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Episode # 10284; Tape Date: 3/4/06; Air Date: 4/2/06; Director: Albert Alarr
(Cheryl's picture site seemed to be down...The ones added are courtesy of Bev's Marlena Day Ahead Pictures).

Summary: John is determined to stop Marlena’s wedding to Alex, but his friends and family intervene…Frankie takes Jen away for the weekend…and just when you think Chelsea couldn’t get any worse, she stoops to a NEW LOW! In case you didn’t know already….this girl is pure evil.

At the Deveraux house…Frankie and Jen arrive, talking and worrying about Bo and Hope. Frankie thinks that Jen needs a vacation to get away from all this and he suggests Green Mountain. He says she needs to relax and have some fun but she isn’t so sure about it, she things it is a big step. Maggie arrives, suitcase in hand, to stay with Abby and Jack Jr. (Frankie had already called her). He goes upstairs as Maggie tries to tell her that getting away will do her good, but Jen thinks it is moving too fast. She admits to having feelings for Frankie, but she feels like everyone is pushing them together. Maggie says everyone just wants her to be happy. But Jen says she is afraid of “happy”…she was happy with Jack and has ended up mourning him 3 times. Maggie reminds her she is a single woman and deserves to have a good time. Maggie also reminds her of what Alice always says “Life doesn’t wait for you to live it”. Jen finally gives in and decides to go. Maggie tells them to have a good time and not to worry about a thing as they leave.

Later, Frankie and Jen are at Green Mountain Lodge in the bar/restaurant and he asks her to dance. She is still uneasy and he notices she is tense and asks if she is okay. He knows she doesn’t really want to be there. They go back to the table as she thinks she needs to tell him they are moving too fast. He goes over to a waitress and returns with a rose.

Chelsea (aka spawn of Satan)…is having flashbacks of talking with Frankie about her case and says she won’t be going to jail as long as Bo and Hope are apart. She sends something to Hope on the computer, saying Hope won’t know what hit her. She is sure that her plan will work and she won’t go to jail as long as Bo is on her side. She says she will do what she has to…and if Hope gets hurt…well, that’s too bad. She notices that Bo didn’t log out of his email account earlier and gets an idea. She decides to leave it open, in case Hope replies.

Meanwhile, Hope is checking her email and it is an article from the Salem Chronicle about Shawn & Mimi’s wedding. She gets upset when she sees pictures from the ceremony (one showing Billie & Chelsea, and captioned as “uninvited guests”). She reads the article about how the wedding stopped and Shawn tossed them out. She is upset with Shawn for not telling her about the wedding, but realizes he did that to protect her feelings. She reads the article and gets more upset to learn that Bo comforted Chelsea. She can’t read any more, so Patrick reads it to her. (Man, this sure is a detailed article about a wedding!, LOL). The article goes on to talk about Bo and Hope’s separation because of Chelsea. She goes back to read and sees a picture of Bo hugging Chelsea. She asks what the HELL is wrong with Bo?...taking up for Chelsea. Hope says it is now clear that he prefers being with Chelsea and Billie over her and Shawn. Patrick tries to assure her that Bo loves her but she says this is only proof that he has turned his back on her. She says it’s over…she wants a divorce. Patrick can’t believe she would say that, saying she needs to talk to Bo. But she says she doesn’t want to talk to him…she has made up her mind. Patrick reminds her that she and Bo have been in love since they were kids and urges her to think about it as Hope has a long series of flashbacks of them together. (Lots of good memories here…the kissing booth, her rescue from the Welch wedding, riding the motorcycle, their wedding, the boat, etc. The music montage is set to the song, “I Can’t Live Without Your Love”). After this, Patrick tells her not to make a huge mistake…don’t give up on Bo. He tries to get her to call him, but before she does…an email comes in. Apparently, Hope had emailed Bo that she wanted a divorce, because the reply is from Chelsea…she was thrilled to see that Hope replied to her and she decides to respond back. in the email (as Bo) she tells her that there is no way they can stay together. She also puts that he loves Chelsea and if that means that they (Bo and Hope) have no future, then so be it. He won’t contest the divorce…he will be there for Chelsea and Billie. What they had is over and it is best they go their separate ways. She hits “send” and smiles an evil grin a she says “read it and weep Hope”. On the other end, Hope reads the mail and is shocked she begins to cry and tells Patrick that Bo has agreed to the divorce. He tries to comfort her as she cries…it’s over…it’s over. Chelsea gloats over her victory and says it is working perfectly…all she has to do now is cover her tracks…as Hope cries uncontrollably.

At the Church…Marlena proceeds down the aisle as Belle pouts at the altar. Marlena asks Alex if he is okay and he says it will be as soon as she says “I do”. The service starts (funny to hear how Father Jansen calls her Marlena Evans-North). Alex has a flashback of overhearing Marlena tell Kate that John is her true love and him giving her the injection. Roman tells Abe that he is sure that John is nearby. Shawn looks up and sees a shadow in the grate, so he and Roman go rushing up there. Abe sends Tek to the confessional with his gun to cover John. Upstairs, John aims at Alex as Tek has his gun on John. Roman instructs Tek to hold his fire and not shoot unless necessary. Shawn and Roman arrive upstairs but the door is locked where John is. John has Alex in his line of fire, but he and Marlena move to light a candle. Belle is praying her mom won’t go through with it. Father Jansen asks if there are any objections as Marlena turns and stares at a distraught Belle. Mimi has a flashback of Belle stopping her wedding, wondering if Belle will do it again, LOL. Belle doesn’t utter a sound, so the wedding resumes. Roman is yelling at John through the door, trying to stop him, but John ignores him, determined to kill Alex…as Roman and Shawn try to break down the door. The vows are underway (as Mimi notes that Marlena sounds like a zombie). Marlena has flashbacks of her vows with John and stops. Alex opens his hand and she looks down to see the necklace (that he was using at one time to hypnotize her) and she resumes. Roman radios Abe, telling him that they have found John, but can’t stop him and they tell Tek to hold his fire. Through the door, Roman tries to stop John, telling him that if he shoots, so will Tek. John says that doesn’t matter, if he kills Alex he will get the death penalty anyway. Shawn radios Belle (I guess she is wearing an earpiece as well) and tells her where John is. She looks up and sees the gun. She says she has to stop this, just as John is ready to pull the trigger. She steps over in front of Alex (between him and John and just stares up toward the grate). Shawn rushes into the chapel and sees what she has done and tries to get her to move, but she won’t. John is begging for Belle to move, but she won’t budge…as the ceremony proceeds. Roman and Abe burst in to the room as Abe talks John down. He finally puts the gun down and begins to sob.

Alex and Marlena are now married and the ceremony is over as Shawn rushes over to Belle. She is saying she can’t believe they are married and Shawn tells her to accept it…sometimes the wrong people end up together. He hugs her…as Mimi watches.. Roman and Abe now have John down in the vestibule area as Marlena and Alex pass by. Smarmy Alex goads John, telling him they are married and there won’t be a reception…he is too anxious to get to his wedding night and they leave. John goes after him, but Abe and Roman restrain him…as the previews show…

Frankie (to Jen): I really want this evening to be special for you… (Jen): I can’t do this…

Hope (to Patrick): I think Zack’s death gave Bo the excuse he was looking for to get out of our marriage…

Billie (to Bo): What you just wrote to her was beautiful and there’s not a woman in the world who wouldn’t read those words and not come running straight back to you…

Chelsea (showing Kate her computer): Bo’s reply to Hope…it’s a good thing it came to my computer first, huh?...

And the credits roll…

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