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Thursday, February 16, 2005

Episode # 10253
Tape Date: 1/28/06
Air Date: 2/16/06
Director: Phil Sogard

Summary: Lexie tries to jump start her relationship with Abe…John accuses Alex of trying to murder Lois…Billie breaks up the fight at the Cheatin’ Heart…Mimi continues to wrestle with the truth…in a show peppered with quite a few flashbacks (and yes, fantasy scenes). So glad to see that Kristian (Hope) got a day off!...she deserves it! ;-)

At the Loft…Mimi is wrestling with her conscious when Philip comes over looking for Belle. Mimi tells him that she is on the roof with Shawn, as they come through the window. Belle explains that she couldn’t sleep so she went to the roof and found Shawn there, as they make light of the situation. Shawn asks Mimi what is wrong and she says she couldn’t sleep either (in your evening dress?) She tells them all that she has something to say, even though her timing sucks. She says that this is something that may tear them all apart. They all insist that there is nothing that bad but she sees otherwise. She says it’s about Claire and tells them that she is not Philip’s. They all are stunned as she turns and tells Shawn that Claire belongs to him…HE is her father. Everyone is dumbfounded so Mimi explains about the Shawn/Claire blood match. She says she did her research and says that Claire couldn’t be Philip’s daughter. Shawn and Belle both declare that they never had sex, but Mimi reminds them of that evening in the barn. She reminds Belle of the dream she had and Shawn realizes that he had the same dream….and they realize it wasn’t a dream after all. Excitedly, they rush together and hug, then Belle apologizes to Philip, saying that it explains everything…and how every time she looks at Claire, she sees Shawn. Shawn says this changes everything…he tells Philip he is sorry, but if Claire is his daughter, he wants to be with Belle. Mimi says she is sorry, but she had to tell the truth. Shawn wants to go and see Claire right now, so he and Belle leave. Philip is furious with Mimi for telling and begins to shake her. And of course, Mimi WAKES UP…IT WAS ALL A DREAM! She is alone on the sofa as she looks at the open window. We then see Shawn and Belle on the roof with Shawn asking Belle if it is true…does she really love him? Then we see Mimi in the background hearing this…as she silently cries. (Sorry folks…I dont' write this crap...just reporting it as it happens ;-)

At the Cheatin’ Heart…The fight is in full swing as Billie arrives and breaks it up, flashing her ISA badge. The guys there give Bo a hard time about being saved by a GIRL. Bo insists he didn’t need her help but she says he is getting her help, regardless. She tries to shame him, asking what would Zack think. He tells her that Hope threw him out of the house. Billie tells him that they can’t break up but Bo says that she doesn’t want him around her anymore. (Cue flashback of Chelsea urging Billie to go after Bo). Billie assures him that he and Hope have been through a lot and can work this out (as Bo has a flashback of arguing with Hope and her telling him to leave.) He tells Billie that they can’t work it out this time. The cops arrive to arrest him as one guy finds out he is a cop…he wants him arrested and wants his badge. The bar tender takes up for Bo and takes him to get coffee. Billie pulls the cops aside and tries to smooth things over, explaining he just buried his son today. They relent and say they will look the other way…IF she cuts off his booze and takes him home. Bo apologizes for the mess and says he will pay for the damages. He wants another beer, but Billie tries to talk him out of it, saying it will solve nothing. But yet, he asks for another. He is refused and gets mad, saying if they won’t serve him, he will go somewhere that will and storms off….as Billie chases after him. In the alley, he starts throwing things around and has a long series of flashbacks (his goodbye speech to Zack in the hospital…Hope finding out the truth about Chelsea being the one that hit Zack…then Hope throwing him out). He crumples to the ground crying uncontrollably, crying No…No…as Billie watches from the background.

At the Hospital…John tosses the scrubs at Alex as he denies being responsible. Marlena defends Alex as John accuses him of trying to kill Lois. Abe orders Tek to arrest Alex but Marlena refuses to let him. Abe says that Lois will set the record straight when she wakes up and will put Alex away for a long time. Lexie tells them that Lois is alive, but in no condition to talk. John and Alex continue to argue as Alex says if he HAD wanted to kill Marlena (as John says) he had plenty of opportunities. Marlena continues to defend Alex, saying that it was Lois that was trying to kill her. She reminds John that it was HE that brought Lois to Salem in the first place. Lexie tries and finally convinces Abe that he needs his rest so they go back to his room, as John thanks him for his help as he leaves.

In Abe’s Room…He is complaining as Lexie takes him to his room. He says he feels fine, but finally admits that his vision is a bit blurry. But he is determined to help John, as Lexie is afraid he will overdo it. She tells him that she doesn’t trust Alex either (as we see a long set of flashbacks of their earlier conversations…when she realized he was hypnotizing Marlena…and ending with him blackmailing her over Tek). Abe asks her about it and she tells him that she and Alex had a difference of opinion over his treatment methods. (Then Lexie has a flashback of hot times across her desk with Tek). She has a wave of guilt, as Abe thinks she is feeling guilty over Marlena. She says she didn’t know that Alex and Marlena were married. Abe says some marriages can’t last the test of time, unlike theirs. She goes over and locks the door and closes the blinds, suggesting that they have “a good ole time”. But Abe isn’t so keen on the idea, reminding her that she said he needs to take it easy. (I think he says “he shouldn’t be bouncing around”, LOL). She suggests they go away for the weekend to Green Mountain Lodge, but he isn’t too enthusiastic over that idea either, telling her he was planning on taking Theo to a hockey game. He tells her she can come too, which doesn’t sound too inviting. He asks why he is putting her off and asks if it is because of his “problem”. He tells her she can say it…impotency…it’s okay to say it. He says sorry, it’s just that now is not the time. He gets a call from the commissioner and tells her this may take a while, so she leaves. In the hallway, she has another flashback of crying on Tek’s shoulder (over the way Abe was treating her, and him telling her she deserves better). A nurse comes and tells her that she is needed in ICU…it’s Lois Banks.

Back with John…Marlena tells Alex that John gave Lois truth serum and he accuses John of putting her recovery in jeopardy…calling what he did barbaric and inhumane. He tells Tek that John is responsible for what happened to Lois…if she dies…her death will be on HIS hands. Marlena concurs with Alex, saying that John is responsible. John explains that he administered the truth serum to get to the truth. Alex refers to John as ‘James Bond’ as Tek defends John and his methods. Alex lashes out at him, saying that what John did could have been the cause for Lois attempting suicide. John tells that that Alex was found at the hospital…while it was under lockdown…he had to be there the entire time. He tells Marlena that when she talked to Alex on the phone, that was just for an alibi. Alex insists that he was at Salem Place when he talked to her. (We then see a flashback of Alex at the hospital and listening to a couple arguing over a gift the man had bought the woman. The man ends up tossing it in the trash can and Alex fishes it out.) Alex then produces a receipt for a jewelry shop in Salem Place, noting the time on the receipt…the time that Lois attempted suicide. (Now isn’t THAT convenient?) But John doesn’t believe it and says that Alex could have gotten that anywhere and demands to see the gift that he supposedly bought her. Alex pulls it out of his pocket and gives it to Marlena. She opens it to reveal a bracelet (or a watch, I couldn’t tell) and thanks John for ruining the surprise. Lexie then comes back and tells them that Lois is awake and ready to talk. John stares at Alex, saying that the whole world will now know that he is nothing but a cold-blooded killer. Freeze frame on Alex’s face…as the previews show…

Bo (to Billie): My boy is dead because of me…I got what I deserve…I am alone. (Billie): not true…you have me…

Shawn (to Belle): I am not going to break up your family…(as Belle kisses him passionately)…

Sami (to Austin): There is no way I am going to let you give up your company because you hurt Carrie’s feelings…

Tek (to Lois): Do you see the person who hurt you? she points and mumbles…cut to John with a shocked/surprised look on his face…

As the credits roll…


Behind the Bash
Episode BH0113
February 15, 2006 9:00 PM ET/PT
February 16, 2006 1:00 AM ET/PT
February 19, 2006 7:00 PM ET/PT

Days of Our Lives Bash - Join Giada as she travels back to 1965 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of one of television’s longest running shows. The catering team is in a race against time. Watch the event design team as they transform an ordinary building into a 1965 airport terminal. With 1000 guests including daytime TV brightest stars, the team is hoping for glowing reviews

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