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Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Episode: 10,246
Tape Date: 2/18/06
Directed by: Albert Alarr

Ain’t nobody happy in Salem Town, USA..and that’s a fact! Bo’s at the courthouse getting updates on legal actions while Hope goes to Jennifer’s; Bonnie keeps after Mimi to marry Shawn ASAP and Tek’s determination to get Lexie continues.

Lexie walks into Abe’s room and smells Abe’s robe lying on the bed. Tek walks into the room and kisses her, then pulls her into Abe’s bathroom. Abe is wheeled into the room by a nurse..his eye’s bandaged, saying he thought his wife would be there.
Lexie whispers to tell Tek that Abe is her main focus and Tek’s being there is inappropriate. Tek pleads his case, saying she’s a passionate woman and Abe hasn’t been a husband to her for a long time, neither sexually or as a take her places, etc. Lexie tells him to show Abe some respect, he’s his friend after all. Tek says Abe is his friend and he does respect him, but it’s her that he loves. He pulls her into another kiss, which she doesn’t fight off. Abe asks the nurse for his robe as he thought he had left it on the bed. She checks the closet, then the bathroom. She walks in and Tek and Lexie are hiding in the shower (wow..private room and full bathroom..classy!) She finds the robe on the hook behind the door and walks out, closing the door. Lexie tells Tek it’s over between them. She takes some of the blame, but she loves her husband. Tek doesn’t want to give up as he loves her. She gets a silent page that a patient needs her. As they whisper she reminds Tek that Abe’s hearing is better than ever (bet his nose is too if Tek’s wearing cologne). She sneaks quietly out of the room (Abe’s just sitting there in the wheelchair) and Tek tries to do the same. Abe asks who’s there. Tek finally answers and said he came to see Abe’s wife.

Outside Bonnie’s room, Mimi remembers her mother asking her to marry Shawn before she dies. She’s pondering what to do, marry Shawn for her mom yet knowing about Claire being Shawn’s daughter. Shawn joins her.

Bonnie paces her room in her slippers with horses on them. Frustrated what she has to endure (no premium channels and her butt hanging out) for Mimi. If this is what it takes to be a good mom and help her little girl get Shawn she’ll do it. Remembering how she brought her heart rate up (jogging in place), she hopes that Mimi will agree to her mom’s dying wish. She knows that Shawn and Mimi are outside and screams in pain (she isn’t on a monitor?). Bonnie plays the martyr saying she should have done something about this long ago, quit smoking, etc., but now just wants her little girl to be happy. (no one has called Patrick yet apparently) Mimi asks Shawn for a few minutes alone with her mother. She tells Bonnie to drop it and she’s not starting off her marriage with a lie. She lost Rex because she lied to him and if she has to lose Shawn by telling the truth, so be it. Bonnie tells her she’s making a mighty big mistake. Mimi slams her head down on the bed in frustration. Shawn joins her and Lexie arrives after getting the page. Mimi and Shawn step outside to leave them alone. Lexie warms her stethoscope (very thoughtful) and asks Bonnie what’s wrong as she checks her heart. Bonnie complains of a pain, more like a machete than a dagger. Lexie doesn’t hear anything, but decides to order some tests being Bonnie is in the age group to worry about. Bonnie points out she’s not that old, but Lexie reminds her that her age is on the chart, LOL..and she needs to adhere to proper diet, cut down on drinking, get more exercise, less stress and stop smoking. Lexie steps out and tells Mimi the same thing and Mimi wishes her good luck, saying “My mom?” She has flashbacks of Bonnie, smoking, drinking, devouring bbq ribs, onion rings and sweets. The same nurse pulls Lexie away for something as Mimi knows that lifestyle change for her mom will be impossible. Shawn suggests they go ahead and get married. Mimi knows the timing isn’t right for his family to have this happen, but he figures maybe a wedding would be what they need as well. Mimi goes in to see Bonnie, suggesting they talk about it later. Bonnie carries on, then asks her daughter if she’ll make her happy and marry Shawn and Mimi agrees.

AT JENNIFER’S…A distraught Hope arrives and Jennifer opens the door (with laundry basket in her arm). Weeping, Hope tells Jennifer about Chelsea being the one who hit Zack. Jen hugs her cousin. Hope remembers the phone calls that Bo had gotten from Chelsea and breaks down again after remembering the second phone call he had gotten from her. She knows that Chelsea didn’t even know she had hit Zack because she didn’t stop. Hope is so angry that Bo lied to her after he found out the truth. Jennifer tries to defend Bo, saying imagine the position he was in being it was his daughter. Hope insists that Jen not try to defend him to her. Jennifer says Bo was trying to protect her and says Jack did the same thing. Hope says what Jack and Bo did was wrong. Ding Dong. Patrick arrives and Jen tells him it’s not a good time. He knows Hope is there (saw her car in the driveway) and asks how she’s doing. Jennifer tells him not good. Patrick says that Bo might have lost both his children (shouldn’t that have been two of his children..he still has Shawn). Hope walks in saying Bo has only himself to blame for that and how can she ever forgive him? Hope can’t believe she treated Chelsea like her own daughter and wished she had never come into her life. She is going to do everything in her power to see that Chelsea receives the maximum sentence for what she did. Patrick tells Hope that Chelsea is truly upset about what happened and it was an accident, saying Chelsea loved Zack. Hope asks if Chelsea’s upset about Zack or because of what might happen to her now? She was willing to let her mother go to prison for her, that’s not human. Patrick reminds her that Bo is still her father and they have to work it out. Hope says the way she feels right now, she doesn’t care if she ever sees either of them again. Jen heads out of the room saying she has to check on the baby and Hope asks Jen to let her, saying she’d like to spend some time with JJ. Jen says he’ll be thrilled to see her. Jen has never seen Hope like that before and knows how it feels to be lied to.

AT THE COURTHOUSE, Billie tries to comfort her daughter. Billie tells Chelsea she’d like to do more for her. Patrick walks up and asks if she doesn’t think she did enough already? She tears into him for going to the convenience store and finding that tape and tells him he should have stayed out of it. He tells her that Chelsea would have thrown her to the wolves if he hadn’t found it. He tells Chelsea he still cares about her, but she steams off that he doesn’t after what he did and storms off. Billie rants at him for blowing the one opportunity she had to do something for her daughter and asks what she ever saw in him. She tells Patrick there was a time he and her..but stops. He asks what and tells her he didn’t want their relationship to end. Bo walks up and tells Lockhart to leave her alone. Billie asks him to go and he says he will, but knows what he did was right.

Bo calls Hope’s cell and gets her (cheerful) voicemail. He leaves a message asking her to just call him and let him know she’s okay. Chelsea finds Bo, says she’s scared and goes into his arms for comfort.

Later Bo and Billie sit on a bench in the courthouse. She apologizes to Bo for what he’s going through. His cell rings…it’s the station. He answers and tells Billie the charges have been dropped against her and she’s free to go. She knows that means Chelsea will be charged. Later Bo, Hope and Chelsea are together in the courtroom. He tells them they’re sending over an Asst. DA and charges are being filed against Chelsea. Billie hugs Chelsea….and the previews roll..

AUSTIN (as a smiling Carrie walks behind him): “Breaking up High Style gave me an appetite for more of the same. It’s my future.”

ABE (bandages off) TO LEXIE: “You’re so beautiful.”
LEXIE: “Oh sweetheart, you can see.”

CHELSEA TO BO: “Not Hope, she hates me.”

HOPE (as she stares into the fire) to JENNIFER, MAGGIE, ALICE: “Bo has a choice. If he stands beside Chelsea Benson, he loses his marriage to me. It’s that simple.”

As the credits roll.

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