Tuesday, February 28, 2006



Tape date-2/7/06
Director-Roger Inman

Just in case we missed some shows, this one is filled with flashbacks, some we have seen, some newly created. Lucas & Carrie go on their date, while Sami cons Austin to go to the same place, Bo is out on his bike, as Hope’s plane reaches Morgan Island.

SAMI finds Will’s cell phone inbetween the sofa cushion, and notes a message from Lucas on it, saying he is taking Carrie to Chez Rouge. Austin comes in, tired & hungry, but Sami claims no food in house, and they should go out. Austin says no, but then changes his mind, and asks where she wants to go.

CARRIE & LUCAS arrive at Chez Rouge to be greeted by Eugenia. It seems she was asked by Maggie to fill in tonight. Carrie goes to ladies room, running into Marcia Kelly, with whom she used to work at the hospital. Marcia tells her she heard Carrie was dating Kate Roberts’son (who talks like that?) and as Carrie nods in agreement, Marcia tells her she always knew she & Austin were soulmates.

BILLIE IS ON PHONE to Roman, worried about being unable to find Bo, and asks Roman to put out an APB. (hmmm, last we saw Roman, he was at his place with Nicole, guess she left and he is back at work, Ha). Chelsea comes down, dressed to the nines, all set to go out and party, as late as it is already. Billie convinces her it would not be a good idea and would look bad to the judge, so Chelsea agrees to stay home and suggests they play poker. Billie flashes back to playing poker with Patrick. With her winning, they decide to up the stakes from matchsticks…..and the next scene shows them playing strip poker and both down to their undies. Billie loses the hand with a pair of 8’s to Patrick’s trio of 5’s, & leads to sex on the sofa. Billie returns to the present, telling Chelsea she would rather play gin rummy. As they sit with their hot chocolates, they talk about Patrick, and then get into an argument about Bo, as Chelsea beats the drum again about Billie going after Bo, now that Hope has kicked him out of the house.

ON THE PLANE, Patrick is looking out his window, flashing back to breaking up with Billie, while Hope is flashing back to seeing Bo & Billie in bed in the motel, then in a conversation with Shawn about leaving town. Elaine Whitman sits down next to her, glad to get away from her snoring seatmate. Hope discourages any conversation with her, then flashes back to a scene of her and Bo declaring their everlasting love to each other. The passengers are told to prepare for landing.

BO IS ON HIS BIKE, wondering where Hope has gone. He flashes back to saying goodbye to Zack at the hospital (when they turned off the machines).


Ok folks, Sandra here. I am just going to add in here what happened after Barb's tape stopped.

CARRIE tells Marcia that she is with another of Kate’s sons – Lucas, to which Marcia apologizes for putting her foot in her mouth. Carrie returns to Lucas and they are full of nervous smiles and awkward moments as they discuss this change in their relationship.

SAMI pretends to call a whole bunch of restaurants (we can see her hang up the phone before she talks, so is talking to a dead phone), which all supposedly reply that they have no reservations before 10. Austin suggests they go to Chez Rouge and goes to get cleaned up. Sami knows that he can’t blame her, since it was his suggestion. When they arrive at Chez Rouge, Eugenia and Sami snipe at each other before she shows them to a table. Austin comments on the ‘nice start to their evening – and it gets even better’ as they see Lucas and Carrie. Austin swears if he didn’t know better, he would think Sami set it up (duh!!). Austin orders some wine from Eugenia, as Sami stares very sadly at Lucas and Carrie. Both couples decide not to leave, just to spite the other. Carrie asks Lucas to dance. Watching them go, Sami decides that Austin might be right, Lucas and Carrie might be there working, not dating. Eugenia is standing there and tells her that Lucas said it was a date. Austin tells Sami if she can be there around her ex, then so can he. They are moving on.

BILLIE decides that Patrick might have been right about Chelsea's moral compass, which doesn't sit well with her daughter. She seems to have Chelsea’s number and calls her for playing on Billie’s feelings (for Bo and for the relationship she wanted to develop with Chelsea), deliberately hurting people (and deriving pleasure from it), and blackmailing her into making them a family (which she never had, so she can’t pretend to be the kid from the divorced parents). Chelsea keeps at her, changing her tactics once in a while. Roman calls Billie to tell her what the cops said (see below) and thinking she knows where Bo is going, goes rushing out to find him. Chelsea is pleased. She ends up watching television and we hear a commercial for a zircon ring as she goes for her credit card and finds a picture of Zack. She apologizes to him for doing wrong, but she is trying to do what is right now, and she flips to a picture of her with Bo and Billie.

Billie drives along the road where the cops saw Bo and finds his abandoned motorcycle. She goes into the woods looking for him and hears a shot.

Elaine keeps trying to attach herself to HOPE – even offers to take her out for drinks, partying and cruising for hot, sexy guys. Hope tries to brush her off, and when she goes to find her bag, Hope goes to a counter to ask for a rental that is remote and secluded, (and on the beach) as she wants solitude. The attendant shows her a magazine page and Hope says it is good and takes it. A man gives her a flower and tells her it is a special flower that only grows on that particular island for a short time each year and if given by a native to a woman visitor, she will find love while on the island (groan…..). She is cynical, which he calls her on, but he promises it will happen.

PATRICK meets up with a guy who must be his friend while he is on the island. The guy is surprised that Patrick is alone, without a female companion, but Patrick claims that they are trouble and wants solitude in his beach house (anyone else see where this is going, yet??) They head off to his house.

BO is spotted speeding off by two cops, who call it in to the station, thanks to the APB Roman put out. They are told that someone else is being sent after him, so they go, commenting that he had better be careful and slow down because of the fog. He skids.

Next we see him, he is drinking beer by a campfire. He aims a gun at a row of beer bottles on a rock and fires. He misses and is startled by a yell. He goes to investigate and finds Billie unconscious on the ground, with blood on her hand.

Fade on Bo’s saying Billie’s name as the previews roll:

Shawn: “Are you getting cold feet about marrying me?” Flash to Mimi and then Belle.

Hope to Patrick: “Bo has moved on with someone else so there really is no marriage to go home to.”

Frankie to Jen (while fireworks are going off overhead): “Guess we’re not the only ones celebrating tonight.”

And the credits roll....


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