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Friday, February 17, 2006

Days of Our Lives will be preempted by the Olympics on no Early Edition on Friday folks.

Episode No: 10254
Directed by: Roger Inman
Tape Date: 1/28/06

Our Salemites must have antifreeze in their blood as many conversations take place out in the snow (but we see some beautiful coats in the bargain) as Billie tries to help Bo, Belle tells Shawn she loves him still. Kate is at Java Cafe as her sons (and Carrie) stroll through and chat while Sami makes dinner at the apartment. John gets the fickle finger of fate (so to speak) as Lois points at him, but for the wrong reason.....

Austin rushes out of the bathroom after his shower with a towel wrapped around his waist (barely) to get the phone (he gets points for being the CLEANEST Salemite..and why don’t they have phones in the bedroom(s?) Sami steps out of her room (fully dressed) and overhears Austin telling his friend in NYC about missing the big apple, but mostly misses his friends, saying he could use one right now. He proceeds to tell his friend how he lost Carrie and why… as Sami listens in (why didn’t SHE get the phone?) When he tells his friend he should just give up ARC (his company), Sami rushes forward and tells him he can’t do that after all they went through to get started. He hangs up with his friend and asks if Sami’s eavesdropping on his conversation. She explains she was getting her coat in her living room and overheard. She and Nicole worked their butts off to get where they are now and he can’t give the company up. He says he was just venting with a friend and didn’t give up a six figure salary with bonuses in NYC to quit so soon there. She mentions that Nicole is out wining and dining investors and she is going to go to the store for makings of their own dinner for two tonight. He says Sami is right and knows just who to go to for help. (what happened to their office at Brandon’s old loft? I thought Austin was going to move there?)

Later Sami returns home with groceries and finds a note from Austin that he will be right back. She decides to get dinner started.

AT JAVA CAFÉ….Carrie and Lucas chat while she gets the coffee and he does something else. She thanks him for being her friend through all this. Carrie overhears Kate talking to herself (it was only a matter of time) saying “sorry Lucas, Carrie and Austin belong together”. She tells Kate she’s wrong and it’ll never happen. Lucas returns and seeing Carrie talking to Kate, orders the coffees himself. Kate asks Carrie to sit down and Carrie explains she’s with Lucas. Kate asks her to do so for just a minute and proceeds to tell Carrie that Austin loves her and Carrie admits loving him as well, but he did destroy High Style, which was like her family as well as friends. She loved that company she tells Kate. Kate warns her that if she still loves Austin, she shouldn’t give up. Lucas bring their coffees, not pleased with Kate’s advice. Carrie tells him it’s okay and steps outside to talk on her cell with Becky when she calls. Lucas is angry with Kate as she knows how he feels about Carrie. Kate tries to explain to him that despite the High Style debacle, Austin and Carrie love each other. He’s convinced he can win Carrie’s heart over..but Kate says that despite the fact she still loves John, she knows Marlena still has his heart and had to accept that (that’s a first for Kate). He has to do the same with Carrie. He can only accept that Kate is coming between him and the woman he loves..AGAIN. She only wants her kids to be happy. He’s glad Philip’s got a sure thing with Belle. Kate says there’s no such thing as a “sure thing”. He asks what she did to come between them now. He warns her she’ll regret it if she’s done anything that will break up Belle and Philip. He then plays the Will card..saying she’ll lose her grandson permanently if she comes between him and Carrie. He reminds her about what happened when she came between him and Sami. He’ll devote the rest of his life on getting revenge on Austin if Austin and Carrie end up together. He finds Carrie outside and asks her if they can take their coffee back to his apartment as there’s a problem about Will and he has to talk with Sami. She agrees, but wants to stop by the bookstore first, so will meet him there (must be walking distance). Kate worries how she can do what she wants. Austin walks up, asking her what’s wrong.

Outside on the phone Carrie’s offering Becky a job with Titan when she overhears something and remembers when she and Austin danced (she was dressed in a Roaring 20’s outfit) about how their love will never end, yada yada. It’s now snowing and Carrie sees Austin in with Kate. She mumbles something about Austin and walks off. Inside Austin and Kate talk about her only wanting what’s best for her children. Austin says that’s why he needs her help.

ON THE ROOF …. Shawn asks Belle if what she said is true, she still loves him? Why is she telling him this now? (Mimi’s overhearing all this) She tells him because he’s engaged to Mimi and when she saw the Horton ring on Mimi’s finger, she had to say how she felt. She kisses him, then says time is running out and they only get one go at life. Shawn tells her that he’s sorry, but time ran out when she and Philip had Claire. Mimi is weeping silently in the background, knowing the truth about his being Claire’s father. He admits loving Belle, but he also loves Mimi and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. She (Belle) is not only married to Philip, but they have a baby. Mimi remembers Bonnie’s telling her that Claire is Shawn’s daughter. Belle tears up and tells Shawn she’s always loved him and should have spoken up earlier. Shawn says they have to accept what fate gave them. He refuses to break up her family. It will get better and they’re with people they love and he will not break Mimi’s heart. Belle asks what have they done as he puts her head on his shoulder. Holding her he tells her she has a beautiful daughter and a great life. He will always be there for her, he promises, but as a friend. Mimi didn’t hear that as she climbs back in their window (and doesn’t shut it…it’s SNOWING outside people!). She figures she can never tell Shawn the truth or her nightmare really would come true. Someone knocks on the door and she is upset to see who it is.

BACK AT SAMI’S….we see a beautifully set table (Martha would be so proud!) with tall candles lit, and Sami now in a black sexy lingerie. She hears footsteps in the hall and turns out the lights and holds her breath as the door opens. She kisses the person who walks in and of course, it’s Lucas (doesn’t he even knock on their apartment door anymore?) She quietly says his name.

Billie stops Bo from pounding his head against the wall..saying he’s hurting himself (ya think?) She asks how much he’s had to drink and he replies..not enough. He’s angry he’s lost his son and now his wife. Billie tells him to go home. He said he’s seen Hope in pain before, but not like this and he’s lost her. He says Hope threw him out, Shawn hates him, Chelsea doesn’t trust him and Zack’s dead. He’s got what he deserves and is alone. Billie says that’s not true, he’s got her. He’s glad Chelsea has Billie. Billie encourages him to go home and clean his hand before it gets infected. When he said he doesn’t have a home to go to, she guesses he’ll find a park bench and tells him no way! They talk about Patrick and he’s glad it’s over with her and Patrick. He says Billie deserves someone better. Billie remembers Chelsea’s advice that she and Bo belong together and to take the opportunity that’s available now to get him. She tells Bo she’s going in the Cheatin’ Heart to get a towel of ice for his hand and then will take him to a motel where he can sleep for the night. She insists he not take off and goes inside (just WHO is watching Chelsea to make sure SHE doesn’t take off?) Bo sits on his motorcycle and calls Hope. When she doesn’t answer, he leaves a message asking for Fancy Face to pick up and when she doesn’t, says he loves her and to please call him. Billie’s taking forever and Bo climbs on his bike, puts on his helmet and drives off. Billie then comes out with the towels and yells for him to stop, which of course he doesn’t.

In his suit and tie Alex assures Marlena he did not try to hurt Lois. She knows that, saying how he’s her husband, she loves him and will stand by him. John and Tek stand nearby. Lexie tells them that Lois is very weak, but can make a statement. Alex wants to join them, upset about the unethical shot of truth serum John gave her. Lexie warns them she’ll toss them out if Lois gets stressed at all. Lois watches Lexie and Tek, then Marlena and Alex.and finally John. She starts breathing hard as Tek tells her to just point to the person that hurt her. Alex glares at her and she turns and points at John. To herself she says that Alex hurt her and John helped her. She remembers when John gave her the shot and when Alex came in and warned her not to tell anyone what she had done. He threatens to kill her if she tells. Her eyes open wide as she points at John saying (silently) he has to help her again as Alex rants that John hurt her. John can’t believe she’s pointing at him as Lois’ eyes are wide open, telling herself that he has to help her again. Her heart monitor (top line) goes flat as Lexie calls for the crash cart and starts pumping on her chest. She orders everyone (but Tek) out. John and Alex blame each other in the hall. Lexie walks out saying there was nothing she could do. Tek and two uniformed cops walk up and John grabs Alex saying he’s going down pal. Tek informs John that they’re here for him, not Alex. John steps aside with the uniforms to talk. Lexie goes to arrange for Lois to be taking to the morgue and Tek stops her, asking how Abe is. She says fine and he points out his cornea transplant is fine, but not in the bedroom, he can tell (how rude). Alex suggests he and Marlena leave and she agrees. They walk out arm in arm as John tries to follow, but the uniforms stop him. He warns Marlena that Alex is going to hurt her, but is held in place as the credits roll….

AUSTIN TO KATE: I’m afraid I’ll lose Carrie and the person I’ll lose her to is Lucas.

CARRIE TO SAMI AND LUCAS: “Do I have to draw you a picture? It’s so obvious that the two of you are still in love”. Lucas stares at Carrie as Sami walks away.

BELLE TO SHAWN: “I still love you. There has to be a way to make this work, there just has to be.”

BO TO BILLIE: “I would never have made it through this night without you.
BILLIE: “I’ll always be there for you Bo. No matter what.”

As the credits roll...

Behind the Bash

Sunday, February 19, 2006 7:00 PM ET/PT

Days of Our Lives Bash - Join Giada as she travels back to 1965 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of one of television’s longest running shows. The catering team is in a race against time. Watch the event design team as they transform an ordinary building into a 1965 airport terminal. With 1000 guests including daytime TV brightest stars, the team is hoping for glowing reviews.

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