Tuesday, February 21, 2006



Episode #10,256
Tape date 1/31
Director-Phil Sogard

Wedding plans abound as the brides try on dresses, while Frankie springs John, Belle refuses to take no for an answer and Billie betrays Bo & Hope.

Bonnie barges in on Shawn & Mimi eating breakfast, with a folder full of gown designs. Shawn leaves, and Mimi tells her mom about the conversation she overheard last nite on the roof. Bonnie panics, insisting that Shawn & Mimi must get married ASAP. Outside in the hall, Shawn runs into Belle, and they both go back up on the roof. Shawn tells Belle in no uncertain terms that “we’re OVER”. Meanwhile, Caroline has brought over her wedding dress, the one Mimi wants to wear. Mimi goes to try it on, while outside in the hall, Shawn & Belle have come down from the roof, running into Kate. They open the door, and Belle sees Mimi in the wedding dress, and leaves, back to the roof. Kate goes in, with both Bonnie & Mimi filling her in on the overheard conversation. Kate repeats the mantra. You have to get married quickly, Shawn cannot find out. Caroline has left, going up to roof after Belle, who is upset. Belle tells Caroline how she told Shawn she still loved him. Caroline is not happy about that, reminding Belle that she has a husband, that Mimi & Shawn love each other, and she is wanting to upset 4 different lives. Shawn comes in just then, sees Mimi, imagines seeing Belle in the dress and says, Wow, you look beautiful. (Well, the groom has seen the bride in her dress…doubt there will be a wedding now!)

Jen & Frankie talk, his leg is pretty well healed and no longer needs crutches. Jen mentions the girls are still asleep, commenting about Chelsea staying over last night, how awkward it is for her, as she knows Chelsea is Abby’s friend, but Jen is loyal to Hope, too, and knows how she feels. Chelsea comes downstairs, thanks Jen for letting her stay over. She asks Frankie if he is still going to represent her, he assures her he will. The doorbell rings, Jen sees it is Hope, telling Frankie & Chelsea to go into the kitchen. Hope comes in, telling Jen how she threw Bo out, explaining about Patrick taking her home from the cemetery and Bo coming in and again picking a fight with Patrick like he did at the church. Frankie tells Chelsea that in a case like hers, the parents of the victim will carry a lot of weight with the judge hearing the case. Chelsea asks if Bo being on her side would help, and Frankie says it probably would. He leaves. Chelsea calls her mom’s cell, learning she is in a motel room with Bo, who is sleeping it off. She whines to her mom about not taking the opportunity staring her in the face, and that Bo & Hope have to get broken up. Jennifer tries to reason with Hope, but she claims she can never forgive him, nor take him back. Her cell phone rings, and a woman cop named Penny is calling (she has Hope’s cell phone #??)wanting to make sure Bo was o.k. Hope learns of the bar fight the previous night. The lady cop is sorry, she thought the woman who left with Bo was Hope. She wasn’t there, but some other cops had told her about it.

Hope hangs up, telling Jen what happened. She is even more upset with Bo. Her cell rings again….this time her credit card company. (oh, puleeze!) A charge has come in from the Parkway Budget Motel, and they want to make sure it is a legitimate charge. Hope assures them that it is o.k. and now tells Jen about Bo being at the motel. Jen again tries to reason with Hope, reminding her Bo had nowhere to go, etc. Jen convinces Hope to go there and talk to Bo, and promises to go along. Chelsea, who has been eavesdropping all this while, quickly calls her mom’s cell, telling her that Hope is on the way, and this was now her chance to take advantage.

Kate visits John, who is also repeating how Alex intends to kill Marlena. Kate shows him a newspaper headline, and he cannot believe it. Frankie comes in, having gotten John out on bail, but warns John he has to stay away from Alex & Marlena. (oh, sure, like John will pay attention to that.) Kate leaves (does she ever show up at Basic Black??) Meanwhile, at the Penthouse, Alex & Marlena are having their morning coffee, talking about Lois. Alex feels perhaps he failed her, since he was her doctor, but goes on about how disturbed John is, that Lois would be alive if John had not given her the sodium pentothal, how obsessed he is with Marlena. He really pours it on about John having been a mercenary and the pawn of Stefano. Marlena tells him she remembers a little bit of her psychiatric training, and says she would no more have suspected John of being so obsessed, than she would Alex himself. Alex tells her he has a surprise for her, and shows her the newspaper headline. It says Doctors To Renew Wedding Vows, with a picture of both Marlena & Alex. (oh, come on! Headlines???). Marlena reads the article, which says they are to go on an extended 2nd honeymoon. Now Alex has another surprise. He drags out a huge box, which contains a wedding dress. Marlena is impressed, it is beautiful. (So much for letting her choose her own, controlling jerk, isn’t he?) He tells her to try it on, which she does. He runs upstairs averting his eyes so as not to see her in it. Just then, John comes in, sees Marlena in the wedding gown, and asks just what he is up to now. Marlena ask John what does he think he is doing there. Looking down on the them both, Alex chuckles, saying this is even better than what he hoped for.

Bo is asleep, dreaming of how he got there (Billie brought him, drunk, evidently the last room in town that night), then dreams about reading Zack a story, as he sits on Hope’s lap. He tosses and turns, murmuring Hope’s name, muttering how much he loves his Fancy Face. Billie listens, knowing there is no chance for herself, Bo will always love Hope. Chelsea calls, clueing in Billie that Hope is on her way, and urging her to do something, if she loves her. Billie undresses, opens the door slightly, then drops her underthings on the floor next to the bed, asks God to forgive her, then crawls naked into the bed, next to the sleeping Bo. Outside, Hope arrives with Jen, not sure she is doing the right thing, but Jen insists she go in. Hope notes that Bo must have left the door ajar. She pushes it open, sees Billie with her arm across the sleeping Bo. Cue the shocked expression that comes to her face. And the previews show…….

Belle to Shawn: you still want to be with me. Admit it

Bonnie to Patrick: you’ll be coming home every night to a beautiful wife and oodles of money. What could be more perfect than that?

Hope to a protesting Jen: It is over between us. It is over! I can’t ever take him back.

Alex to John: Get out! John punches Alex, who goes down as Marlena screams. Marlena to John: How could you do that?

And the credits roll


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