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Monday, March 20, 2006

Episode #10,274
Tape date 2/27
Director Albert Alarr

It is hard to believe it is the morning of the wedding, with the hospital being the setting for most of the show. Carrie is much better, Marlena is even more so, Sami is up to old tricks, while Kate & Bonnie have a plan to neutralize Belle.

AT THE HOSPITAL, both Austin & Lucas arrive with gifts for Carrie, and continue their juvenile arguing over who Carrie likes best. (sometimes these two sound like the Smothers Brothers, lol). Lexie is in with Carrie, who is steadily improving, and could be released soon. Carrie mentions seeing her O.B. doctor after she gets home, to get input about the scar tissue, and getting pregnant. Lexie says that is a good idea, but just to remember that she probably cannot put off getting pregnant for any length of time. (Glad Carrie is seeing an O.B., we all remember what Lexie told Jennifer when she was pregnant). Lexie urges her to make her choice between Lucas & Austin, who are both wonderful men. Of course Sami is on the other side of the curtain, listening to every word. (I thought those curtains were sound-proof, they have been in the past, lolol)

John paces near Marlena’s room, as Abe tries to talk some sense into him, and calm him down. John worries about Alex harming Marlena. Belle arrives and he takes her for coffee. They go outside, and have a heart to heart about Shawn, and Belle, her husband & baby. She whines about how she has tried, but cannot let go of her feelings towards Shawn. John warns her that Shawn could reject her and still marry Mimi, and she would have burned her bridges with Philip, thus ending up quite alone. He leaves, and Mimi calls Belle. See below

Alex stands over Marlena as she murmurs in her sleep. She is dreaming of John giving her the clock, murmuring that she remembers “us”. She opens her eyes, sees Alex, but imagines him to be John. Alex leaves, with Abe following him, but losing him. Alex has keys that let him into Lexie’s office. He rummages a bit in her desk, then bemoans that Marlena seems to be getting over her amnesia, he can’t let that happen, he’ll kill her first. He takes a set of keys, saying he’s taking them just in case. If Marlena’s memory returns, he has to make sure no one ever finds out the truth. As he leaves, Abe spots him, wanting to know what he is doing in Lexie’s office. Alex just claims to be looking for her. (hey, Abe, bet Alex has a bridge in Brooklyn he would like to sell you, too)

Meanwhile, Marlena is having all kinds of dreams about John, and we see flashbacks of them together thru the years, in a shower, in a pool, John holding Belle for the lst time after learning he was her father, a bubble bath, strawberries & whipped cream, making love, John introducing baby Belle to her big brother Brady, then falling down the stairs at the penthouse. Marlena comes to, with Lexie in the room, telling her she remembers everything, the explosion, falling down the stairs, losing Roman’s baby. Lexie stops her, insisting she needs some rest and she is going to give her a mildsedative, which Marlena doesn’t want. Lexie tells her not to talk, just rest, gives her the shot, & leaves. Alex arrives in his Dr. Creepy mode, white coat and all, and just stands over Marlena, her eyes flutter open. She murmurs about John as Alex listens.

Outside her office, Tek once again meets up with Lexie. He kisses her, she kisses back, but then once more pushes him away, protesting about the public place, and he has to stop doing this. She goes into her office, turns on the light to find Sami in her chair behind the desk. (Sami has already spotted them kissing in the hall). Sami wants a little chat about her sister Carrie. Lexie tells her to go talk to Carrie, but Sami knows her sis won’t talk to her about this stuff. She wants to know who Carrie will choose. They argue, Lexie tells her to get out. Sami is almost out the door, when she tells Lexie that since she is so gung ho about everyone doing the right thing, she won’t mind if Sami tells Uncle Abe about Lexie’s affair with Tek. Cue shocked expression on Lexie’s face.

A nurse tells Carrie that 2 handsome gentlemen are waiting to see her. Carrie has the nurse retrieve her purse for her, takes out a brush, and then pics of her & Lucas, plus her & Austin. Later we see her come out in the waiting area, spotting both Lucas & Austin, saying she is feeling pretty good.

AT THE LOFT Mimi is in panicville, convinced that Belle is going to be successful in stopping her wedding. First Bonnie arrives, then Kate, and all talk of perhaps preventing Belle from coming to the wedding. Bonnie has a ridiculous fantasy about roping and hog-tying Belle. Kate tells Mimi she has too much guilt, and more than enough for all 3 of them. But Kate has a plan, and convinces Mimi to call Belle to come over. She does, talking of how she needs her there to help her get ready, etc. etc. Belle arrives, to find Mimi having nails done by a manicurist, and a hairdresser seemingly fussing with her hair. Mimi asks them, plus Kate & Bonnie to leave, so she can be alone with Belle. She gives Belle a gift for her matron of honor…..a photo album, and we see pics of Philip & Belle, plus Belle, Philip & Claire, and one of Mimi & Shawn. All the while, Mimi goes on and on about how happy she is, and she wouldn’t be there today if not for Belle, how she is her best friend, and responsible for Mimi living happily ever after, how Belle fell in love with Philip and has her own happy life. Mimi really pours it on, and we can see Belle getting rather uncomfortable with all the praise and thanks being heaped on her. Out in the hall, the eavesdropping Kate & Bonnie are ecstatic, with Kate saying it is perfect, and now she just wants to see Shawn & Mimi married. (and we want to see an end to all this, lol). Bonnie smiles, touches her nose and points back to Kate, agreeing with her. And the previews show…..

LEXIE: You’re a monster, you know that?
SAMI: I’m just a woman who would do whatever it takes to make sure Austin winds up with me.

AUSTIN: So you really have make up your mind?
CARRIE: I have
LUCAS: So which one of us, Carrie

BO to Shawn: When you find love, you gotta grab it and hold onto it, no matter what

HOPE to Patrick: Bo & Billie have pretty much become inseperable since I left. How can Bo & I have a future?


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