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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Episode: 10,260
Directed by: Albert Alarr
Tape Date: 2/6/06

As evening rolls around our little executives are still at work whether at Titan or at Austin Reed Inc. Marlena counsels Belle as Alex returns home with flowers; Bo searches for Hope at the airport while Shawn returns to the loft to meet Calliope.

Carrie and Lucas meet with Victor. Victor’s office bar is at the ready and he seems to use it like we use coffee and water at our jobs. They tell Victor how Carrie’s gone through HR and Victor asks for a few minutes alone with her. Victor assures Carrie he knew Lucas hired her, but flat out asks if she has what it takes to compete with Austin. She tells him that Austin’s taught her how to be ruthless and he welcomes her aboard. We return as he thinks Carrie has potential and says Austin has his work cut out for him.

While Lucas waits outside Victor’s office, Kate arrives to see Victor. He reminds her about his keeping Will from her if she interferes with him and Carrie. Victor finishes with Carrie and Lucas dashes back to Carrie when Victor asks Kate what she wants. She needs his advice about what to do about John Marlena and Alex. His advice is simple, to stay the hell out of it. We return as they argue about Sami’s trying to get Austin back. Victor says he’s angry about Kate wanting him to keep Claire’s paternity a secret as she shushes him. He figures it’s time the truth comes out. Kate’s worried how devastating it would be to Philip if Belle and Claire were taken from him.

After working for 5 minutes (Kate and Victor are still talking in the hallway..wasn’t that long), Lucas says he’s hungry and suggests they go to dinner. Carrie prepares to bring their notes, but he clarifies he’s asking her for a date, not a business dinner.

Sami asks Austin if Kate warned him to stay away from her. He tells her no and the world doesn’t revolve around her. He tells her that Kate was worried about Belle and Philip’s marriage, which momentarily concerns Sami. Austin tells Sami math is one of her strengths and being too easily distracted and nosy her weaknesses. She’s insulted, but determined to prove him wrong. Later he’s happy with the figures. He finds a cufflink on the floor and Sami figures Lucas dropped it the night before (remembering their kiss). Austin asks if he’s trying to get her back, but she says Lucas came about Will and only wants Carrie right now. When she mentions Carrie, Austin demands to know what Carrie said. She finally tells him that Carrie doesn’t want any part of him and wouldn’t be surprised if the next wedding is Carrie and Lucas’.

Abe warns John not to drink so hard. John asks how he’s suppose to do that when he knows what Alex is up to, especially after what happened to Lois. Abe figures that Alex may be playing with John. John said he doesn’t give a damn about the restraining order.

Alex returns with flowers in hand, planning to make Marlena pay for what John did to him (as he touches his face and remembering the punch). He hears Belle inside with Marlena and says he doesn’t need John and Marlena’s whiny brat to interfere. Marlena tells Belle to follow her heart, just like she’s doing. Belle whines she has told Shawn she loves him still. Alex overhears as Marlena tells Belle that he was her first love and will always own her heart. Belle fears what a divorce would do to Claire and knows how Sami blames everything on her parents divorce. Marlena says she knows (selective memory?) and Belle thinks she should just stay with Philip. She loves him even if it’s not the deep love she shares with Shawn. Alex decides to walk in at that point and goes to put the flowers in water to leave them alone. Belle decides to leave and Marlena tells her how proud she is of her. Alex is surprised to find Belle gone (yeah right) and asks how Calliope and her got along. She tells him how Calliope did put her 2 cents in on her and John belonging together (as he states…on his dime). Marlena ponders about how so many people want her and John back together. She tells Alex she knows her future is with him. She holds the picture of her with John and Belle and out loud, again ponders how everyone says she was so in love with John. She turns and notices his bruised face and angrily asks if John did that. She hugs him, apologizing and says after they’re married John will have to realize it’s over between them. Alex agrees it will be all over soon.

CALLIOPE AND BONNIE get along great as Mimi rolls her eyes. A morose Shawn returns home to tell Mimi that his mom’s leaving town. Calliope interrupts to say the mother of the groom needs to be at the wedding. She introduces herself to Shawn, saying she was a former Salemite and can’t believe John and Marlena and now Bo and Hope are breaking up..saying that’s crazy (Amen, sister!!) Bonnie figures she can cross off both Bo and Hope off their wedding list and Mimi gasps and wants to see this list. Staring at the picture of his family, Shawn’s mind wanders. Mimi sees that Belle and Philip aren’t on the list and says they’re the best man and matron of honor. Bonnie doesn’t approve. Belle arrives and Calliope is speechless when she realizes that Belle is John’s and Marlena’s little girl. She twirls Belle, amazed that she’s all grown up and asks what they put in the water there (Calliope must be our mouthpiece in Salem, LOL) Mimi, Bonnie and Shawn roll their respective eyes as Calliope always figured Belle would be the one to end up with Shawn. She asks if Belle is happy with this Philip and Bonnie speaks up saying she is. Calliope watches Belle’s face as Shawn and Mimi kiss.


Bo tries to use his cop status to find out if Hope is on their flight, but the attendant refuses to give him the info without approval or a warrant. We see Patrick and Hope separately waiting for their flights. A couple uniforms arrive and Bo instructs them to find Hope and not let her board a plane. While doing so, the flight for “Morgan Island” is announced and Hope’s first at the counter and checks in to board before he finishes talking to the officers. Patrick is further down the line. Hope finds her seat and Patrick does his, still not realizing they’re on the same plane. Bo gets clearance to check flights before they leave and heads for the next plane that’s going to take off. He pushes his way through the passengers trying to find their seat and finds a lady who looks like Hope (wearing the same color as Hope too, how did he know what she’s wearing?) and apologizes for grabbing her. We see Hope (and Patrick) gazing out at the fog as the stewardess announces it’s 81 degrees on Morgan Island. As we see a thunder and lightning storm outside, Hope bids farewell to Zack and Bo. Bo rushes up to the attendant asking about other flights and she tells him they have flights leaving for all parts of the world. The two officers arrive without Hope as well and Bo charges off. The officers fear about Bo’s life if he gets on his motorcycle, but state they figure Bo doesn’t care about his own life anymore…as the previews roll…

Sami and Austin go out to dinner and see Carrie and Lucas there. They both figure the other couple is on a date.

We see Hope’s face as someone who sounds like Ricardo Montalban talks about love (is this Fantasy Island) on the island (sorry, couldn’t understand him).

Bo finds Billie lying unconscious on her back in the snow and calls out her name.

As the credits roll…

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