and to take responsibility for what she’s done. NO ONE IS TO BLAME HERE BY HER! (thank you Billie!!!)

Bo sees Patrick taking water to Hope and angry, tells him to stay away from her and not take advantage of the situation to get closer to her. Patrick denies that and Bo grabs him and shoves him. In doing so, Zach’s framed picture topples to the floor and the glass breaks. He looks shocked and Hope and Shawn do as well.

AT THE LOFT…Bonnie is partying with loud music and dancing, chomping on a candy bar. She knocks something off the table and while replacing it, finds Mimi’s diary on a lower shelf of the table. For two seconds she considers not reading it, but decides what the heck and plops on the couch to read it. Later we find her to the part where Mimi regrets not telling Rex about the abortion and has lost him. Bonnie hurts for her daughter and ponders if her advise to Mimi to lie to Shawn is a bad idea. No, she knows her original idea will be best and tosses the diary on the couch as she pulls a pizza out of the oven. She knows Mimi will realize the same after she’s married and those trust funds start kicking in. Mimi walks in and finds Bonnie eating pizza and drinking beer. She is shocked and tells her mom after what happened at the church today…she probably won’t be with Shawn. She’s determined to tell Shawn the truth and won’t lie again. Mimi knows her marriage won’t be filled with love and honesty if she doesn’t tell him. Bonnie says to wake up and stop watching Dr. Phil…in real life women lie to their husbands all the time. Bonnie breaks down and says no one would stay married if they were honest. She practically killed herself trying to help her but Mimi’s on her own now. If she wants to lose the one chance she has at happiness.

LOIS returns to her room vowing to kill anyone who stands between her and Alex. Abe and John arrive. Abe distracts the guard by asking him to deliver some papers to the station for him while John slips in with some truth serum he got from the ISA to inject into Lois. She’s lying away from him and in true Salem fashion, he mumbles about now they’ll get the truth about Dr. North. She opens her eyes.

BACK AT THE CHURCH…Hope picks up the shattered picture of Zack and tells Bo to get away from her and from Zack. She turns in tears from him …as the previews roll…

LOIS TO JOHN: Ever hear of the Valentine’s Day Massacre? Alex has a surprise in store like that for Marlena.

MARLENA TO ABE: Alex is my husband. I’m staying with him.

BO TO CHELSEA (as Billie watches): You’re under arrest for the death of Zack Brady.

HOPE LOOKS DOWN (gravesite?) and says: "You should be here"...I think to Zack, but not sure. A man's hand reaches down to her…

as the credits roll…


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