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Friday, March 3, 2006

Episode: 10,263
Directed by: Phil Sogard
Tape Date: 2/9/06

Tek and Lexie almost get caught, Marlena’s memory takes a curve and Mimi can’t hide the truth any longer…..

Over dinner, Marlena worries about what John could have done to Alex. She tells Alex that John belongs in jail and he promises to make sure that John will never both either of them again. Alex remembers what he said to John at the morgue about crying wolf too often and how he’ll win. Alex asks Marlena to stop talking about John or anything else unpleasant. She goes off to powder her nose (hard to find something pleasant to talk about probably). She overhears John vowing that he’ll kill Alex with his bare hands if that’s what it takes to stop him and can’t believe her ears. He doesn’t deny what he said and reminds her he took a vow to protect her. Alex joins them. Abe stops John from playing into Alex’s hands and to use his head instead of his fists. Staring at Alex and Marlena, John agrees. He pays his bar bill and offers to drop Abe off at home. Abe declines, saying he’ll stay as John leaves.

Back at their table, Alex wants Marlena to concentrate on them and their future together. He goes to get their check and Marlena remembers something…. John giving her a blue diamond for their anniversary. He told her that it’s rare, just like their love and will last forever.

Earlier John finds Abe standing outside Tek’s lovemobile in the parking lot. Lexie realizes that Abe is outside the car and she and Tek listen to what’s happening outside. Abe tells John his night vision isn’t that great and he thought he saw Tek’s car moving. They go back inside the bar as Tek tries to convince Lexie that she deserves more than what Abe is giving her and he’s the man to give her that. Lexie cries that it’s wrong before her hormones kick in again and they fall to the seat kissing and moaning again. We rejoin them smiling in the back seat and I’m sure if they smoked, would be doing so (is she going to end up pregnant?) Later she and Tek emerge from his car fully dressed. She spots Abe and Tek hides behind his car. Abe tells her it’s no good (cue the drum roll). What he means is his night vision and says he thought he saw her with someone. She tells him she just got back from the hospital and asks him to be patient about his vision being he just had surgery. She explains what he saw was probably just a shadow.
Belle asks Shawn for a talk alone. Victor and Mimi are both determined to tell Shawn the truth about Claire. Philip tells his parents he wants to make a public announcement. He gets up and as best man tells Shawn that he’s marrying one of his favorite women. That said, he tells everyone his own story of what he went through during his short military duty (losing his leg) and how being married to Belle was the best thing he ever did and got him through everything. He wishes Shawn and Mimi a happy marriage and family. Shawn goes to hug Philip while Bonnie warns Mimi she can’t tell Shawn the truth now. Belle grabs Shawn, wanting to talk with him again. Frustrated Shawn asks what it’s about and Philip walks up saying he knows exactly what it is. Belle said that people should be with who they love and Philip agrees, commenting on how it all ended up, but happy they’re all friends and even yes, a group hug. Victor and Kate watch. Philip goes to check on Claire (who’s watching her?) and Mimi goes to say goodbye to her mom and tells her she’s going to tell Shawn the truth tonight.

Victor agrees to wait before telling Shawn as there’s too much heartache and pain already.

John goes inside the penthouse and snoops around with his flashlight for clues. He hears Alex and Marlena return and hides. Alex tells Marlena that it’s been a long day and he’s taking her up to bed. We see John hiding in her closet watching as Alex kisses Marlena good night at her door, grateful she agreed to wait until their wedding night to share a bed and room together. She thinks it’s romantic and sweet and they kiss again. Alex leaves and she takes her pills and stares at a picture. Downstairs Alex has a drink and said when John loses his precious Marlena, he’ll have his revenge. Later Marlena is lying in bed still looking at the picture. She turns off the light and rolls over. John steps out of the closet and quietly goes to the terrace door (gonna jump?) Marlena calls out his name and he turns, but starts to leave again when she tells him she’s glad he’s there and asks him not to leave. With tears in her eyes, she says she still loves him.

The foursome return home and Philip goes in to pay the babysitter while Mimi goes inside as well. Belle pleads with Shawn to talk on the roof. He said they’ve done that once before, but she tells him it’s important. Philip walks out with Claire who he said was still awake and wants her parents. Belle holds her and talks to her as Shawn watches. Inside their loft, Mimi worries about chickening out on telling Shawn the truth and decides to sit down and write him a letter. (are any of them working nowadays?)

Belle’s on the roof waiting for Shawn when an arm goes around her to embrace her. She doesn’t turn, just says I knew you would come and that the truth has to come out and we can’t go on hurting other people. Philip turns her around, asking what she’s talking about.

Shawn’s down to his undershirt and calling Mimi’s name in their loft. He sees an envelope with his name on it and opens it. He reads it as Mimi hides behind the door. Crying, she fears it’s all over with them. Shawn reads the letter and stares ahead in thought as the previews roll….

AUSTIN TO SAMI: “you’re definitely worthy of being loved” as he leans in and kisses her…

LUCAS TO CARRIE: “The hell with being cautious. I love you Carrie Brady.”

MARLENA TO JOHN: “I want us to make love.” John stares at her in disbelief.

MIMI (to Shawn, Philip and Belle) I wrote Shawn a letter and what I’m trying to tell him affects all of us. Everything’s going to change….

As the credits roll..

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