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Thursday, February 9, 2006

Episode # 10248
Tape Date: 1/19/06
Air Date: 2/9/06
Director: Herb Stein

Summary: Well, we have been clamoring for Zack’s funeral…and today we get it. Thumbs up to the entire cast on their performances…Kristian Alfonso and Peter Reckell in particular. Forget the tissues…just have a crying towel handy! (Kristian will break your heart!!!) This one left me with a huge lump in my throat. Kate continues her manipulations (she seems to be all over town today)…Jennifer gets another visit from Jack…Mimi decides she must tell Shawn the truth…and an uninvited guest shows up at the funeral, bringing it to a crashing hault.

At the Loft…Philip and Belle are getting ready for the funeral as Belle reflects on Zack and vows to tell Claire all about him someday. She worries about how Shawn is doing as Philip tells her that they will all be okay. Across the hall...Bonnie (who is out of the hospital and staying with Mimi and Shawn) is complaining about the healthy breakfast Mimi made for her. Mimi lectures her about lifestyle change as Bonnie sneaks cookies. Bonnie starts on her “you must marry Shawn” mantra as he comes out upset, saying he can’t do this. He is going to speak at the funeral but Mimi assures him he can. He says with her there, he knows he can and goes to get ready. (While Shawn and Mimi were talking, Bonnie was spiking her coffee, LOL). Mimi keeps saying she has to tell Shawn the truth, but Bonnie tells her no, her heart can’t take that and that she may be living on borrowed time. Mimi goes to get dressed as Kate arrives with honeymoon brochures for Mimi and is shocked to find Bonnie there. Bonnie tells her she is trying to jump start the wedding and informs her that Mimi knows that Shawn is the father and is determined to tell Shawn the truth…upsetting Kate.

At the Lockhart house…Kate also drops by to see Chelsea. She comes bearing gifts…a bag of appropriate clothes for Chelsea to choose something to wear to the funeral. Chelsea informs her that she isn’t going, but Kate pushes her to go. Chelsea tells her that they would have to replace the stained glass window again because Hope would probably throw her through it (ROFL…so true). Kate says she needs to show everyone that she is mourning Zack’s death as well. She informs her that there will be photographers, journalists and potential jurors there and she needs to show them that she is sorry (this disgusts me). Billie walks in saying this is a new low for Kate. She wants to talk to Kate alone as Chelsea leaves the room. They argue with Billie saying that Kate is only trying to drive the wedge further between Bo and Hope. But Kate vows that this is all about keeping Chelsea out of jail. Kate tells Billie that she needs to go as well…Bo will need her… “oh, and wear that cute little black dress I got for you” (Kate makes me sick). With that, she sashays out the door, leaving Billie with a disgusted/confused look on her face. Later on, Chelsea is getting dressed as Billie tells her not to listen to Kate…she has ulterior motives for everything she does. She tells her under no circumstances to go anywhere near Zack’s funeral…trust her on that. (Okay, does anyone really think she will listen to Billie?)

At the Deveraux House…Jennifer and Frankie are talking about Hope being furious with Bo, wondering if she can forgive him when he shows up looking for Hope. He says he needs to work things out with her. She tells Bo that Hope spent the night there but Doug and Julie came by and picked her up this morning. She explains that Hope was there last night and they convinced her to go talk to Bo but came back in tears and wouldn’t tell them what happened. (Bo never saw her when she came back to the courthouse.) Jennifer tells him that Hope was talking like she could never forgive him. Bo says she must forgive him…he can’t lose her too. Frankie encourages him to go home and shower and get dressed for the funeral and he leaves. After he is gone, Frankie and Jen are getting ready and Frankie realizes he doesn’t have any cufflinks. Jen goes to get him a pair of Jack’s as she has a flashback of Jack looking for his. She finds them in a top hat and gives them to Frankie. They have a J and a rose on them (Jen has a flashback of giving them to Jack as a gift). Frankie says he can’t wear them, it wouldn’t be right. Jen hears Jack’s voice and turns to see him there dressed in a tux and tells her it will be fine. She tells Frankie that Jack wants him to wear them. Later, she is rushing around getting ready and sees Jack again. He tells her before he goes for good, he wants her to know he is fine with this and wants to see her happy again…with Frankie. He jokes about playing matchmaker for her and for her to build a new life for herself and their children…they deserve to be happy and loved. He fades away as Frankie walks in, asking if she is okay. She helps him with his coat and they end up face-to face and they kiss. He immediately apologizes but she tells him it’s okay…Jack would be happy about it. He says he would never try to take Jack’s place and she tells him not to worry…she will never love anyone like she did Jack. He tells her that he will be there for her as they grab their things and head out the door.

At the Church…Hope, Doug and Julie are the first ones there as Hope tells them that she needs to be alone with Zack for a while and goes in. She walks down the aisle toward the little casket (flowers everywhere) and begins to sob. She puts her hand on it and then opens it and breaks down. Doug walks up behind her and places his hand on her shoulder as she cries “how could God let this happen?” Doug offers encouraging words about how Zack is safe now and that her mother (Addie), Tom and Jack were all there to welcome him home. Julie silently walks up as well as Hope has some things to place in the casket. (We see Zack from the neck down, dressed in black with his hands clutching a cross). She cries as she places his “blankey” in with him and then his teddy bear, which she puts his arm around. (Man, this is heart wrenching). She also puts her necklace with a cross pendant in his hand. She says they have his hair wrong and gets out her comb to fix it. They try to stop her but through the tears, she says this is the last thing she can do for him. She loses it and begins to sob uncontrollably over his little body. Maggie arrives, telling Julie that she was hoping Bo and Hope would have worked things out by now. Hope tells them she went to talk to Bo last night (as we see a flashback of her arriving at the courthouse) but he cares more about Billie and Chelsea. She tells them she can never forgive Bo. Bo slips in the back door as they all (but Hope) see him. He walks up behind her, telling her he is sorry. She tells him to get away from her and HER son. He tries to talk to her but she tells him she doesn’t want to see OR hear him or want him anywhere near Zack…leave them alone…why don’t you go comfort Billie and Chelsea? Bo is crushed as she tells him to just leave. Caroline and popShawn arrive as he tells his mom that he just wants to help her. Caroline tells him to give her some time. By now, Hope is draped across the casket crying.

Outside, Victor has arrived and is approached by Kate, offering her condolences. She reminds him it was an accident and they also need to be there for Chelsea (this woman never gives up does she?) He informs her that he is also worried about his great-granddaughter, Claire. Kate tells him no, his “granddaughter”. He tells her no…SHAWN, not Philip is her father and it is only a matter of time before the truth comes out. As he leaves, she vows that won’t happen. More people have now arrived as Alice is now there and hugs Bo. Shawn and Mimi as well as Philip and Belle are there. Bo tries to get Hope to sit with him but she refuses to. Bo tells Julie that he didn’t tell Hope the truth because he didn’t think she could handle it, he was trying to protect her (Just keep telling yourself that Bo…maybe someday you will believe it). Everyone takes their seats as the funeral begins and Father Jansen starts by talking about how many people believe in angels who come into their lives for a short while, comparing Zack to an angel. He also talks about Zack giving the miracle of life to another child as Bo and Hope (he sitting on the pew behind her) are both losing it. PopShawn is next as he is going to sing a tribute to Zack. He goes up and kisses the casket and begins to sing “Danny Boy” but he is overwhelmed and can’t continue. Not missing a beat, Doug picks up where he left off as the entire congregation joins in as the camera zooms in on a picture of Zack. (Oh man, what a lump in my throat). Shawn is up next as he reflects and talks about teaching Zack to play baseball but how he didn’t think Zack could ever throw a curve ball…he was a straight shooter. He says their parents raised them that way…to never lie. He talks about all that Zack taught him as well…as he has a flashback of Zack visiting him and Belle in the hospital (as he and Belle look at each other). He says that Zack taught him what love means. To herself, Mimi says she is going to tell Shawn the truth. As he finishes he returns to his seat and Mimi hugs him and tells him that Zack would have been proud. She tells him she has something to tell him later. (Kate is sitting behind and I think she heard her). Frankie offers Jen a tissue as she worries about Hope. Bo tries to whisper to Hope, telling her that Zack would want them loving each other and he will always be there for her. Then someone walks in the back of the church and there are gasps and shocked looks all around…as Chelsea waltzes up the aisle. Hope bolts up and goes over and spits “How DARE you” and slaps her across the face. Freeze frame on Hope’s face…as the previews show…

Abe (to John): I have some advice for you…a way to beat Alex North at his own game
Marlena (to Alex): I know what you are up to…and you are not getting away with it…

Shawn (to Chelsea): You killed my brother …(Chelsea): I’m sorry…(Shawn): Get out of here before I throw you out…

Hope (to Bo): Patrick has every right to be here…I trust him a hell of a lot more than I trust you…

And the credits roll…

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