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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Episode: 10,251
Directed by: Albert Alarr
Tape Date: 1/25/06

Valentines Day evening continues as the loft dwellers celebrate at Chez Rouge, Hope returns home from Zack’s funeral with Patrick; Bo and Billie stand by Chelsea at the cop shop.

Bonnie is thrilled about Shawn and Mimi’s upcoming wedding. She suggest champagne. Mimi in angry that she’s marrying Shawn under false pretenses and reminds her mother to curb the enthusiasm as Shawn just came from his brother’s funeral. Shawn suggests cider and toasts Mimi as to the woman he loves…she’s caring, funny, beautiful and honest. She tells him she’s not. Bonnie suggests they go out to celebrate. Mimi says Shawn’s not up to going out tonight and they have a lasagna in the freezer they’ll have. Bonnie said not any more..she got her appetite back. Shawn says he’s okay with going out and goes to freshen up as Mimi tells her mother she really will have a “cardiac event” if she continues to eat like that. Shawn suggests calling his Aunt Maggie as he knows she’ll find a table for them, telling Bonnie it pays to know the owner…but no offense. Bonnie understands that Chez Rouge is for romance and Alice’s for things like bachelor parties, and she’ll throw him a big one there. She tells them to sure to make wedding plans, and she’ll be there when they get home (I think if I were Mimi and knew Bonnie was okay..I’d tell her to go home!) Mimi tells Shawn if he’s changing, so is she and heads for their room.

Belle and Philip are celebrating Valentines Day at Chez Rouge. They toast wine glasses as Belle thanks Zack for the greatest gift of all, their daughter. She appreciates Kate taking care of Claire so that they could go out, but feels funny being away from her. Philip understands, but says it’s their first Valentines Day as husband and wife as he was away with the Marines for their first and wanted this one to be special. He gives her a present and she apologizes for not having time to shop for him, but he said he’s got everything he wants. She reads the card from the man she loves and pictures Shawn’s face instead of Philip’s. Philip also gives her a gold locket with Claire’s picture inside. She remembers telling Caroline how she wished Claire was Shawn’s baby. She remembers her and Caroline’s (excellent) talk about her true feelings and Caroline saying how men don’t have a clue how much women sacrifice for them. Philip asks Belle to dance, saying he has another surprise for her. She’s surprised to see how well he dances (Dancing with the Stars, daytime style) and he credits his physical therapy and the new prosthesis being so great. He says he’d like to dance with her for the rest of their lives. Belle doesn’t reply and she is pulled into his shoulder. She says “Shawn” and he asks what she said. She says that Shawn and Mimi are there and we see them arriving and taking their coats off. The two couples talk and Belle’s surprised to see Shawn out tonight. He says he thought it would be better to get out and Philip suggests they dance as well. Shawn says their table won’t be ready for a minute or two and nothing could be better than having the woman he loves in his arms. Both Belle and Shawn remember Zack’s telling them they should be together as they dance with Mimi and Philip.

Shawn tells Mimi they’re having dessert first and although surprised, Mimi said it won’t be the first time she’s done that (LOL). The waiter brings the covered dessert and Shawn opens it to show her an engagement ring in the frosting. Mimi gasps and he explains it’s the Horton stone that has been in his family for ages…originally Grandpa Tom’s mother’s. Alice had the ring put in a different setting and sized for Mimi’s finger. He puts it on (what a rock!) and they kiss. Philip and Belle arrive and they show them. Belle’s heard about the stone, but had never seen it..clearly jealous. The two couples dance and exchange partners. Philip congratulates Mimi and silently she feels guilty for knowing the truth about his not being Claire’s father. Shawn asks Belle if she’s going to congratulate him. She said she did, but he corrects her saying she said that to Mimi. She says she hopes he and Mimi will be very happy, but turns saying this is all wrong!

Bonnie is looking forward to going back to her high fat diet now that Mimi’s marrying Shawn. She has a sharp pain and hopes it’s just indigestion. Later we see her on the terrace with a beer in one hand and a flask in the other. She belches and figures it was just indigestion as she celebrates the money coming into their family from Shawn’s trust fund.

Bo brings Chelsea and Billie to the police station. Chelsea is mad at him for doing so and Billie tries to mediate that Bo’s just doing his job. He tells Chelsea he’ll do everything he can to help her and try to keep her out of jail. Bo goes to make some calls and an officer takes Chelsea down to book her. Billie says it’ll be okay and prays Bo can come through for their daughter. She watches Bo on the phone and Chelsea is brought back from booking (still wearing her street clothes and carrying her purse, LOL…wouldn’t they want to check that for weapons or something?) Bo comes out of the office and says he gave the DA his word that Chelsea won’t flee the jurisdiction and can go home tonight. Chelsea is relieved not to have to go to jail, promises she won’t (yeah, we’ve heard THAT before). Billie backs that promise up (still don’t have ME convinced). Billie walks up and snuggles into Bo’s back, thanking him as Chelsea watches and looks off to the side (probably planning her escape). Chelsea apologizes for ruining things between Billie and Patrick. Billie tells Chelsea she has to realize that Hope is hurt and bitter, understandably so. She’s also a cop and has influence and will be asking for the maximum sentence. Chelsea knows that and figures Hope doesn’t understand it was an accident. Zack was her little brother and she didn’t mean for this to happen. Her and Bo shouldn’t be punished for this too, they just found her. Everyone will lose if she’s sent away. Bo tells Billie to take care of Chelsea and Billie promises to do so. Chelsea tells Dad she’s sorry and he tells her he knows she is (not touching her) and leaves to go check on Hope. Chelsea feels bad for all she’s done. She breaks down and Billie sits down to comfort her. Chelsea worries that Hope will turn Bo against her and tells Billie they can’t let Bo and Hope get back together (ah, the little manipulator is still in action). Billie can’t believe Chelsea would say that. Chelsea stands firm they’re already broken up and Hope’s not right for Bo and if they get back together, it’ll be wrong for all of them. Billie turns and looks at her daughter in surprise.

Patrick brings Hope home and they find a box on the front porch. He carries it in and she asks him to open it, thinking it’s a care package from a neighbor and might need to be refrigerated. She goes to turn on the heater and he looks in the box, asking how much more can Hope take? She looks in the box and finds it’s Zack’s things from school. She looks at each item and pulls out a paper valentine card he had made for her. Sitting on the chair to look at it (and to steady herself), she sees the front of the card says MOMMY with a drawing of her..then opens it to find he printed BE MY VALENTINE Love Zack inside. She tears up and Patrick asks if he can do something that might help. He puts his hand on her shoulder to comfort her and says Bo should be here to comfort her right now. She says she can’t even stand to look at him right now, knowing he gave Chelsea permission to drive that night. Patrick knows she’s upset with Bo and he’d be the last person to defend him, but he knows how much they love each other. She looks at the items in the box and finds the baseball cards Shawn gave him, a small scale sail boat, etc. She tells Patrick she knows she can count on him as he was the only one who didn’t lie to her. Patrick hugs her and says she can count on him. Bo returns home and sees Hope in Patrick’s arms. He charges in and tells him to get his hands off his wife. Hope looks up at Bo.

Alex listens from the windowed room next door as Lois tells John she’s too tired to talk, but she tells John that she and Alex have been partners all along and he’s going to kill Marlena. She says No worry, she and Alex will be together after Marlena’s out of the way. John leaves to make a phone call and gets Marlena’s voice mail. Watching Looney Lois, Alex says desperate times, desperate measures. Donned in his white doctor coat, Alex joins Lois, who’s dancing with a pillow. She’s happy to see him and he admonishes her for being chatty and telling their secrets. He’s worried that John will try to take Marlena away from him. She replies that he doesn’t want her anyway, so what? To himself he says that she’s so wrong and he’s determined to keep her (Marlena) She asks if he brought her the Valentine she wanted..Marlena’s heart on a silver platter? He promises to get her exactly what she wants to hang in her room.

John finds Marlena at the hospital and tells her that Alex and Lois are in this together and planning to kill her. Marlena is angry, saying she loves Alex and doesn’t believe him. John figures she’ll have to see and hear it for herself and pulls her towards Lois’ room. As he’s unlocking the door to Lois’ room, they don’t look in the window as he’s struggling to keep Marlena there. Alex slips back into the viewing room with a satisfied look on his face. John opens the door and they find Lois hanging from the ceiling. Marlena is shocked and John comforts her in his arms as he stares at Lois dangling…Alex’s smirking face is on the top of the screen over both of them …as a tone similar to the one you hear on the radio for emergency messages starts beeping…as the previews roll…

CHELSEA TO BILLIE: “This is your chance, after all of these be with the only man you have ever loved.”

JOHN TO MARLENA: “I’m telling ya. He tried to kill Lois and if we don’t stop him right now…you will be next.”

BELLE TO SHAWN: “If you marry Mimi you will be making a huge mistake.”
SHAWN: “Why?”
BELLE: “I still love you.”

HOPE SCREAMING AT BO: “She killed our son, how dare you let her go free…”

As the credits roll…

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