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Friday, March 24, 2006

Episode: 10,278
Directed by: Jim Baffico
Tape Date: 3/1/06

Mimi and Shawn are pronounced husband and wife, Carrie is distraught over Lexie's latest prognosis; John and Alex continue butting heads.


Jennifer comments how lovely Mimi looks in Caroline’s gown. Jen remembers (flashback time) saying her vows to Jack at their first wedding.

Bonnie swigs from her flask as they wait for the wedding to continue. Kate suggests Bonnie wait and pray with the others, but that’s not Bonnie’s strong suit. Father Jansen continues the wedding informally as everyone stands around them. Belle holds Claire and Mimi and Shawn smile into each other’s faces as Father Jansen explains the vows are for life Holding hands, Mimi and Shawn say they’re ready to commit before God, then each light a candle. He asks them to hold right hands and Frankie asks Jen for hers as she remembers (more flashbacks) of when she gave her ring to Jack, telling him of her love for him. She then pictures herself being married by Father Jansen to Frankie. She wonders if Jack would approve and the church fills up with Jack’s. They all speak and she asks for just one to speak and one in the back does. She asks if her being with Frankie is truly what he wanted. She asks if he wanted her to really love another man and he knows she loved Frankie before him and has always had him in her heart. He needs to give her a sign if this is what he really wants. Back to present, Frankie watches as her face shows the conflict she’s feeling. Jen pictures Frankie saying to her in his vows as he mentions Jack and promises to love her and the children as much as Jack did. She takes Frankie’s hand and they exchange smiles. Mimi is asked to give her vows to Shawn and we see her quaking in nerves and excitement. She says I DO. Shawn is next and we can see Belle’s tearful eyes next as Shawn says I DO as well. They exchange rings, never looking anywhere but each other’s eyes. They are pronounced husband and wife as Belle has tears roll down her face watching. They’re introduced as Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Douglas Brady and kiss as the wedding march begins and Belle weeps on the altar.

Belle wants to take Claire home for a nap, but Philip refuses to leave and goes to get both Claire and Belle a bottle. Caroline stops to talk and was worried about her stopping the wedding. Belle is going to make the best of her situation and Kate’s talk about a broken home convinced her to stay with Philip. Victor overhears and talks with Kate, not happy with her interfering. Shawn and Mimi arrive and are announced by Maggie. Shawn sweeps Mimi into a lean-over kiss and Caroline taps on his shoulder asking just where he thinks he is, a wedding? LOL. He asks about his grandfather and she tells him that Shawn and Roman are in the office setting up a conference call to his aunts and other family members that couldn’t make it (how about his mother too?) Bonnie asks Mimi if she doesn’t think the decorations should be embellished, but Mimi said they look lovely and for Bonnie to relax and have fun. Uncle Mickey drove Alice home as she was so exhausted she couldn’t sleep the night before. (Nice they explain the absences at least.) Bonnie toasts her daughter and Mimi still feels guilty. Caroline tells Shawn to hurry to the conference room, but he stops to thank Belle for bringing Claire to the wedding. He hopes he and Mimi are as happy as she and Philip. Philip joins them and agrees. Maggie sets up Mimi with her bouquet tossing. Maggie calls for Kate, Jennifer and Bonnie to be in the area in question. (is Abby there?) Jennifer doesn’t try to catch it, but it falls into her hands anyway. She and Frankie exchange grins. She asks if he thinks this is a sign from Jack and he agrees. Belle tells Claire she’s staying with Philip for her.

Shawn comments on Mimi’s being so quiet. Philip (who’s undone his tie and left it hanging) does his duty as best man for the toast, but says it’s the best “family” that’s going to give the toast instead as Belle stands next to him. He mentions they’re best friends and the Godparents to Claire. They wish him a lifetime of happiness and joy. Belle rushes from the room in tears asking Philip to take care of Claire. Shawn and Philip both watch her leave.

Sami tells Carrie to live happily ever after with Austin and have that family they both want so desperately. Carrie remembers Lexie telling her about the test showing she and Austin share genetic markers and any children they had together could be threatened. Sami reiterates her approval of Carrie being with Austin and Carrie rushes from Lexie’s office in tears as Lexie arrives. Sami congratulates Lexie on the good job. Lexie feels bad about lying to Carrie as Sami asks how that’s any worse than when she switched her paternity test results or Bo and Hope’s. At least this one is for a good cause, to keep her husband and son. Lexie warns Sami that it’s not going to work. Carrie tearfully follows a couple with their new baby being wheeled from the hospital, saying how grateful they are for their blessing given them.

Elsewhere, John finds an unconscious Marlena and calls for a nurse. Lexie (of course) and a nurse rush in and kick John out so that they can work. John rushes Alex outside the room, asking what he did to her. Lexie threatens to have John removed from the hospital and says Marlena’s awake and conscious, vitals normal. She refuses to let John be with her and says Marlena needs rest. Abe follows Lexie, concerned about her (as well he should…it’s hard for one doctor to take care of a hospital full of patients!!) She explains it’s been a busy shift and asks for his help with Alex/John.

John and Alex continue their verbal warfare as Alex remembers what Marlena had told him. They’re given approval to see Marlena and the three of them rush in and John asks Marlena if she remembers. She denies remembering anything other than being Alex’s wife as we see a replay of Alex injecting her with something that will either erase her memory or kill her. He’d be okay with either result. (seems she’d forget being married to Alex as well?) Alex admits being concerned and says after he and Marlena are on their honeymoon, she’ll be away from all this stress and recuperate faster. Marlena tries to calm an irate John by saying she trusts Alex, not him. John knows that Marlena’s wedding day will also be Marlena’s funeral.

Carrie continues to loiter in the hallway as the new parents leave and Lexie rushes in telling a nurse (now she’s in charge of ER, LOL) that a young child with a genetic disorder is being rushed in with respiratory arrest. She reminds the parents she’ll do everything she can, but because of his genetic problem, no guarantees (how convenient). Carrie feels for the parents. Sami tears up too, but says God must have a plan. Lexie returns and tells the parents there is no hope and they can be with him. Carrie rushes out and Sami, sincerely feeling for the parents, wonders if God’s plan and hers are the same and walks out. She easily breaks into the records room, leaving the door open in the true Salem fashion. Of course Lexie walks in and sees what Sami’s doing (she’s fast..already on the record she wants!) Back to the waiting room and Carrie’s back with her purse (oh come on..) as Lexie feels for Carrie having to see what’s going on. She tells Sami she’s going to Hell for this, but Sami says she’ll enjoy a piece of Heaven with Austin first. Carrie reaches into her purse for Kleenex. (why isn’t she discharged so she can leave?) Sami warns Lexie to keep her mouth shut. Carrie calls Austin on the hospital phone. She asks him to come to the hospital as what she has to say will affect the rest of their lives. Lexie warns Sami that her plan backfired.

is outside and tells SHAWN that she still loves him and she knows he loves her too.

BILLIE TO CHELSEA (with Bo standing there): You are responsible.
CHELSEA: Everything bad that happens to this family is all my fault.

AUSTIN TO CARRIE: You still love me?
CARRIE: With all my heart.
SAMI TO A SHOCKED LUCAS: Here’s to us Lucas. Losers to the very end.

As the credits roll..

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