Tuesday, February 07, 2006



Episode #10,247
Tape date 1/20/06
Director-Phil Sogard

Abe’s bandages get removed, Chez Rouge is the scene of a couple of business dinners, Chelsea is still whining about her misfortune, while Hope gets support from her family. Kudos today to James Reynolds, he is just terrific.

ABE TELLS TEK that Lexie will be back in a few minutes. Tek says then he will wait. Abe uses the time to apologize to Tek for how he has behaved the past year, and for thinking he had been going after Abe’s wife. He says Lexie is a beautiful and desirable woman, that he never liked it when men checked her out, and when he became blind, his imagination ran away with him. Lexie has come in and hears all this. She makes herself known, as the nurse comes in saying Dr. Gibbons will be there shortly, and time for Abe’s bandages to come off. Lexie bolts out to the nurses’ station, with Tek following her. She thanks him for keeping quiet, but Tek professes his love for her. She tells him firmly, that it is over. She loves her husband, and goes in to be with Abe. Nurse Jennifer is removing Abe’s bandages, (either Dr. Gibbons is invisible, or made a quick entrance and exit, lol) as Lexie looks on, giving encouragement. Abe blinks a few times, looks straight at his wife, who at first appears blurry, but then it all clears up, and Abe gets up, saying, you are soooo beautiful. They hug. The nurse has explained to Abe & Lexie, that the donor’s family has not requested anonymity, so she now gives them an envelope with the name of his donor inside. Abe takes it, saying he cannot believe he can see and read this. He opens the envelope, removes the paper, reads it, and his face changes. He wordlessly hands the sheet of paper to Lexie, who reads it, and murmurs “Zack Brady”. Both are overcome with emotion. Abe is practically breaking down, as he says that a couple years ago, Zack gave him the gift of being a father, and now he has given him the gift of sight. Abe and Lexie embrace, and profess their love for each other. Tek watches them through the window, saying that you may be happy with him now, Lexie, but it will not last. He vows to go after her.

AT THE CHEZ ROUGE, Nicole is finishing off a bottle of champagne, when Roman stops by, asking her if she drank that whole bottle by herself. She tells him she did, since he wasn’t there to help her. She spots Austin & Sami and goes to join them. Austin wonders why she asked them to meet her there, and a smiling Nicole says she has arranged for someone to join them who is going to help them in their business, their newest investor. The gentleman arrives, and Austin immediately recognizes him…..Larry Tate! (rotfl, o.k., that is the name of Darrin’s boss on the old sitcom, Bewitched. This guy even has Larry Tate’s white hair! Ha.) Austin explains to Sami, that when he & Nicole worked for Titan, they did a lot of business with Larry Tate. It turns out Tate was very impressed with the High Style takeover, which was ripe for the taking. Austin replies that it is really not his style, but Nicole takes him aside to give him a pep talk, explaining how he can take over 6 companies like High Style, then can hand one to Carrie wrapped in a big red bow. Austin returns to the table.

Meanwhile, Lucas has brought Carrie out to the same restaurant (oh, and we can all see already what is coming!) to celebrate her new job at Titan. Carrie is not sure, as no contracts are signed, and she is really still up in the air about taking the job. Roman spots them, gives his daughter a big hug, happy to see her. Carrie tells him that he will probably be running into her a lot now, as she has decided to take a job with Titan, and will be staying in town (boy, quick decision!). Roman is elated, tells them he just stopped by for a drink, and will be heading back to his hotel. Carrie tells him no hotel, she is going to help him look for an apt. They head toward their table, but in passing by Austin’s table, she overhears Tate telling Austin if he is able to use the same slash & burn technique on other companies as he did with High Style, tho it had a very weak CEO. Austin replies that taking over High Style just whetted his appetite for more of the same. It is his future.

An angry Carrie returns, telling Tate she is the weak CEO reporting in, and then lashes out at Austin, then leaves in a huff.. Lucas comes up, wanting to know what Austin said, but he tells Lucas it is none of his business, and goes after Carrie. Sami prevents Lucas from following, telling him not to worry, Carrie is never going to be back with Austin. Outside, Austin catches up with Carrie, but cannot make her understand that it was “business”. She tells him she is sorry she did not leave him sooner than she did. Back inside, Roman has come up to Nicole, thanking her, having overheard her telling Austin about the company he could give Carrie. He says he is leaving, and Nik asks him if he wants to take a brunette home with him. He says they both have had a lot to drink, he does not think it a good idea (since when does Nicole have anything to do with Roman) & he is going home and take a cold shower. LOL. He leaves.

CHELSEA enters the empty courtroom, sits down, wishing aloud she could have a 2nd chance. Kate comes in (gee, wonder where her coat and purse are???) and assures Chelsea she is going to pull all the strings she can to help her. But she knows Hope is on the warpath, and it is not going to be easy. Bo is in the hall with Billie, worrying because he cannot reach Hope. Billie tries to make him go look for her, but he chooses to remain with Billie & Chelsea. Billie tells him this is why she did not want Hope to hear about this from a 3rd party, and tells Bo to blame everything on her. While Chelsea is whining to Kate about not speeding, Assistant D.A. Brent Weitz comes in, asking her about her attorney, and advising her to get one. Bo & Billie come in, as Weitz says they have a witness who saw her reach for cell phone at the time of the accident. (And the person did not stop either???) Bo & Billie come in, asking what is going on. Weitz says he is sorry, but he has to ask Bo to now arrest Chelsea, with the charge being lst degree vehicular manslaughter. Bo wants a minute with Chelsea so the others leave. Outside, Kate tells Billie that with Hope so angry, she will be driving Bo straight into Billie’s arms, and then she, Bo, & Chelsea can be the family Billie always wanted. Billie is appalled, & tells her mom in no uncertain terms to back off. They argue, as Billie wants to live her own life with no interference from her mother, saying she is an adult, will handle her own life. She goes inside, but Kate, being Kate, tells herself, she will not rest til all her children are happy. Inside Chelsea has been whining to Bo, and he finally tells her it is time to go down to the station. She tells Billie she is scared, but Billie tells her all will be o.k.

AT JENNIFER’S, Maggie & Alice have arrived. As Hope comes down from visiting with J.J., she spots them. Jen comes up, telling her they came to offer her support. Maggie hugs her, telling her how they love her. Hope tells them she is never going to forgive Bo, he gave his keys to Chelsea and now Zack is dead. They all try to reason with Hope, telling her that Bo lost Zack, too, but Chelsea is also his daughter. They remind her of Shawn crashing his motorcycle thru the church window at Belle & Philip’s wedding. Hope says it was different, no one got hurt. Alice remind her that someone easily could have died then. Jen tells her she has to save her marriage. Maggie mentions a story Alice told her about when Addie (Hope’s mother) was hit by a car. Both Alice & Maggie take turns, talking of how devastated Tom & Alice were, that your children should not die before you, and how there were days that Tom & Alice did not even speak to one another. But they realized that having each other is what matters and would get them through it. Alice remind Hope she and Bo have years of love between them. Hope goes to sit by the fire, and issues an ultimatum. If Bo stands by Chelsea Benson, he loses his marriage to her. It is that simple. Jen tries to get her to talk to Bo. She takes Hope’s phone to see if there are any messages, presses the wrong button, and we hear Zack’s voice. Hope grabs the phone, saying it is Zack’s voice, and all she has left of him. She finally agrees to go talk to Bo, but says God help him if he’s with Billie & Chelsea.

Roman arrives at his apt., and hears a knock on the door. There stands Nicole, in a fluffy fur coat. He is surprised, but she strides in….turns around, dropping the coat. We only see black straps on her shoulders (not what she was wearing at Chez Rouge) and am guessing it is very sexy teddy!

Hope arrives at the courthouse (dark out, that courthouse has very odd hours!) She comes in, seeing Billie hugging Chelsea, telling her not to worry, and Bo with his arm around her. (well, she knew exactly where to come and what she would find, hmmm). Billie is saying to Chelsea, don’t worry, your dad and I will be with you every step of the way. Hope hears every word, as Kate comes around the corner, spots Hope, stands still looking at her with a very satisfied smirk on her face. And the previews show……

Mimi: I know Shawn is the father of Belle’s baby.
Bonnie: If you spill the beans about that brat, you will lose Shawn

Billie to Chelsea: But, whatever you do, do not go anywhere near Zack’s funeral

Jen to Frankie: Let me help you with your coat. Their faces are close, and they kiss.

Bo: I’m sorry .
Hope: Get away from me. Get away from Zack.


P.S. Today is Ari Zuker's last air date as Nicole......Good luck, Ari, we have loved Nicole, even when she aggravated us. LOL (please do not blame EE for the fact Nicole is not being written out properly...Write to Days!)

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