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Monday, February 27, 2006

Episode # 10259
Tape Date: 2/3/06
Air Date: 2/27/06
Director: Phil Sogard

Summary: Once again, Lexie gives in to Tek…Alex sets John up and makes him look like a fool…Hope decides to leave Salem…Caroline offers Bo some wise advice…and Marlena offers Belle advice as well. Three cheers to Shawn and Patrick, who see Chelsea for what she really is (and perhaps now Billie is finally seeing it is as well).

At the Hospital…Lexie and Abe are in her office as he is telling her of his check up and that he is doing well. She wants to plan a romantic evening at home by the fire, but he isn’t optimistic about it. Tek is listening at the door as Lexie tries to convince Abe, but he says it is only torture for both of them, which understandably, offends her. She says she only wants her husband back…she needs him. (Well, you fixed his eyes, can’t you fix THAT as well? ;-) She thinks that it may all be psychological, but Abe doesn’t want to talk about it. He goes to leave, as she tells him she will be waiting for him by the fire with wine. After Abe leaves, Tek comes in telling her not to put up with Abe’s abuse and neglect, admitting he heard everything. He says that Lexie deserves better and that he is the man to give it to her and kisses her. She slaps him, but he says he knows she wants him too. She gets upset, yelling at him to stop harassing her. Tek says that Abe can’t satisfy her but she defends Abe, or at least tries to. But Tek keeps belittling Abe, saying that Lexie is an exciting woman and that Abe is never there for her. She starts crying as Tek tries to get her to admit that she wants him as well. He tells her that all she has to do is tell him to leave and he will, but she can’t and they start kissing again. They start ripping each others’ clothes off like two animals in heat as he clears the desk, throws her over it and they go at it. (Cover the kiddies’ eyes, LOL).

At the Lockhart House…Billie is getting ready to go check on Bo as Chelsea continues to push her about making her move on him and going on about how Bo needs her. Billie declares she isn’t going after him, only being a friend. But Chelsea doesn’t think that they have done anything wrong. As Chelsea chatters on, Patrick walks up and hears her, telling them they are making a huge mistake trying to break up Bo and Hope. Billie takes the opportunity again to blame Patrick for turning in Chelsea but he says that the truth would have come out eventually and now Chelsea needs to pay for what she did, saying that perhaps she will learn that her actions have consequences. He says he doesn’t want to argue about it anymore and tells them that Bonnie said they can stay. Billie says she heard he was leaving town and asks where he is going. Chelsea lets it slip that she knows he is going to the beach and he asks her what she is up to. He warns Billie to watch her back in regards to Chelsea. He says that Billie was willing to go to jail for her, but Chelsea wouldn’t have even cared. Chelsea gets angry and tells him goodbye and good riddance and leaves. Patrick tells Billie to keep an eye on her, she is just using her…saying that Chelsea is selfish and has no moral compass. (Go Patrick!) But Billie takes up for her, saying it is all her own fault, not being there for her when she was growing up (and like YOU would have been a good influence???) Patrick says that is bull…the Bensons were good people…there is no one to blame for Chelsea’s behavior, except Chelsea. Patrick says she is nothing but bad news. He sees that he isn’t getting through and tells her never mind, he is leaving town and they won’t have to see him again. He says that Bo is so threatened by his friendship with Hope and he doesn’t want to be an obstacle in coming between them (which is news to Billie). She lies, saying she doesn’t want to come between them either as he says that Bo and Hope belong together. Billie asks him if he is running away from temptation and he says no…it’s just time for him to leave, there is nothing to keep him in Salem.

At the Brady House…Shawn is with his mom as she is telling him she is going away for a while and he understands. He talks about getting away from all the wedding planning and Hope says with the wedding, she can’t go away. But he says it will be a while, she should take her time and take care of herself…she will be back in time for the wedding. He offers to go along with her, but she tells him no, she needs time alone. She talks about seeing him happy and he swears he loves Mimi. He admits that she was rooting for him and Belle to get back together and he says so was he. She says she believed that there was a reason that Zack saved Claire’s life. They promise not to worry about each other and she asks him not to tell Bo where she is going. Shawn says he won’t…it’s not like they are speaking anyway. With a hug, she promises to see him again soon. After Shawn leaves, Hope is on the phone making travel arrangements. She picks up Zack’s teddy bear and clutches it.

At the Penthouse…Belle tells Marlena she saw the paper and there is no way this wedding can happen…Shawn CANNOT marry Mimi. Marlena is stunned, saying she thought she was talking about her and Alex. Oops! She was, but that just slipped out. Marlena says she knows that Belle still has feelings for Shawn. Belle admits to that, but just can’t understand about Marlena and John…they were SO in love. Marlena tries to poo-poo all that but Belle goes on and on about how much her parents were so in love. Marlena doesn’t want to talk about it anymore and tells Belle that SHE is the one that needs to follow HER heart. Belle asks if she is advising her to leave Philip, but Marlena says no, she just needs to listen to her heart and it sounds to her like Belle still loves Shawn. Marlena talks about making vows and says that maybe Belle’s watching all that Marlena and John are going through has made her think twice. Belle gets upset, saying that her mom is analyzing her, and putting her on the defensive. Marlena says she may not remember a lot about Belle, but she knows she loves her and just wants her to sort it all out and do what is best. Belle says there IS no sorting it out…she is only doing what Marlena taught her (as they talk about vows and family). Marlena says something about Belle staying with Philip and being miserable, but Belle says she is NOT miserable. But, says Marlena, you love Shawn more. Marelena says Belle’s choices are clear…she can stop Shawn from marrying Mimi….or…just live her life without him.

At the Brady Pub…Bo is moping around as Caroline offers advice…telling him to give Hope time to heal…right now, everyone’s emotions are raw. He complains that Hope is stubborn and won’t let him explain his side (I’m not even gonna go there on that one). But he says it is all his fault…and she (Caroline) warned him about not telling the truth from the beginning. She talks about the stages of grief and tells him to be patient with Hope. She tells him to put himself in Hope’s shoes and let her know that he too, is angry over what Chelsea did. But he says he doesn’t want to feed Hope’s anger. Caroline warns him to NOT let Chelsea push him towards Billie and says that Hope will see that as him choosing them (Chelsea and Billie) over Hope (Listen to your mother, Bo!) She says that he and Hope love each other and she is sure that love will see them through this tragedy.

Chelsea comes in, looking for Bo, wanting to talk about her case. But Bo says he has other things to deal with and brushes her off. She starts her crying routine and complains that Hope hates her and will do anything to turn Bo against her (this girl never stops!) Bo says he understands what Hope is going through as Shawn walks by, saying he KNEW he would find them together. He says no wonder mom wants to get away. Bo is shocked, asking where she is going and Shawn says “like YOU care” and walks on by. Bo takes off as Chelsea silently damns Shawn, sure that Bo is going to stop her from leaving. Chelsea sashays over to Shawn and he looks at her, telling her to GET OUT! (go Shawn!) She asks him if Hope is really leaving town and he says he knows that is what she wants…that way she won’t have to face her. She plays her “I’m sorry” card, and says she is ready to face her punishment and rattles on about how guilty she feels, but Shawn isn’t buying it. He tells her she should be behind bars and far away from them. She lies, saying she hopes that Hope forgives Bo and maybe he can stop her for leaving. Shawn says it’s too late, she will be gone before he gets there. We see Bo rush into the house, calling for her. He finds a note to the cleaning lady, explaining she will be gone for 2 months. He calls the airport but they can’t help him so he takes off. He arrives at the airport, looking for her, but doesn’t see her (she is reading a magazine). The camera pans around the airport and we also see Patrick is there as well. Later, Chelsea returns home as she and Billie talk about Patrick leaving town. She says it is good…now no one can stop her (Billie) from making her move on Bo. After she walks off, Patrick’s words resonate in Billie’s head (about Chelsea just using her) and Billie gets a light bulb look on her face, maybe realizing that he was right.

At the Morgue…Alex is talking to Lois (thanking her for helping his plan work perfectly and how no one can stop him) as John is outside the door. He comes barging in, grabbing him around the collar, calling him out. Alex admits to all of it and John asks him what he is planning to do to Marlena. Alex taunts him and says it’s for him to know and for John to find out. He finally says he is going to cause Doc “more pain and suffering than John can ever imagine”. John calls him a sick bastard as Alex admits to killing Lois, but says no one will ever believe John…he has no evidence. He tells John he loses. John goes off the handle and starts punching him…as Abe comes in and breaks it up. Alex, with a bloody face, plays innocent, as John tells Abe that Alex confessed everything to him. Alex asks where is his tape recorder?...where are his witnesses? He says John has no evidence as he sneers at John…John sneers back. Abe asks why John is there and he says that the Medical Examiner called him. Abe says he talked to the ME and he didn’t call John…as John realizes it was all a set-up, which Alex denies, and wants Abe to issue another restraining order against John. Abe has to restrain John and warns him to stop. Alex says he cannot wait to see Marlena in that wedding dress…then he can’t wait to see her OUT of it as well…as he struts out of the room. John goes ballistic, telling Abe that Alex is only taunting and baiting him. John says he WILL protect Marlena…even if he has to die trying…as the previews show…

Alex (to Marlena): Does this mean you are having second thoughts about renewing our vows with me?...

Lucas (to Carrie): This isn’t a business dinner…I am asking you on a date…

Austin (to Sami): What did she say?...(Sami): Come on Austin, you told me not to be nosey…(Austin): I’m serious…what did she say?...

Hope (looking out the window of the plane as she thinks): Goodbye Zack…goodbye Bo…

And the credits roll…

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