Tuesday, February 14, 2006



Tape date-1/26
Director Herb Stein

John continues to try and convince Marlena of Alex’s duplicity, Belle blurts out a confession, Hope makes a huge decision, while Chelsea continues her whine fest.

CHEZ ROUGE: Philip is dancing with Mimi, talking about her upcoming wedding. Shawn dances with Belle, a repeat of him asking her to congratulate him. She does, but gets upset and runs outside. He follows. She is in tears, but claims it is not the post partum depression. They talk of Claire, then Shawn asks if she is upset over seeing Mimi’s engagement ring. Belle has a short fantasy of her in a wedding dress marrying Shawn. Belle tells him it would be a huge mistake if he married Mimi, saying “I still love you”. Before Shawn can reply, out come Philip & Mimi, wanting to know what is wrong. Philip assumes this is about Zack, tells Shawn how greatful they are and he will say a prayer for Zack every single day of Claire’s life. (odd phrasing??) Everyone decides to leave.

At home, Mimi rambles on about her ring, while Shawn remembers Belle declaring her love. Belle & Philip talk in bed about Zack and Claire, Shawn & Mimi. Philip wants to make love, but Belle is exhausted and they say good night. We see flashes of a sleepless Belle and then Shawn, with both deciding to get up and go up on the roof. (isn’t it still winter in the Midwest? Nightgown and flimsy robe, brrrrr). Belle mutters to herself how could I be so stupid to tell Shawn I love him. Behind her, Shawn says, “That’s what I want to know. Is it true?”

IN HER ROOM, John cuts down Lois, attempting to give her CPR. Marlena is insistent that Alex is not responsible, as John tells her she is next. She calls out in hallway for help. Abe (I thought he was a patient?), Lexie & others come running in, with all working on Lois. Marlena claims it was attempted suicide. Abe calls the cops, as Marlena keeps crying, no, no, no, it was not Alex. Abe asks how she (Lois) got up there, as he looks up at the ceiling. John says her feet were 8 inches above the chair. She had help. Marlena keeps defending Alex, as John & Abe leave to search for him. Lexie comes out saying Lois is breathing but still unconscious. She tries to reason with Marlena, and tells her she is sorry she ever recommended him to her. Meanwhile, Alex is now in surgical scrubs (in a psych ward??). Marlena calls him on his cell, and he pretends to be in Salem Mall, getting her a gift. He hears John & Abe, abruptly disconnects and goes into a linen supply room.

Tek arrives to pester Lexie once again, talking of how he knows she wants another child, and he can give that to her, Abe can’t. She tells him no. Abe & John return, with Abe wondering what they are whispering about. Lexie says Tek was asking her if she had seen Alex in with Lois, and very pointedly turns to Tek, saying she told him she can be of no help, and the answer is NO. Marlena & John are in Lois’s room now, arguing about Alex, who is in the next room, watching and listening thru the 2 way mirror. John is feeling along the wall, as they talk, and finds the hidden door to the room. They go in, and John finds the scrubs, realizing that is how Alex has been disguised. Marlena keeps protesting that Alex is wonderful, innocent, would never do such a thing, yada, yada. We hear Abe’s voice saying look who I found, as he brings in Alex, now in full suit & tie.

BO ARRIVES HOME, and we see a repeat of him spotting Patrick with Hope, bursting in, telling Patrick to get away from his wife. Hope jumps up saying, no, YOU go away, get out. Patrick is a friend, who tells me the truth. Bo pleads with her, but Hope is adamant. Bo makes an impassioned plea, talking of how they buried their son and should be together now, that they need each other. Hope asks him where he has been for her, when she needed him all this time. With Chelsea, who killed our son. She goes on and on. Bo protests that it is an impossible situation, and talks about having to arrest and book his daughter. Hope is mollified that Chelsea is in jail, but seeing the look on Bo’s face, as he takes a step back, shouts at him to please tell her Chelsea is not free. Bo tells her of calling the DA, and getting bail, accepting responsibility that she won’t flee. He wants to know what he can do, and she shoves the box of Zack’s school things at him, showing him the Valentine her son made for her. (How wonderful that Zack made that Valentine even before Christmas, I would guess. No school in between Christmas & New Year’s, right? And Zack was run down New Year’s Eve. Maybe January only consists of 2 days in Salem. In our time, it was over 6 weeks til his funeral!) Hope & Bo argue some more, Patrick is off to the side. She finally tells him she wants him out of the house. Bo says no, so Hope says then she will leave. O.K. he will go. She opens the door, telling him she wants him OUT of the house. He leaves. Later Hope & Patrick are sitting on the sofa. She tells him she will be fine. Patrick leaves. Hope picks up the white rose, and cries. Outside Patrick is leaving, saying aloud, “You don’t deserve her, Bo”.

BILLIE & CHELSEA are still at the cop shop, where Billie is reading her daughter a riot act about her selfish intent to want to break up Bo & Hope. Chelsea whines big time, bringing out every big gun she can think of, including the “mom & dad” cards. She wants her mom to go after Bo, he is ripe for the taking. They argue, and argue again, with Chelsea pointing out that Hope is never going to forgive Bo, that Billie can give her a family. (puleeze! Sounds like Sami….Will….the broken record has a new voice) Chelsea yaks about Patrick, and how that did not work out for Billie. Although her mother refuses time and time again, Chelsea is persistent beyond belief. They argue over and over.

AT THE CHEATIN’ HEART, Bo is drowning his sorrows at the bar, asking for another shot. Some burly guy asks where is his beer, he was there first, and Bo (clearly looking for a fight) finds one. A brawl ensues, as Bo taunts his attacker, giving back what he is getting. The bartender calls Billie, telling her what is going on, that he did not want to call Hope and add to her troubles. Billie says she will be right over.

When Billie gets the phone call, she tells Chelsea she has to go see Bo, and leaves. Chelsea smiles, saying, “Never thought it would be this easy. Mom & Dad are this close to getting back together already. The camera freeze on her face as a picture of Bo appears along side of it. And the previews show…..

Bo to Billie: Hope threw me outta the house. She can’t stand the sight of me. My life with her is over.

John to Marlena: He lied to you about where he was because he needed an alibi. Then to Alex: It was you who did this to Lois.

Mimi to Philip & Belle: That little girl, sleeping so soundly doesn’t belong to you, Philip. Belle: Whaatt?


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