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Monday, March 27, 2006

Episode #10,279
Tape date - 3/2
Director - Herb Stein

Lots of confessions and tears today. Also lots of little snippets of conversation here and there. Good show, though.

AT HOME, Billie tells Bo to go to the reception and she will take care of Chelsea. He says that he won’t be welcome, that he has already been seen as picking Chelsea over his family again. She whines that if he doesn’t want her to be part of the family, she can arrange for that to happen (Please, oh please!). Billie turns on her and lectures her on her responsibility for her actions. The Brat keeps on whining that everything that goes wrong is her fault. She was trying to do the right thing and be there for Shawn, she didn’t think that everyone would treat her like a monster for wanting to reach out to her family. Bo tells her that maybe she has good intentions, but is she listening to anything they have said? She complains that no matter how hard she tries, she always screws things up. All anyone can think about is how she should pay; well, she is paying, by being the outcast. Billie follows Chelsea to her room, where she pretends to be crying. Billie tells her to stop. She tells her that something Chelsea said is stuck in her head (“If you won’t fight for you or the man you love, I will fight for both of us.”) Billie knows exactly why she showed up – she knew exactly what she was doing – purposely driving a wedge between Bo and Shawn and, ultimately, Hope. Billie calls her a world-class schemer. She knows that she wants Bo on her side, but she is doing it the wrong way. Thanks to her, Bo and Hope didn’t get to see their son get married. Chelsea blames Hope and claims she didn’t know that Bo would miss the wedding because she showed up. She refuses to accept responsibility. She tells Billie that if she can’t support her to get out and leave her alone. Billie returns to the living room to find Bo on Chelsea’s computer. (He had checked his messages and found none. His pda battery was dead, so he was using Chelsea’s computer to check his email.) He found her diary and makes Billie read it. (You hear Chelsea’s voice while Billie reads it.) Billie knew she was hurting, but didn’t realize how much. She thinks that Chelsea is acting out in an effort to protect herself from getting hurt. Bo insists they have to do what they can to help her and wishes they knew more about her childhood. They end up reading it together when Chelsea comes out and confronts them for invading her privacy. Bo apologizes, but is glad they did read it. He goes to give her a hug.


Shawn and Mimi are dancing as Belle looks on with tears in her eyes. Shawn/Caroline, Mickey/Maggie dance by. Bonnie drinks to Mimi’s nice little nest egg. Victor and Kate argue over whether the truth should be told.

Shawn asks Mimi why she is so quiet – she is soaking it all in. Phillip interrupts their kiss with his best man toast – to his nephew, the groom and his beautiful bride. Belle gives Claire to Phillip and takes off crying. Shawn goes to go after her, but Phillip thinks as her husband he should go. Shawn says she is having a difficult time with the wedding and he is probably the only one who can help her. Philip wants to know if there is something going on between them that he should know about. Shawn convinces Phillip that Belle must have felt bad for stopping the wedding over Chelsea and Bo leaving. Mimi tells him that Belle does take things like personally and gets upset easily if she thinks she hurt someone. Both Phillip and Mimi let him go to deal with her. When Shawn leaves, Phillip asks Mimi what he doesn’t know about the two of them. Mimi insists that there is nothing to worry about. Phillip confesses that he was so sure that she was going to tell the whole church she was still in love with Shawn – and Mimi confesses she did, too. He also confesses that he does his best everyday not to worry about her feelings for Shawn. They are married and now Shawn is married to her – which Phillip believes he wouldn’t have done if he still loved Belle. Neither would have believed that they would have married who they did. Mimi is going to not worry anymore, and neither should he.

Shawn finds Belle and tells her not to do this to herself. She promised to be Matron of Honour to support Mimi and if they are to remain friends, she can’t keep doing this. She cries that she should have stopped the wedding to tell Mimi and Phillip and everyone that she still loves him. She gets him to admit that he still loves her, too. When asked why he married Mimi, then, he tells her that he didn’t stop the wedding because it would have been wrong. There is part of him that will always love her, but it is the past, a dream without a future. She is married, and now so is he. Phillip and Mimi, Claire and the kids he and Mimi will adopt are now their future. She knows that’s true, and she does love Phillip, and he tells her to start being happy with him. She asks for one last dance to say goodbye to the past. (Very nice song playing – sounds like ‘ N Sync?) They declare that they love each other and he tells her to be happy. He kisses her forehead and says goodbye. She walks off first and he stops to think, with tears in his eyes now. Belle and Shawn return to their spouses and claim that everything is fine now.

Bonnie takes them over to cut the cake. Mimi takes a piece and smears his face, to catcalls. Shawn tells his grandson that it doesn’t mean he can’t still be a gentleman, but cheers him the loudest when he does the same to her.

Shawn replies to Phillip’s question that the plan for tonight is just the loft – the honeymoon starts tomorrow. He gushes over the extravagant honeymoon Kate is providing in exchange for just some words and pictures for the magazine. Phillip tells him to enjoy it and take care of his wife – he deserves it.

Belle asks Mimi their honeymoon plans and learns that they are leaving in a couple of days, but are going to the Horton cabin in the morning. Mimi promises to make Shawn happy – Belle tells her if she doesn’t, she will have to answer to her, which causes a weird look on Mimi’s face (as it would mine!)

Bonnie takes Mimi aside to talk about throwing the bouquet, and tells her to remember how much her mom helped her. Shawn takes her and they run the confetti gauntlet.

AUSTIN AND LUCAS are at the reception, worried that they had left Carrie. Lucas seems to be in a hurry for her decision, and Austin is wondering why they are rushing her. Both are sure that the other is going to lose. (An interesting tidbit does come out, though: Nicole has been relocated to LA to run High Style.) Lucas baits Austin over losing his women (and how many they have shared). He didn’t want Nicole, he is going to lose Carrie, so now he is stuck with Sami. Austin’s cell rings and it is Carrie, who asks him to come back because she has something to tell him. Lucas wants to know if he is to come, too, but Austin tells him no and gets a bit nasty with him as he leaves.

Lucas is staring at a wine bottle when the bartender asks what he can get him. Maggie comes up and Lucas orders a club soda. Maggie becomes sponsor and talks to Lucas (we don’t see more than the first little bit – where she asks how he is feeling). Kate finds Lucas, and knows that being there is rough on him. She admits she ruined his wedding, but she saved his life. She asks about Austin, and Lucas tells her that he went to Carrie. She is honest that she is happy for Austin, but worried about him.

Bonnie wants to know why Belle ran off so upset and why Shawn went after her, but Kate isn’t worried, because Shawn is now married to Mimi and won’t break his sacred vows. Bonnie isn’t so sure as it didn't stop others before. Kate walks off, only to be stopped by Victor. She says don’t tell, and Caroline says don’t tell him what? Kate covers with a cockamamie story about Austin and his business, and Victor going after him. Caroline is sure there is room for all three business. Kate turns around and tells him he shouldn’t cause trouble when it isn’t necessary.

Mickey comes over and talks to Bonnie. She tells him that she really did love him. He says thank you, which upsets her. He did love her in a different sort of way. She kisses him and asks him for one more dance for old time’s sake. He agrees to. Maggie looks on. Bonnie notices that Belle and Shawn were outside and came back in separately. Maggie cuts in, but offers her wishes for happiness for Mimi. Bonnie says that it is hard to stay mad at the Hortons (isn’t it, though?)

Victor asks Caroline to dance. Victor really needs to know the truth – if she had to do it again, would she still keep the secret. She reminds him that when Bo was born, he took off to Europe to make his fortune. She didn’t approve of his business tactics and didn’t want her son growing up in his world. So, yes she would do the same to protect Bo and her marriage and her family. Victor walks past and tells Kate that she made a big mistake – now when the truth comes out, and it will, two marriages will be destroyed. She is certain that the secret is not going to get out. Mimi is past the point of no return and won’t say a word. Belle doesn’t even know she slept with Shawn, so there is no reason for anyone to be suspicious. What good would destroying two marriages and ruining their son’s life do?

STILL IN THE HOSPITAL HALLWAY, Sami comes up behind Carrie as she hangs up, concerned about her walking around so soon, but Carrie is officially discharged. She does admit that seeing the baby die upset her. Sami offers to take her home, but Carrie tells her about asking Austin to come. Austin rushes in and wants to make sure she is fine. Carrie sends Sami off now that Austin is there so they can talk. Austin goes on about how he knew she still loved him. She tells him there is more to it, but admits she loves him with all her heart. He kisses her. Carrie claims that everything is happening too fast. Austin tells her how he and Lucas felt like puppets on strings. Austin wants to discuss what went wrong and figure out how to fix it so that they can be together. Nothing else matters. He invites her to go the reception, if she is feeling up to it. He takes her home to change.

Sami arrives at the reception and goes straight to the bar to order champagne, only to be confronted by Kate. Kate wonders why she is here – no one wants her here, they didn’t even want her at her at her own wedding. She really rubs it in about Carrie choosing Austin, so Sami has no one. (What a vindictive witch! No wonder Sami has esteem issues!) Kate keeps on Sami. Sami tells her how much she loved Lucas and how Kate ruined everything. They bicker back and forth while Lucas listens. After Kate leaves her, Lucas confronts Sami and asks if she really meant what she said. She says she did, but he made his decision. As he goes to respond, she turns around and they see Austin and Carrie sharing champagne. She toasts them – here’s to us Lucas, losers to the end!

Lucas looks downtrodden, and Sami looks genuinely heartbroken, as an inset of Austin and Carrie appears beside her head and the previews roll in….

Shawn: Whatever it is, it can’t be that bad.
It is.

Phillip (holding Claire) to Belle: Would you rather be with him?

Alex: Wouldn’t it be a shame if , say, it came out that you were cheating with that young, cocky detective?
You son of a…

John, while preparing a scope rifle: Say good bye to Marlena, Alex; it’s time to die.

He fires out the credits to some real heart-pumping music.


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