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Friday, February 3, 2006


Episode: 10,244
Directed by: Jim Baffico
Tape Date: 2/16/06

Hope learns the truth (FINALLY), Austin and Lucas compete over Carrie, Bonnie resorts to a new tactic to stop Mimi from telling Shawn he's Claire's daddy and Belle admits her true feelings to Caroline.


We find Lucas in his suit at home offering the job to Carrie (wasn’t she planning on returning to LA to help her administrative assistant deal with their take over?) Carrie hasn’t accepted the job yet, but if she does, it won’t be to get revenge on Austin. We learn she is looking out for her staff as she’s hoping whoever acquires High Style will hire them as well. He can’t guarantee that and hints that she might be sending part of her salary to help them. She doesn’t deny that, but says she has to keep some to live on. Lucas offers to rent her one of his extra bedrooms (why is a Titan exec living in a little apartment still?) She also asks if he needs the money and he admits being out of work for a while. Lucas says that Will will be going to college soon (they do grow up fast in Salem) and knows Sami won’t give him a dime towards that. Carrie would be helping him out and asks if he can call Titan to have them draw up her contract (think he might want to consult with Victor or HR on that? She ran the last company into the ground). She admits needing a job and he raves about her creativity and knows she has product ideas in her head. She promises to think about it as she makes coffee. He remembers being out of milk and rushes out to the store to buy some. Carrie tells herself that maybe Lucas is right and head in air..says they can prove to Austin that nice guys don’t always end last.

Sami is still trying to convince Austin that Carrie won’t have anything to do with him, but says something that gives him hope. Austin realizes he can’t give Carrie back her company, but he can hire her and makes for the door to offer her the job. Sami stops him and he challenges her if there’s any reason she doesn’t want Carrie in their company or part of his life. She reminds him that Carrie didn’t approve of their tactics and wouldn’t want to be part of it. Confident, he goes to take a shower before going to offer Carrie the job. If she accepts, he’s taking her out of dinner. Sami warns him that Carrie might not accept and will have take-out ready, but he smiles, sure she’ll accept. Sami hears loud whistling in the hall and finds Lucas returning from the store with milk. She asks if he’s happy about something and he says yes. She tells him that Austin has a plan to get Carrie back, but before she can say more, Carrie steps out into the hall and Austin walks up to the door shirtless and towel over his shoulder. He asks Carrie if she’ll listen to him as he has an idea. She agrees to listen.

Caroline’s still talking about how much Claire looks like Shawn did at that age. Bonnie and Mimi exchange loud whispers about if Mimi should tell everything to Shawn or not. Mimi’s learned that secrets and lies don’t work. Belle asks for Mimi’s opinion about who Claire looks like and Mimi sees Belle in her (safe guess) and tells them she has something to tell them. Bonnie grabs her chests and pretends to have a heart attack to avoid Mimi saying anything. Everyone but Mimi rushes to Bonnie’s side. Bonnie refuses going to the hospital or them calling 911, saying she feels better. Caroline says she had jaw pain before her heart attack and didn’t see a doctor and highly recommends Bonnie do the same. Caroline offers to get her an aspirin and water. Mimi tells Bonnie to just relax while she talks to Belle and Shawn. Bonnie grabs her heart and says maybe she should go to the hospital. Alone with her mom (Shawn went to get the about 911?) Mimi realizes Bonnie isn’t faking it and is now in tears, saying she doesn’t want to die. After Shawn and Mimi left to take Bonnie to the hospital, Caroline and Belle chat about what just happened. They’re surprised that Mimi wasn’t more concerned and Caroline asks if Bonnie has a history of hysteronics ( gotta get out of that pub more or just talk to Julie or Maggie, haha). Belle wishes her mom cared more about her and the family. They talk about Caroline’s wedding dress and how she was going to wear it one day. Belle says she and Philip are standing up for Mimi and Shawn as Caroline goes on about the wedding. We can see Belle’s inner conflict about it all over her face. Later Caroline finds Belle’s high school diary and apparently read part of it as Belle explains she and Shawn had a project in high school to set a budget like they were married and they named their daughter Claire. Belle tells Caroline she would have been Claire’s great grandmother and she her granddaughter. Caroline says she feels like she is anyway and the two hug. Belle remembers when she and Shawn danced and then when he got on one knee and proposed to her. Caroline asks what’s wrong and Belle admits still loving Shawn and wanting Claire to be his baby.

Lexie is on the phone getting an update on Abe. A nurse mentions Abe’s cornea transplant surgery and tells Lexie she hopes it’ll restore his eyesight. Shawn and Mimi help a moaning Bonnie into ER. Lexie has her put in a wheelchair and tests ordered as Mimi asks if her mother isn’t old enough to have a heart attack. Mimi worries she didn’t handle the situation right, but Shawn says he’s there for her, always.

Lexie asks the usual questions to Bonnie:

Heart disease in your family? A lot of broken hearts, but no heart diseases.

Smoke? Everyone in the family smokes, except my kids. When Lexie asks about if SHE smoked, Bonnie says off and on..but owning a country bar makes it part of the job description.

Exercise? Not since my divorce.

Lexie suggests she lie back and relax. Bonnie asks if that’s what she’s paying her for and Lexie smiles, saying she needs to have Bonnie hooked up to the monitor and she’ll assess the information from it and leaves. Alone, Bonnie worries as she IS faking. She overhears the patient in the next bed describe his pain in the left arm, etc. Bonnie gets out of bed and starts running in place to get her heart rate up. She pops into bed before Lexie, Shawn and Mimi walk in. Lexie questions the rapid heart readings and asks Bonnie what caused it. Bonnie shoots a look at Mimi. Later Lexie asks to examine Bonnie and closes the curtain on Shawn and Mimi. Instead of leaving the ER patient area and returning to the waiting room, they stand outside the curtain to talk (yeah, right). Mimi tells him he can go back to Claire and Belle, but although he admits have a strong connection to Claire and to Belle (being they spent so much time planning a family together), he wants to stay with his fiancée and will be there for her. Mimi can’t take it and insists she has to tell him the truth. Bonnie’s heart rate spikes hearing that, causing Lexie concern.

Patrick learns that Bo knew all along that it was Chelsea driving his truck and was trying to protect both his wife and daughter being he gave her permission to drive it. Bo takes the blame on himself as well. Patrick knows that this will be devastating news to Hope. He can’t believe that Bo would allow this deception to continue. Bo tells Patrick that Hope is so shattered right now that she needs him for the hearing, to face their empty house and for Zack’s funeral. He was planning on telling her when Hope was stronger. Patrick isn’t buying that, saying he was willing to let Billie go to prison for something that Chelsea did. Bo knows if the truth comes out he’ll stand a chance of losing his daughter AND his wife. He can’t let his wife go through that alone and will tell her himself when the time is right. Bo defends himself that he tried to talk Billie out of saying she did it when they hear screaming in the hallway and run out the door.

Chelsea remembers her discussion with Max earlier and hugs Billie in the hallway. Hope comes towards them, saying she knows the truth. Chelsea swears she doesn’t know what she means..but Hope angrily says…YOU were driving Bo’s truck that night and YOU’RE the one that killed my son. Chelsea doesn’t deny it, but says Billie’s already confessed. Hope has the Salem Brain today and knows it’s to protect Chelsea. She asks if she was on her cell phone and didn’t even stop after hitting him. Bo and Patrick arrive as Hope accuses Chelsea again and screams at her and Billie. Both remain silent, but Chelsea tries to deny guilt again when Hope shouts that Patrick showed them the proof..she was driving. Chelsea denies it again and Hope grabs the picture out of Patrick’s hands and shows it to Chelsea..saying you WERE driving and killed your little brother. Billie tells Chelsea it’s time for the lies to stop and Chelsea breaks down in tears and says “I’m sorry…so so sorry” as Hope breaks down herself. She asks Chelsea about it and Chelsea said she just felt a “little bump” and didn’t know what it was. Crying, Hope said that “little bump” was her baby brother and if Chelsea had stopped, gotten out and called 911, Zack might still be there with them. Chelsea asks about the woman taking care of Zack and why isn’t she blaming her for letting him get out in the middle of the night? Billie softly tells Hope to put herself in Chelsea’s place…a young girl driving after midnight..should she get out of the car to see if it was a tree limb she hit? Hope tells Billie all she’s trying to prove by taking the blame is that her lying mother will help her get out of anything, even murder. Billie gets louder and says Hope’s a cop and knows it wasn’t murder, but accidental death. Upset, Hope turns into Bo’s shoulder to weep, saying they knew the truth and how can anyone be so cold. Bo and Billie exchange glances as she silently warns him not to say any more. Hope accuses Chelsea of stealing her fathers car and driving without a license. Chelsea stands firm that she had a license (oh yeah, let’s see it) Hope accuses Chelsea of not being able to stop lying, even about this as Chelsea says dad gave her permission to use his car. Hope’s angry eyes turn cold as she turns to look at Bo and sees silent confirmation in his eyes. She breaks into tears and says Why…why…as the previews roll…

Caroline to Belle: “Are you saying marrying Philip was a mistake?”

Bonnie to Shawn: “Will you grant a possibly dying woman’s last wish and marry Mimi while I’m still here to see it?”

Carrie to Austin: “You’re still a heartless company shark and you haven’t said or done anything today to make me think otherwise.”

Hope to Bo: “I don’t want you anywhere near me Brady.” And walks off…
Bo calls out her name…

As the credits roll…

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