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Friday, March 10, 2006

Episode No.: 10268
Directed by: Jim Baffico
Tape Date: 2/15/06

Chelsea’s parents both learn about THE INTRUDER and blast her (about time); Mimi and Shawn’s small wedding rehearsal/confessional takes place; Hope falls for a young boy on the island.

Chelsea joins Abby, confident her image is fine. Abby shows her The Intruder that the cameraman works for with a picture of her on the cover and an article about what happened the night before (they work fast!) Chelsea tells her what happened, but Abby warns her that Bo won’t approve of what she did the night before and can’t see the magazine.

SHAWN AND MIMI arrive for their wedding rehearsal at the church. Calliope meets them and tells Mimi she looks like a fainter. Mimi says she’s not, but hasn’t eaten much that day. Calliope told her to eat and assures her she’ll fit in her wedding gown (as does Shawn, awww). To liven up the wedding, as everyone seems so down, Calliope suggests “bubbles”. Mimi and Shawn say they’d like a traditional reception. Calliope remembers what traditional meant in Salem when SHE lived there and that meant hiring a gunman for the wedding…LOL. She yells to cancel the bubble machine and Philip and Belle arrive with Claire, who Philip explains had just had a melt down. Neither he nor Belle could calm her. Of course Shawn offers and manages great. Disconcerted, Mimi goes to find Father Jansen to start the rehearsal.

We see Bonnie taking a small container of holy water for herself…claiming it’s good for whatever ails you, such as varicose veins, acid reflux or vampires in the IRS. Mimi tells her about Shawn with Claire and Bonnie takes a swig. Mimi knows that Shawn deserves to know that Claire is his daughter and should spend as much time with her as he can. She wants to start her marriage off right and that’s having Shawn know the truth. She lost Rex by holding the truth from him and wants to come clean with Shawn. Shawn, Belle and Philip are right behind her as he asks what she means. She tells him she has a confession to make. Calliope agrees and says they both have to go to confession with Father Jansen and will get him a cushion for his chair as she figures he’ll need it. Bonnie tells Belle and Philip there’s a great babysitter in the nursery (what, she just sits there all day waiting for kids to come when church services aren’t going on?) Belle decides to take her down there so they can focus on their duties. Bonnie again tries to get Mimi to reconsider telling Shawn. Belle fingers her own wedding ring, solemn about Shawn’s marrying Mimi.

We join the rehearsal when the groom is asked to kiss the bride and Shawn enjoys that part. Bo walks in and he and Shawn ask what the other is doing there. Mimi asks an angry Shawn to talk with his dad privately, saying he’s hurting too. If his mom can’t be there for the wedding, he should have his dad. He agrees to talk with Bo for Mimi and kisses her softly before stepping out of the chapel. Calliope suggests Father Jansen do some confessions and Belle’s first in line (of course). Belle confesses that she’s in love with someone other than her husband and doesn’t know what to do.

Shawn tells Bo that Hope thought he would wait until she returned before getting married. Bo asks if Hope knows that Shawn lied to her and Shawn tells him no, but it wasn’t as bad as his lie and he can’t blame his mom for wanting to be away from him. Bo tells him he’s trying to protect Chelsea just as he protected him. Shawn says he never killed anyone, but Bo reminds him about riding his motorcycle in the church window and could have, he was just lucky he didn’t. He pulled every string he could for him too. Shawn rants he wanted him to go to prison to learn his lesson and he knows that was the right thing to do (now) and Chelsea should do the same. Bo doesn’t deny or agree and when pushed, The Intruder falls out of Bo’s jacket. Shawn sees it and asks if Bo’s still defending her after that?

Bonnie tells Mimi that Claire’s got a sweet deal with Belle and Philip as her loving, rich parents. Mimi mentions confessing her problem to Father Jansen and Bonnie is opposed to that. She pictures herself confessing to a priest (using a list) on about all the men and bad deeds she’s done. The confessional starts shaking and smoking and the priest splits, saying she’s on her own. Meanwhile, Belle and Father Jansen talk about Shawn and there’s a flashback of him riding his motorcycle in the church. Father Jansen urges Belle to honor her wedding vows and says Shawn is about to marry Mimi. She suggests divorce and he tells her the church doesn’t recognize divorces (speaking of divorces, why aren’t Marlena and John at the rehearsal?) Later Calliope asks Belle if she’s square with God (being she’s not even the bride, a little out of bounds for a wedding planner to ask IMO) Bonnie lights a candle and tells God she’s a lost cause, but Mimi’s a good kid and asks God to watch over her daughter. Mimi goes into confession and says it’s been a long time. Father Jansen assures her that whatever she tells him goes no further. Mimi appreciates God’s forgiveness for all her other sins, but is pushing her luck now. If what she knows comes out, it could hurt a lot of lives. She tells Father Jansen about Claire’s paternity and how she’s tried to tell Shawn several times, but it hasn’t worked. He refuses to give her absolution unless she tells Shawn the truth. Without absolution he can’t marry her and Shawn in that church.

Bo stands fast that his priority is his marriage. Chelsea’s fate is up to the courts. Billie tries to encourage him to be there for Chelsea. She’s confident they’ll see a whole new Chelsea when this is all over with. Bo looks down and sees The Intruder and thinks not. Bo asks if this is the new Chelsea she’s talking about? Billie goes on about how Chelsea promised to stay in last night. He knows Chelsea has lied to both of them. Speak of the devil child, she arrives with sweet Abby and kisses “daddy” while asking “Billie” what she’s doing there. She sees The Intruder and says she can explain, but Bo (rightly so) blasts her with not taking her “I’m sorrys” any more. He said Zack’s not even cold in his grave yet and she’s out partying? He leaves and when she asks where he’s going, says to light a candle at the church for his son (great, maybe he’ll make the wedding rehearsal)

Billie asks Abby to leave so she can talk to Chelsea alone. Billie yells at Chelsea (about damn time). She warns Chelsea to not expect jurors to support her after seeing that. She tells her about Hope’s text message that she’ll be back before the trial. Chelsea tells Billie to do whatever she can for Bo and yes, even “put out” for him. Billie is furious her daughter wants her to seduce him for her. Chelsea says she knows Billie still loves Bo and this is window of opportunity to get him back. Billie tells her to stop it! She tells “mom” she knows that Bo is the true love of her life and she could have lived there and not in hotels if she had done things differently before (no, I don’t think Bo would have bought that house on the lake on a cops salary). Billie sees Chelsea for what she’s doing. Chelsea leaves, saying if she goes to prison, she’ll refuse to see her as she won’t have a mother anymore (can we help pack your bags?)

Patrick tries to get Hope to stay for a few more days and heal some more. She blames herself for what happened to Zack, saying they should have been home on NY Eve. She has herself to blame as much as Chelsea for what happened. She leans on his shoulder and cries, then says she can’t hide forever. She’s scared to death. Before she leaves the island, he asks to take her somewhere that might change her perspective. He takes her to the beautiful location she saw in the picture at the house. It’s where the orphanage is on the island. She suggests leaving before the kids come out, but he knows it would be therapeutic for her to see that life goes on. A young boy Zack’s age joins them, says hi to Patrick and when introduced to Hope, rushes into her arms saying she’s pretty. She hugs the little boy and mouths Thank You to Patrick. Another boy joins them and we learn Patrick offered to teach a sports camp when he’s there as there’s no PE teacher at the orphanage. He tells the boys to show Hope (who says she loves football..go Patriots). The first boys face morphs into Zack’s and when he catches the ball, falls through a wood barrier and calls out to Mommy. Hope rushes to his aid. She sees him hanging onto a rock over a steep cliff over the ocean. The boys face morphs to Zack again as he’s me mommy, help me. Not sure why the boy’s calling her mommy, but….she finds a log to reach over for him to hold on to (just where is Patrick?) and the cliff crumbles underneath her and she starts to fall ….as the previews roll…

MIMI to Shawn and Bo: I think foregiveness if very important.
BO: I pray that one day Shawn’s mom will forgive me.

SAMI TO LUCAS: I am going to be with Austin. Just you wait and see.

LEXIE TO CARRIE (whose eyes are closed): Which man do you love most?
CARRIE: Austin.

AUSTIN TO LUCAS (who’s holding a bunch of flowers): Are those for Carrie?
LUCAS: Yes, actually we have a hot date tonight.
AUSTIN: Sorry man..ain’t no way that that date is going to happen.

As the credits roll..

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