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Friday, February 24, 2006

Episode: 10,258
Director: Roger Inman
Tape Date: 2/2/06

A fan favorite not only returns to Salem, but as her original character (imagine that, I like that idea!). Calliope Jones Bradford returns as Marlena and Mimi’s wedding planner. Devil teen continues to manipulate, Alex talks to Lois’ body at the morgue and Hope thinks about leaving town. (side note to our newest readers…a senior center that just found out about our site yesterday…welcome aboard!!)

Mimi and Shawn are working on their wedding plans. Both lose their temper as she asks for his family’s addresses and he says they’re on the computer. She tells him she needs MAILING addresses, not email addresses (LOL). Bonnie arrives, hearing them from down the hall, and Mimi said getting married so quickly is a bad idea. Bonnie assures them that she and Kate’s check book will take care of all the arrangements and for them not to worry about it. She herself has been to the hairdressers and salons ala Kate’s $$. Patrick arrives and tells Mimi he’s leaving town and doesn’t know where he’s going. Bonnie admits knowing he was leaving. Shawn isn’t upset, knowing Patrick worked for Dimera. Patrick knows neither Shawn or Bo like him. Mimi’s upset he’s not staying for her wedding and hugs him goodbye. He sticks around to help Bonnie try out the wedding food samples she brought as Shawn worries they’re bad for her heart condition. She tells him she got a clean bill of health (then why rush into a wedding?) She explains all the food she brought as Patrick asks what they mean by her heart condition. Bonnie says they hired a great wedding planner and she should be there any minute. Shawn leaves to go check on Hope (about time) and tells Mimi she can talk to the planner with her mother and brother. Mimi sends her best wishes to Hope as they tell each other they love each other before he leaves. Patrick leaves and Bonnie lectures Mimi how she can’t delay the wedding. Calliope arrives (after she had been to the Penthouse below). She identifies herself as Calliope Jones Bradford. Calliope and Bonnie both love each others outfits. Bonnie tells Mimi nothing can go wrong with Calliope helping them.

Belle joins John at the pub, upset about reading that her mother and Alex are remarrying and going on a long honeymoon. She tells John he has to stop it from happening. He assures her he’s doing whatever he can to stop Alex, not wanting what happened to Lois to happen to Marlena. He has to be patient until he gets the goods on Alex though. Belle offers to help, but John just wants her to relax and take care of his granddaughter. She kisses him goodbye and leaves as he plans to go too. He hears Bo in the next booth and sits down and asks for his help.

Marlena is worried about Alex’s latest injury from John. He assures her that neither John or anyone else is taking her away from him. He’s not going to let anyone interfere in their wedding or out of town honeymoon plans. Doorbell rings and she’s worried it’s John, but he knows he has a surprise for her. He opens the door and long time viewers will recognize CALLIOPE running in and hugging Marlena, saying how much she’s missed her. Of course Marlena doesn’t recognize her due to her amnesia..and asks if she knows her. (Calliope was a bubbly, kooky Salem resident long ago and a good friend of Marlena’s) Calliope asks if she’s aged THAT much, not knowing about the amnesia. She tells Marlena it won’t mean anything that Eugene sends his love and sorry he couldn’t come. Alex explains Calliope is a famous wedding planner and he didn’t realize she was from Salem and knew Marlena. He leaves (much to Marlena’s distress, come on Marlena, show some spine) to run errands and let the women chat. As soon as he leaves, Calliope asks who that man was. She knew all of Marlena’s husbands and HE was not one of them. (side note…when Calliope got married…she wore a dress that was covered with white Christmas lights, that lit up as she walked down the aisle, while Eugene wore a white fur coat. Hopefully her tastes have changed ;-)

Calliope can’t believe Marlena is choosing this Alex guy over Roman, er, John..she can’t get use to his new name (LOL) and when Marlena says she’s scared of John, thinking he’s obsessed. Calliope thinks that’s great after all these years. Marlena worries his obsession has turned into violence. Marlena asks if John sent her there to work on her and if so, she wants her to leave and not come back. Calliope responds “that’s so cold.” She says Alex called her just like he told her and just is having a hard time believing Marlena feels that way about John. Calliope has another appointment, but brought some things for Marlena to look at and will call her to set up another time. She crosses her fingers behind her back saying she won’t mention you know who’s name (Voldemort? Sorry..Harry Potter fan here) again. Marlena gasps when Calliope leaves (maybe she needs some more whaps on the head to get her memory back).

Belle arrives and tells Marlena she saw the paper and this wedding can’t happen.

Chelsea continues plotting against Hope, remembering Patrick’s phone conversation. She knocks before entering Jennifer’s house, carrying only flowers, and talks with Abby. Abby says she's staying there and doesn't need to knock. She had seen Patrick’s car at home and didn’t want to face him after he ratted on her. She tells Abby the flowers are for Hope, but knows how angry Hope is at her. She whines she lost Zack too and didn’t do this on purpose and angry that Hope won’t forgive her. Through her little manipulating she gets Abby to offer to take the flowers to Hope and have her tell Hope how badly she feels about what happened. Chelsea tells Abby that she was going to suggest to Hope to go away to think for a while and mentions the place as a suggestion. Abby falls for the bait and leaves as Chelsea tells herself she didn’t think it would be that easy (ah, nothing like starting your day with a manipulating teenager---NOT)

Bo calls home (from the pub) and gets a sweet message from Hope that she, Zack and Bo aren’t there. Zack spoke up that yes they are and she laughs. Bo asks Fancy Face to pick up and we see her crying on the bed, staring at the phone. Hugging Zack’s bear with tears pouring down her face, she hears Bo pleading for her to see him so he can explain, saying they need each other more than ever now. After hanging up, he sits in the booth and tells himself if Hope wants him out of the house, he’ll do it.

John joins him later and says he needs to clear his name and nail Alex North for killing Lois and framing him. John gets a call from the morgue that the autopsy report is back. He’s hoping it’ll show she was murdered (hello…would they give the results to the suspected murderer? I don’t think so.) Bo wishes him good luck and John leaves.

The doorbell rings and Hope hopes it’s not Bo. Abby calls out it’s her and she rushes to the door. Abby gives her the flowers. Hope thanks her, saying they’re beautiful and hugs her. Abby explains they’re from Chelsea and Hope tosses them in the basket, asking if they’re suppose to make up for killing her son. Abby apologizes and pulls the flowers out of the trash saying Chelsea really feels bad. Abby asks if there’s anything she can do to help and they talk about Jack. She suggests that Hope maybe go away for a while and Hope says she was thinking the same thing, but didn’t know where to go. Abby mentions Morgan Island and Hope says she’ll check it out and thanks Abby.

Later Abby returns home and Chelsea pulls what happened with Hope from her. She clarifies that Abby didn’t tell Hope it was her idea where to go and suggests they keep it between them as Bo might try to stop Hope if he knew. To herself she hopes her plan works as her parents need to be together to keep her from going to prison.

Shawn arrives to see Hope and she tells him she’s thinking about getting away. It’s hard for her to be there. Shawn offers her their spare room (not mentioning he's getting married soon). She smiles and thanks him, but says she heard about a place called Morgan Island and thinking about it. (isn’t she still on the Salem PD? Is she on family leave?)

Alex walks right into the morgue and opens Lois’ door. He pulls her out and apologizes if he’s catching her at a bad time, saying they need to talk (yeah, right). He explains he knows she’s dead as he’s the one who put her there..but no one can know what he’s up to. She can’t tell on him anymore now and John’s injecting the truth serum helped him get away with it. No one can know what he’s up til until Marlena’s paid the price. He babbles on about what happens to Marlena will make her very happy and she’ll be sorry she isn’t around to enjoy it as the previews roll.....

Tek to Lexie: Tell me you don’t want me to go. Lexie is breathing heavy and can’t and he knows it.

Shawn to Hope: You should go and take care of yourself. How about if I came with you?

Shawn to Bo (who’s at the pub with Chelsea): Away? Where’s she going?
Shawn: Away…like you care.

Marlena to Belle: YOU need to listen to your heart.

John to Abe (as Alex stands there with a bleeding face): He’s going to use the law to try and stop me from protecting my wife. But I’ll tell you one thing Abraham, I will protect her…

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