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Friday, March 31, 2006

Episode: 10,283
Directed by Herb Stein
Tape Date: 3/8/06

Jennifer visits Bo; Patrick tries to talk Hope into returning home; Chelsea is Chelsea; Alex and Marlena's wedding starts with guns everywhere.

Jennifer finds Bo planting some of Hope’s favorite flowers in their backyard. Once that’s done, he plans on painting the master bedroom with the color Hope found a while back (is he on leave from the force?). He’s trying to make Hope’s homecoming as welcome as possible. Jennifer suggests that Bo take charge if he wants Hope home and reminds him of other times he’s taken charge, but he says this time she needs to come home on her own. If he can’t forgive himself for what happened, how can he expect Hope to? He explains he wants Hope home when she’s ready to be home and knows Zack would have wanted her to forgive Chelsea for what happened. Jennifer point blank tells Bo that Chelsea knows how to get her way. He says that’s harsh, but Jennifer says maybe prison is what Chelsea needs right now. Bo sort of agrees, but doesn’t want to lose another child right now. Jennifer says if it’s a fair sentence it might be the best thing for her. Jennifer asks if Chelsea wants to be part of a family with him and Hope or him and Billie?

Hope’s back is still sore and Patrick recommends she return to Salem to see a doctor and get some physical therapy. He tells her she needs to try. She thanks him for all he’s done and letting her stay there. He tells her how torn Bo must feel right now after all that’s happened and they had promised to be together forever. Hope sees a couple kissing nearby and we see that couple morph into her and Bo kissing. She admits loving Bo, but says it’s a trust issue now. They talk about if Billie and Chelsea are with Bo all the time (she tells him how Chelsea answered the phone when she called). Patrick knows how Chelsea can be.

The EVIL Teen
Frankie tells Chelsea and Billie he can’t guarantee that he’ll keep her out of jail. The evil teen demands he must. Frankie says she needs to convince everyone how remorseful she is about the accident. Chelsea has those that will testify on her behalf, but says she needs to make sure Hope doesn’t return before the trial. Billie rolls her eyes as Frankie looks at her. They aren’t sure how Bo’s testimony will go being he’s torn between his wife and daughter. Frankie leaves and orders Chelsea to stay out of trouble. She says she’ll try. Billie tells Chelsea she knows what Chelsea’s thinking (calling her little missy, LOL) and warns her not to think about doing anything to come between Bo and Hope. Chelsea promises not to interfere and says she’s learned her lesson. Billie says she’s heard that before! Chelsea asks to check her email and tells Billie she’ll have to earn Billie’s trust back. Alone Chelsea says there’s no way she’s letting that witch Hope send her to prison. She has to keep her away from her dad and knows how to do it. She sends an email and Hope just happens to walk past the laptop. They hear an email came in and Patrick suggests Hope look at it. She says Bo’s emailed her a couple of times a day and when she does look at it, says Oh my God, I don’t believe this.

Frankie pops in after (literally) just leaving Billie and Chelsea..he saw Jen’s car in the driveway. He’s not giving up, but says it won’t be easy to keep Chelsea out of jail. Jennifer tells Bo that Frankie’s a good man and won’t give up.

Marlena calmly assures Kate she’s going to be happily married to Alex. Kate disagrees. Outside the room Alex tries to keep Belle from seeing her mother before the ceremony, saying Marlena doesn’t have time to talk to her. Belle reminds Alex she’s not only her daughter, but her matron of honor and knocks on the bridesroom door. Marlena knows Belle will try to talk her out of marrying Alex (she tells Kate), and asks Alex to escort Belle to the chapel. He happily agrees and does so.

We see John dressed as a nun pushing carts around as no one (including Tek) takes time to look at the nuns face. In fact, he even asks her back if she’s seen John Black around. Sister John shakes his head no and scurries out of the room. Newlyweds Shawn and Mimi don’t understand what’s going on as Salem PD’s top 3 cops say they can’t stop Alex from marrying Marlena. Tek (Salem’s finest marksman) has orders to kill John if need be. (where are Philip, Claire, Sami?) John finds a quiet place and removes his headgear and makeup. Later he is in mercenary gear and priming his rifle. He puts the rifle through the elevated grate looking down upon the chapel and satisfied with his location. He remembers when Marlena visited him at the jail and told him no more appeals would be granted. She cursed him for what he had done, but he knew she’d understand and appreciate why he did it one day. He knows she’ll understand this time too. Later he sees some flowers near where Alex will be standing and to just to make sure his rifle works, shoots into them. Mimi heard the whoosh of the bullet passing by and wondered what it was.

Marlena has some memories of her and John in the shower together and feeding each other marshmallows. She then remembers telling Alex how safe she feels with him. Alex stands outside the door waiting for reassurances that she loves him and will join him soon as Kate watches Marlena’s uncertainty. She says Alex did do something to you, didn’t he. Marlena agrees. She claims Alex taught her the true meaning of love. She denies that Alex has manipulated her and she loves him. She can’t live in the past and maybe Kate can find happiness with John. She asks Kate for some time alone to collect her thoughts and Kate leaves. She remembers marrying John and what she told him about the ring symbolizing their never ending love.

In the chapel Mimi assures Belle they’ll find John before anything happens. She’s sorry things didn’t go the way Belle wanted, but life happens like that sometimes. Belle apologizes for interrupting her and Shawn’s honeymoon (still picturing Belle in a boat like in Phantom of the Opera steering towards the Horton Cabin to get Shawn’s help, LOL) . Mimi asks, as do we, why Belle didn’t get her own husband’s help, Belle says she was on autopilot and needed Shawn to help her. (isn’t Philip wondering where his wife is?) Mimi reminds Belle that her husband Philip is a trained Marine and much more qualified (as are the Salem PD) than Shawn is. Mimi clarifies this is just one night interrupted and she and Shawn have the rest of their lives together.

The wedding march begins and Belle’s at the altar already as just Marlena walks down the aisle to Alex. We see Shawn in his leather jacket (didn’t even dress for the wedding?) as he spots the rifle waving through the grate above. He points it out to Salem’s Top 3 who are too busy talking instead of observing. Roman and Shawn scurry to try and stop John while Abe tells Tek there’s a rifle in the confessional and not to shoot John unless he’s sure John’s going to shoot. Abe prays John can be stopped before it’s too late. We see Tek waving the gun outside the confessional curtains as John’s trigger finger get itchy as the previews roll….

Chelsea looks at her computer, happy to have front row seats after Hope goes ballistic.

HOPE looks at her computer and tells Patrick she wants a divorce.

FRANKIE TO JENNIFER: I want to take you to Green Mountain Lodge and show you a good time.

SHAWN TO BELLE: Sometimes the wrong people end up together.

JOHN to himself: Forgive me for what I’m about to do, but it’s the only way I can get him away from her.

As the credits roll..

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