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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Episode: 10,255
Directed by: Albert Alarr
Tape Date: 1/30/06

Summary: All our heartbroken Salemites (which is most of Salem) rant or vent to others. Sami to Carrie and Lucas, Austin to Kate, Bo to Billie, Belle to Shawn. (sure wish SOMEONE in Salem was happy).

Austin explains what happened between him and Carrie to Kate. He’s not after business advice from his mother, but her help in patching things up with him and Carrie. She tells him she loves him dearly, but doesn’t know if she can advise him how to patch things up with Carrie. He knows that he and Carrie could be happy together if she forgave him. Kate remembers Lucas’ threat about never seeing Will again (we never see him anymore either Kate). Kate tells Austin the only way he can have a future with Carrie is if he gives up his company, but he needs to focus on his company now and think of his investors. It was always his dream to start a company from the ground up. She tells him to give it some time. He’s afraid he’ll lose Carrie to Lucas. Austin is glad at least Philip is happy. He knows if he and Carrie had just a day together that things would work out. Kate tells herself that one of her sons will get his heart broken and she’s afraid it will be Austin.

Back to Sami preparing her romantic evening with Austin and Lucas’ walking in and being the receiver of her warm welcome kiss. They argue over who should be able to press charges (her for sexual assault and him for breaking and entering) and she reminds him he walked into her apartment. Carrie walks in silently and stops their arguing with a loud whistle, pointing out that it’s obvious they’re still in love. Sami huffs off and Lucas doesn’t disagree. Sami finally says she doesn’t feel anything for Lucas and he rants back all he feels is contempt for Sami. He says he was attacked by a sex starved maniac. They argue and when she asks what he came for about Will, he says her horny little mind doesn’t want to hear it and leaves. Carrie wants to stay and talk with Sami. Outside Lucas remembers their kiss and then turns and eavesdrops through the door. Carrie tells Sami she knows that she still loves Lucas. Sami says she refuses to pine after a man that doesn’t want her. This woman is moving on and to hell with Lucas Roberts. She wants a family, a little girl to raise. Carrie remembers her chat with Billie about having children when Billie says she feels bad things didn’t work out with Mike and Carrie saying she wants to get married and have children. Both say their biological clock is ticking and they have to move on it. Sami admits how happy she and Lucas were and they were going to give Will his dream until his bitchy mother ruined everything. She’s accepted that Lucas doesn’t want anything more to do with her and she has to move on. Outside the door Lucas tells himself that Sami has that part right. Sami tells Carrie that she’s not like her. She’s never wanted a career. She just wanted to be a wife and mother. She’s ruined all the chances she’s had in the past. When Carrie mentions Lucas again, Sami tells Carrie to stop talking about Lucas, she doesn’t want to be with him. Lucas tells himself he doesn’t want to be with her either. All she wants is Austin. He went out of his way to help her when she needed it, unlike Lucas. She truly believes that Austin is the one for her, unless Carrie stands in their way. Carrie says that won’t happen now. Sami asks Carrie if it really is over between her and Austin. Carrie turns and about to cry, hears Sami ask her not to stand between her and her one chance at happiness. Carrie tells her little sister all she wants is for her to be happy and she won’t stand in her way and to “go for it”. Sami hugs Carrie. Carrie rushes off before Austin returns. Austin returns and runs into Lucas and Carrie in the hall and Sami tells him that she talked with Carrie and she’ll never forgive him.

Mimi debates what to do while sipping from her mug. She imagines what would happen if she told Belle and Shawn the truth and Shawn saying he wants to be with his child and he and Belle smile and leave the apartment. Philip damns Mimi, saying she tore his life apart by losing his wife and daughter and a lie is better sometimes. She peeps through the door and sees it’s Philip knocking. Philip’s in the same undershirt he had on in her imagination (he and Austin must not feel the cold). He’s looking for Belle. He doesn’t understand why Belle left so soon after bringing Claire home from the hospital. He asks where Shawn is because he wants to ask him if he knows where Belle is. Mimi has the deer in the headlights response to that. He knows that Belle likes to go up to the roof and decides to go look for her there instead.

Belle and Shawn are on the snowy roof. He suggests they go inside and she wants to figure out a way to make this work. She hates keeping the truth from Philip that she still loves Shawn. Shawn tells Belle that he and Mimi are going to adopt some kids and live happily ever after. He finally yells at Belle that there will never be any her and him. Belle won’t accept that. Shawn tells her it hurt when she and Philip got married, but he got over it. He reminds her that she has her daughter now and she deserves both her parents. He’s not Claire’s father. Belle never told Philip how she felt before he went over seas and he’s not saying that to hurt her, it’s just the truth. He and her are finished, face it. He leaves her crying on the roof and goes back inside.

Belle walks in from the stairwell and into the hallway and tells Philip she went up to the roof for some fresh air. She asks about Claire and he shows her the baby monitor. Belle doesn’t like leaving Claire alone. Shawn comes out from the bedroom like he had been sleeping. They both go back to their own lofts and to the closed door, Shawn says “bye Belle” softly as Mimi overhears.

We hear, then see, Bo arrive to visit Zack’s fresh grave. He looks at his headstone and pulls out his handy pocket flask for a swig. Billie finds Bo (her ISA training kicked into gear apparently). She tells him he hasn’t allowed himself to grieve and he needs to. The snow has turned to rain and he’s drenched (Billie’s not as wet, must be under a tree ;-) , as he kneels down on Zack’s grave and looks up yelling WHY, WHY did this have to happen to my little boy? Why? Why didn’t he tell Chelsea no, she couldn’t use his truck? It’s all his fault that his little boy is dead and his daughter will go to prison for the rest of her life. Hope was right that someone would get hurt by Chelsea’s recklessness, it was their little boy. He should be alone for the rest of his life after all he did and he wails over Zack’s grave. He pounds the ground and disturbs the flowers and items near the headstone. He calms down and tells Billie he’ll fix it and puts everything back as he remembers when he and Hope returned home the last time and promised Zack they’d never leave him again. We return and it’s snowing again. Billie pulls Bo away from the grave and says he needs to get his hand attended to and asks him to let her take care of him. He thanks her and says he wouldn’t have made it through the night without her. She replies that she’ll always be there for him. We hear the motorcycle start up and headlights pan over Zack’s grave as the previews roll:

BONNIE TO MIMI: We cannot let those two get back together again.

BELLE TO SHAWN: I can’t do it. I can’t live like that.

(who’s looks like she’s wearing a wedding gown): “What’s that bastard up to now?”
MARLENA: “I want you to go right now.”
ALEX IS SMIRKING and thinking: “This is working out even better than I planned.”

HOPE TO JENNIFER as they walk up to an open door at the Salem Inn (?): “Bo must have been drunk, he didn’t even shut the door.”
JENNIFER: “go right on in.”
HOPE says softly: “Bo” as she walks in….and the credits roll…


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