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Friday, March 17, 2006

Episode: 10273
Directed by: Albert Alarr
Tape Date: 2/22/2006

Belle and Shawn confide with his dad and grandmother about their true feelings; Sami bounces between Carrie and Marlena’s hospital beds; John continues to threaten Alex and Marlena starts remembering in her sleep.

It’s St. Patrick’s night at the Brady Pub and they’re celebrating life (hadn’t many of our Salemites been to bed and gotten up, like Marlena, Belle, Mimi, etc.?). Pop Shawn announced drinks are on the house as they all toast Shawn and Mimi’s wedding the next day…Victor included. The pub is packed with green clothed patrons, including Belle, who’s downing a pitcher of beer on her own. Caroline questions Belle, who having had a few green beers, announces she’s definitely going to stop the wedding the next day. Belle loves Philip, but it’s not the same way she loves Shawn. Caroline reminds her of their sacred vows and daughter. Belle doesn’t want to hurt Mimi, Philip and Claire, but she loves Shawn too much to spend the rest of her life without him. Victor thinks to himself that she’s feeling that bond with Shawn because Claire’s his baby. Caroline warns Belle that Philip might sue for custody and Belle knows Philip only wants what’s best for Claire and that’s her. Caroline knows hurt people react differently and he might. Belle asks Caroline about her situation with Bo and she says Victor didn’t know that Bo was his son until he was grown. Belle tells Caroline that she knew though. Caroline says she should never have had the affair with Victor. Belle says she wouldn’t have had Bo, Shawn or Zack then and Caroline realizes that she would never know what she missed. Part of her will always love Victor, just like her with Shawn, but she doesn’t share a child with Shawn like she did Victor. (Apparently they’re oblivious to Victor sitting right behind Caroline, haha.) Caroline tells Belle if she loves Shawn, she needs to let him go. She joins Victor, who scooted up to the bar quickly apparently. She tells him Belle isn’t willing to give Shawn up. Victor you did me. He asks if Caroline had the choice again, would she still choose Shawn. Touching Victor’s arm, she says yes. But just because she does the right thing doesn’t mean she’ll regret it.

Outside the pub Shawn arrives and finds Bo sitting forlornly on the bench. He came for pop’s big night, but not in the celebrating mood. Shawn suggests they go in together, but Bo knows only condolences for Zack and questions about where Hope is would be inside. Shawn tells his father he can sit out there and feel sorry for himself, but he’s the only reason Hope is out of town and only he can get her home. Bo tells Shawn that he’s loved Hope most of his life and she ALWAYS comes first with him. Shawn says he doesn’t want Chelsea in their family or life. He understands Bo’s dilemma and can sort of relate. He admits loving Mimi, but has always loved Belle too. Bo asks if Shawn’s had a change of heart. Shawn confides to his dad about what Belle’s been telling him and admits feeling torn between Belle and Mimi. He could only tell this to his dad as he was in the same position between Billie and his mom. Bo said there was no choice as he’s never loved anyone more than Hope. At that time he had thought Hope was dead. He remembers seeing Hope at Maison Blanche (cue the flashback scene of them together
then as they crawl into bed) and as soon as he knew it was Hope, there was no choice. He figures Hope needs some away time and he will give it to her. Bo advises his son to do some serious thinking before he gets married if he’s feeling this way. The biggest decision in his life is who to spend the rest of his life with. Shawn tells his father he knows what his answer would be, but he’s going to marry Mimi and have a wonderful life with her. Then Belle will recommit to her life with Philip and their daughter Claire.

Carrie wakes up (hair and makeup perfect) after surgery to find Sami with her. She thanks her for all her help that day and Sami mentions she should have listened to those cramps earlier and gotten medical help. Sami says you only have one family and Carrie notices Sami’s upset and asks why. Sami knows she shouldn’t trouble Carrie at this time, but tells her about Marlena. After telling Carrie what John said, that Marlena could die, she lays her head on Carrie’s shoulder and weeps.

Lexie tells John, Abe and Alex that due to Marlena’s other traumas of late, she’s taking longer to come out of it, but none of her injuries were life threatening. Alex wants to see her, but John tells the lousy bastard he set the explosion and to stay away from her. Alex denies knowing Marlena was going there or setting the explosion. Abe settles it saying the investigation will show soon enough if Lois set it. Abe wants to return to the scene and John says he’ll go with him. Alex said he’ll wait for his wife to wake up and John and Abe insist Alex go with them.

Lexie opens the curtain to Carrie’s recovery area and tells Sami that Marlena’s going to be okay. She asks to speak with Carrie alone and Sami asks if she can sit with her mom, promising not to disturb her. Lexie agrees (probably knowing Sami would do it anyway or lurk outside the curtain). Lexie tells Carrie her laproscopic surgery was successful, and apologizes there weren’t any beds available for outpatients. She should be able to get up soon and leave. There is something they noticed during surgery.

Sami talks to her sleeping mother, admitting not having one single human on the planet that she can talk to. The truth is, she still loves Lucas, but could have a relationship with Austin..but they both just want Carrie. She realizes that she’s responsible for messing up her own life and begs her mother to come back to her and help her. She loves and misses her mom and begs her to remember her and the rest of the family and forget Alex. We see Marlena’s dream as she hugs Sami and the scene where she finds John on the pier and they hug and he says You’re Back! She has more dreams of her and John playing in the woods and then kissing by a stream. She has more dreams about her and John’s wedding and them kissing. She calls out John’s name.

We return to Lexie telling Carrie that they noticed some residual scarring from the ovarian cyst rupture Carrie had in Israel. Although Lexie says she’s not infertile from it, she recommends not putting off having children too long or she might be. Carrie admits wanting children and being a role model for her children with PTA, charities, values, etc. Sami overhears from outside the curtain and ponders who Carrie will choose to father her children. Lexie compares how differently Carrie and Sami grew up in the same house. She suggests Carrie choose who she wants to spend her life with. Carrie admits carrying for Austin, but mentions Sami. Lexie says that Sami doesn’t care about anyone else’s feelings but her own and not for Carrie to worry about that.

AT THE FORMER CABIN SITE….we see a bunch of burning rubble as the investigator tells Commander Carver (is Abe back on the force or not?) they can tell him what happened. It was a faulty water heater and although they found a wrench near it, so way to prove how it was used. John threatens Alex he will take him out even if the cops can’t prove he was responsible. Alex loudly tells John to watch it after threatening him in front of an officer of the law. He leaves to return to his wife. John kicks some wood and Abe tells him that Alex is right. If Marlena wants to marry him again, she can. She’s the only one who can stop this. Abe says Alex has Marlena under his spell and there’s still a possibility she would want to be with him. John vows to kill Alex before that happens.

A “friend” joins Belle and toasts her saying they always thought Belle would be the happiest girl in Salem, but she turned out to be the biggest idiot for letting Shawn Brady get away. Belle raises her fresh mug of beer and says to herself..Caroline, I’m going to do the right thing. One way or the other , I’m going to stop the wedding tomorrow…..


ALEX is standing over Marlena as she says: “John, I remember, I remember us.”

JOHN HUGS BELLE as she says: “I have only myself to blame. I just don’t know how I can stand by and watch him marry Mimi.”

LUCAS AND AUSTIN JOIN CARRIE. She wants to talk with them and they want to talk with her.

LEXIE walks in to find SAMI sitting at her desk. She asks Sami what the hell she’s doing and Sami replies: “I think it’s time we had a little chat Lexie.”


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