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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Episode #10,272
Taped 2/20
Director - Albert Alarr

Lots of danger and problems today. I feel sorry for Sami – it is a very bad day for her.

Belle is dreaming about Shawn confessing his love for her. She tells him he can’t marry Mimi as they watch the stars. She wakes up suddenly having to tell him again how she feels before he marries Mimi and she heads out the window.

Shawn calls out for Mimi and Belle in his sleep. He has a dream of Belle coming in and asking if he has decided who he wants to spend the rest of his life with as she needs to know. Wakes up to Belle leaning in his window telling him she needs to talk and to meet her on the roof.

Kate and Mimi are on the roof discussing the situation for the umpteenth time. Mimi thinks he should know, but Kate wants her to think about everyone else and keep her mouth shut. They hide behind the a/c unit when they hear Belle and Shawn come up.

Belle tells Shawn he is making a horrible mistake marrying Mimi as Kate and Mimi both shake their heads in disgust. They continue to listen as Belle tells him how he is supposed to feel (learning from Phillip, is she?) He still refuses to cancel the wedding. He tells her that he loves Mimi, just like she loves Phillip, even though it is a different love than they share. It is a waste of their lives to try to go back to the past. He tells her that Claire needs her and Phillip, and he and Mimi can’t wait to be parents. She declares that she will not let him marry Mimi as both Kate and Mimi are totally flabbergasted. Belle still goes on about loving Shawn. Shawn tells her why he drove through the church window. He tells her that they love the Phillip and Mimi enough to marry them and make them their future. It is different love, but it is still love. He reminds her that she and Phillip have Claire, who needs her father as Mimi makes a sound and they stop to see who’s there. Finding no one, she tells him that if he goes through with marrying Mimi, they can’t have the future they dreamed about. He knows, but it is best for all of them, especially Claire.

Kate and Mimi end up in the hallway as Kate keeps on Mimi about not telling. She promises to take care of everything.

Hope insists she could have walked as Patrick carries her to bed. She wants a shower because she feels salty, but he feels a cold shower would ruin what they accomplished. He ends up carrying her outside to a warm bath, complete with flowers in the water. She is impressed with his thoughtfulness. They talk a bit more, and then he carries her back to bed (changed again). They wish each other a good night and he goes to kiss her on the cheek, but she pulls him into something bigger and they roll around until she tells him she wants him. He wakes up from his little fantasy as she thanks him for being such a good friend. He leaves to get some sleep and heads outside to cool off on the hammock, telling himself to stop dreaming – she is a married woman who belongs with her husband. She wonders what will happen to her and Bo.

Bo and Billie show up at Club Dune to search for Chelsea. Billie thinks she is acting out because she is scared of going to jail. Bo feels she would be a whole lot better off laying low. She makes him get his badge out before they go in.

Derrick is telling Chelsea to finish her drink so that they can go have some real fun. Flashback to him putting something in her drink and he watches her on his pda screen again. He keeps telling her to drink up, but she tells him no thanks and gets up. He orders her to finish her drink, just as Bo comes up behind him swinging. He tells him the girl is his daughter and proceeds to brawl with him. They go back and forth, with the pda going back and forth between them. Bo informs him he is a cop and the guy tries to get his pda back and then leaves. Billie takes Chelsea outside and lectures her about her behaviour – another photo of her drunk in a bar and nobody would be able to get her off. Hopefully she is scared enough now to behave.

They take her home where Chelsea complains she feels like she’s been drugged. Bo confirms it and shows her the drugs the guy used. Bo produces the memory stick from the guy’s pda and shows Billie and Chelsea the photos of her and other young girls that he did the same to – before he took them home and sexually assaulted them. They tell her that she is acting like she is at war, but they are the only ones who are going to help her. She thanks them and goes to get ready for bed, refusing Billie’s offer of help. Billie and Bo argue over what he is going to do with the evidence. He wants to put the guy away, to protect the other young girls out there, but Billie wants Chelsea to get off, and that evidence will work against her if the media gets a hold of it. She lays on a guilt trip about being a father to Chelsea first, then a cop. He gave her the keys after all, and he could have said no. Chelsea is acting out of fear and is not entirely to blame. Right now, he has to ignore Hope’s feelings and put Chelsea and Billie first. He admits he wants what’s best for Chelsea, but doesn’t know what exactly that is. He ends up illegally deleting all the files of Chelsea, but leaving the rest so that they still prosecute the guy. An eavesdropping Chelsea mentally cheers on Billie and tells her to get even closer so that she doesn’t have to face any jail time at all. (Somebody slap this kid already, please! And shake some sense into Billie for listening to her, too!)

Austin carries Carrie over to a table and tries to wake her up. She wakes up in extreme pain and Lucas insists she needs a doctor. Sami sees Lexie coming out of the back room and after asking her why she is even there, tells her that Carrie needs her (love her comment to herself: Better a bad doctor than no doctor, I guess.). Lexie goes rushing over to check on Carrie. She tells them that Carrie needs to get to the ER and the guys proceed to argue over who’s car to use. Sami grabs their stuff as they rush out.

Once at the hospital, Carrie is rushed to the OR since Lexie and another doctor think it is acute appendicitis. Austin wants them to go someplace quiet to pray, and Lucas agrees. Sami is exasperated that both guys are chasing Carrie and neither pays her any attention, except Lucas starting on her about not caring about Carrie. Sami is concerned about her sister. She is standing alone when she overhears a couple of nurses behind her talking about Marlena. She is in shock and near tears as she rushes back to the ER.

A nurse comes out to talk to Lucas about Carrie. She came through the surgery and is going to be fine. Both guys want to see her, but she says only one visitor at a time. Lucas claims she was living with him, so he gets to go first and follows the nurse, leaving Austin in the hallway alone, thinking to Carrie that he knows Lucas is pushing her for a commitment, but they belong to where Abe finds him to tell him about Marlena. He doesn’t understand why Abe is telling him, until Abe tells him that Sami knows and since she trusts Austin, asks him to come and calm her down.

Lucas watches Carrie sleep and talks about how she deserves to be happy and is his destiny. He gave up before, but he is ready now and nobody is going to keep them apart. Carrie murmurs Austin’s name.

Alex thinks aloud that it is time for John Black to get what he deserves. As he remembers doctoring the stove, he is happy that in less than a minute the world will be finally be rid of John. They both spot Marlena through the window looking around, just as a fiery explosion rocks the cabin and throws Abe and John to the ground. John gets up calling for doc and heads for the fire. John rushes into the cabin and spots Marlena on the ground. Abe pulls him back just as a fiery beams falls. Abe keeps pulling him back, but John refuses to leave without Doc. John points out Alex outside the window to Abe, but Abe looks and can’t see him. Alex is sure she will be rescued and will be ok, so he leaves before the guys can find him. John brings her out to some paramedics and insists that it was arson and they should look for the evidence. He is not sure if the target was Doc or he and Abe, but he will find out.

They follow Marlena into the ER and Abe sees Lexie and tells her about Marlena. She goes rushing in to check on her. Alex shows up and John accuses him of setting Marlena up to die. He is sure that it was Alex who rigged the cabin, especially since he saw him through the window. He holds Alex accountable if Marlena dies. Alex asks if that would make John a happy man, but John says only if he (John) dies alongside her. Alex tries to convince them that Lois must have set the trap for Alex and Marlena – it was never intended for John. John doesn’t believe him, but Alex goes to check on his wife.

Sami comes rushing in and Abe grabs her and calmly tries to talk to her. She is yelling and blaming John for her mother getting hurt again. He promises to protect her, but she always seems to be in danger or hurt around him, and he isn’t supposed to be anywhere near her. He tries to tell her that Alex is to blame, not him, as Alex is the one that rigged the cabin (Alex is standing in the doorway behind the counter listening to them) and will be responsible if she dies. Sami starts crying anew, worried now that her mom might not live. Abe had gone to get Austin, who comes and takes her to try and calm her back down. John states that if Marlena dies, Alex will be next. Lexie comes out and they ask about Marlena’s condition. We get the usual, “I’m afraid it’s not good,” and the background fades to black on John’s face….


Carrie: Are you telling me that I could be infertile?

Sami is sitting beside Marlena’s bed: Remember us and forget all about that Alex North.

Alex: Then I want to see her.
John to Alex: No way – you are the bastard that set that explosion that almost killed her!

Belle (to Caroline, I think) They are at the pub, and we see Victor in the next booth listening: I almost wish Claire were Shawn’s child. Everything would be a whole lot easier then, wouldn’t it?

Bo to Shawn: If Belle wasn’t married, would Mimi be the woman you chose to marry and spend the rest of your life with?


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