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Monday, March 13, 2006

Episode # 10269
Tape Date: 2/16/06
Air Date: 3/13/06
Director: Albert Alarr

Summary: Austin and Lucas BOTH have surprises planned for Carrie…Carrie seeks advice from Lexie…Sami sees something that could be useful to her…Father Jansen urges Mimi to tell Shawn the truth…Patrick comes to Hope’s rescue…Shawn forgives his father (at Mimi’s urging).

At the Apartment Building…Sami goes over to Lucas’s to see Will, but learns that he is going to spend the night at Shawn and Caroline’s…Lucas has a special evening planned. Sami notices her favorite flowers and assumes that the special evening is for her, but learns it is Carrie. He apologizes about the flowers (I guess it’s easy to get 2 sisters mixed up, huh?, lol). She says it looks like Lucas is pulling out all the tricks to get Carrie in the sack. But he says they are not tricks…he has true feelings for Carrie. Sami says she doesn’t care because Lucas is going to be surprised when SHE (Sami) ends up with Austin and storms off. In the hallway, Austin and Carrie run into each other. He wants to talk but she brushes him off. He fantasizes about kissing her and tells her that he came by to ask her if she would like to get together later and talk. She says she will let him know and leaves.

Austin goes to the Pub… and asks Caroline for her help. He wants her to get all of Carrie’s favorite foods together because he is going to surprise her and take her on a picnic. As he waits, Lucas comes in, thanking Caroline for letting Will stay overnight. He tells her he has a surprise planned for Carrie at his place and wants Carrie’s favorite desert. LOL at Caroline’s face as she mutters “oh boy”. Lucas asks her if she thinks he has a chance with her grand daughter and she smiles politely and says yes. Of course, she says, she liked him when he was with Sami as well. (Quite the diplomat, huh?) Caroline talks about him and Sami and about how they have a son and a history. But Lucas tells her not to go there…it would never work with Sami. Caroline tells him to never say never, as Lucas ponders this. She takes Austin coffee as he waits and asks him about Sami. He tells her that they have become friends and are working well together, but that is it. He makes it clear that it is Carrie that he loves and he intends on winning her back and won’t let anyone stand in his way. Caroline gets this look on her face and walks off muttering “oh boy, oh boy, oh boy” (LOL). Both of their orders come up at the same time as she takes each and both leave, thanking her as she says “good luck”. Lucas and Austin both arrive home at the same time and run into each other in the hall. Austin asks him if the flowers are for Carrie and Lucas tells him that they have a hot date and goes inside. To himself, Austin says man, no way is that date gonna happen.

In the Park…Tek comes up behind Lexie and grabs her and starts kissing her. She tells him to leave her alone and pushes him away and rushes off and hides. Carrie spots her and wants to talk. Carrie tells her that she is so confused and needs advice. They sit on a bench as Carrie tells her she is caught between 2 men. She tells her she has strong feelings for Austin, but then there is Lucas. Sami wanders by and sees them and hides in the bushes and listens in as Carrie tells her that Sami is interested in both of them as well. Lexie tells her not to worry about Sami. Carrie says all she wants to do is get married and have a family. Lexie talks about wanting a family for so long and then along came Theo. She tells her she will have all the things she wants, she just has to decide who it is she loves and then commit to him. Carrie says she is right…whatever she decides, she won’t worry about Sami…she had her chance with both Lucas and Austin and blew it with both of them. Sami mutters that Carrie did as well and wishes she would just go back to Mike…or anywhere, thousands of miles away. Lexie tells Carrie to close her eyes and without thinking…who does she love the most. Carrie blurts out Austin (as Sami shakes her head in disgust). Carrie tells Lexie that Austin is the man she truly loves, but so much has happened between them…and of course, there’s Sami. Carrie says she knows she said she wouldn’t worry about Sami, but she cares about both Austin and Lucas. Lexie urges her to tell Lucas the truth and the sooner, the better. Carrie thanks her for her advice and leaves as Sami damns Lexie for being so perfect. Before Sami leaves, Tek rushes up to Lexie and starts kissing her. Sami watches in shock as he rips off Lexie’s jacket, telling her he wants to make love to her right there. Sami’s mouth drops open as she covers her face. She thinks what a hypocrite Lexie is and then thinks that this could be useful. She walks away and sees Carrie sitting alone on a park bench. Carrie moans and grabs her stomach and falls to the ground, calling for help as Sami watches.

At the Church…Shawn is railing at Bo about Chelsea and Bo’s lying to protect her. Meanwhile, Mimi is in the confessional with Father Jansen, who says he won’t marry her and Shawn unless she tells Shawn the truth first. She tries to rationalize not telling (saying it would break up Belle & Philip). She says the truth will change everything, but he tells her she must tell and the sooner the better. Bo is telling Shawn that he should call off the wedding…Hope should be there. But Shawn tells him he doesn’t want HIM there either. Mimi comes in and breaks it up, telling Shawn she has something important to tell him. She talks about forgiveness and says that weddings are about families coming together and urges him to forgive his dad. She tells him that everyone makes mistakes when we fear hurting the ones we love. Shawn finally gives in and says that Bo can come to the wedding. She asks Shawn if he FORGIVES his dad and Shawn turns to Bo and says yes…Zack wouldn’t want them fighting. Shawn asks him to come and Bo says they couldn’t keep him away. Bo says he only hopes that his mother can forgive him as well.

On the Island…Hope rushes to help the little boy who fell (James, I think) but as she looks at him, he morphs into Zack. She falls over the cliff and ends up on a ledge. She calls out to him and puts out her hand and pulls him up, calling him Zack. The ledge begins to crumble beneath her as Patrick rushes over as well as a nun. He throws down a rope and she ties it to James and he pulls him up. He then throws it down to Hope but she can’t reach it…as the ledge continues to crumble. She grabs hold of a root and hangs on as Patrick moves the rope closer to her. She grabs it and he pulls her up as well and carries her away from the cliff and (of course) takes off his shirt for her to use as a pillow. He has the nun call a doctor as Hope says she can’t feel her legs. Patrick whips out his phone and calls Bo. At the same time, Bo has a feeling that Hope is in trouble. His phone rings and he answers it “Fancy Face?” Patrick hands her the phone, but she just hangs up without a word. Bo tells Shawn and Mimi that it must have been a wrong number and he goes to light a candle for Zack. The doctor comes and checks Hope and says that there are no broken bones, but looks like she has sprains. Patrick says he will take care of her, even though she protests. Later, they are back at the house. Hope wakes up to find Patrick watching over her. She tells him this isn’t the first time he has rescued her and with her luck, may not be the last. He assures her thst he will always be there for her.

Back at the Church…Bo lights a candle for Zack and prays that he will watch over his mommy and keep her safe. He says he loves her so much and can’t bear to lose her as well. He leaves and goes to the pub. He and Caroline talk about Chelsea and the article in the Intruder. They also talk about Hope as Bo says she wants to be left alone until the trial. He tells her that Hope wants him to make a choice between Chelsea and her, but he can’t. She tells him that first, he needs to eat and goes to get him a chowder. As she serves him, she offers a bit of advice…telling him to go find Hope…even if she wants to be left alone…if not, he may lose her forever.

Mimi is praying for strength to tell Shawn the truth as Father Jansen comes in. She tells him she is afraid to tell him, but he tells her she has a moral obligation to do so. She says she is going to do it right now and he assures her that she will feel better after she unburdens herself. Shawn comes in asking if she is okay. She tells him she has to tell him something about Claire. Shawn starts talking about their responsibility of being Godparents. She tells him that he is the perfect father figure…in fact…he is a great dad. He says he sure hopes to be someday. He can’t wait to be a father. He thanks her for urging to talk to his dad and says he has a little more of an understanding now of how Bo feels, concerning Chelsea. He says that if he had a daughter and was kept from her for so many years, he doesn’t know how he would react…as Mimi stares ahead. She says she just wants to be a good Godmother. Father Jansen comes in as Shawn tells them they are leaving and will see him tomorrow at the wedding. Father Jansen says he assumes that Mimi told him…as Shawn asks “told me what?”…Freeze frame on Mimi as the previews show…

Marlena: I am married to Alex…so why can’t I stop thinking about John?...

John (to Abe): What would you do if some son of a bitch was out to get Lexie? (cut to Lexie, then Tek)…

Austin (to Lucas): You can’t accept the fact that she doesn’t love you…and she never will…

Belle (to Shawn): You and I…(Shawn): are over…and if you can’t really be happy for both of us, then I don’t want you there tomorrow at the wedding…

As the credits roll…

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