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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Summary: Frankie and Jen have a heart-to-heart talk, Sami is up to her old tricks, Chelsea is playing a very mean game, and the wedding ceremony is on intermission....

IN JEN'S BEDROOM, Frankie wants to know what is wrong with Jennifer. She tells him to go away, and he walks in anyway. He refuses to leave until he knows why she is upset. Jen admits that she went to get her purse and found her wedding dress. It reminded her of her second wedding day – when Abby helped her with her vows. It was special to Jack and to Abby, and now, neither of her kids will have their father. She is upset that she is spending time with Frankie when she should be mourning the death of her husband. Frankie tells her she owes it to herself and her kids to move on with her life. Going to the wedding really hits home, though. She tells him that marriage is a closeness that no one can match. She talks about how close they were, and how lucky. The memories that were just for her and Jack, and now they are just for her. She tells him not to tell her that Jack is dead and she needs to move on. Her kids are enough for her. Frankie reminds her that Jack wanted him to take care of her. She doesn’t care. The time she is spending with him is a betrayal to Jack. He thinks maybe he should leave. She doesn’t want him to leave, but she is confused. She is starting to feel things that are terrifying and confusing. He admits he isn’t starting to feel things, he always felt them. Jen claims to be going crazy and then rambles on about always changing her mind and confusing him. Frankie interrupts to tell her that his feelings haven’t grown, because there is no way they could. What he felt in high school was real. He never married, because at seventeen, she was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, and she still is the only one. He was lucky to have her friendship and Jack’s, but does she have any room in her heart for him? Jen wishes there was a timetable so she could tell him when she would be ready, if ever. She admits there is a possibility, partly because it is what Jack wanted, and partly for herself. She wants him to stay, but she can’t make any promises. He offers her as much time as she needs, and he will be there. She asks him to help her put the box away. She says it is going to be okay.

AT THE HOSPITAL, Sami tells Lexie to make sure Carrie doesn’t choose Austin or she can say goodbye to happy life with Abe and Theo. Lexie calls her on the blackmail, but Sami tells her she is having an affair, so she should get off her high moral horse.

Austin pushes Carrie for an answer. She should have known all along…and probably did. They want her answer. Carrie admits it is cliché, but she does care for both of them. They are all going to be family anyway. They both say they can live with her decision. Lexie interrupts saying she has some discharge instructions for Carrie, and it can’t wait because she is busy. Sami asks who won the Carrie lottery. They want to know how she knew what they were talking about. Lexie gives her last minute discharge care instructions. Austin comments on how Sami is always in the right place to hear things people want kept private. She claims she wasn’t eavesdropping, Lexie told her that Carrie had a decision to make and she could figure it out. Sami goes on about how it is like a reality show (she alludes to the Bachelor). She tells them that, if it is a contest, she knows who she is rooting for. Lucas wants to know who. Sami hopes Carrie chooses Austin because they really love each other. Lucas has her number – she only wants Austin because she can’t have Lucas, so why is she so happy about Carrie choosing him? Sami claims she has plenty of time to meet the right guy – she doesn’t need Lucas or his brother, who aren't the only two guys in the world, by the way (really?). However, Carrie’s clock is ticking, so she is falling back on her old reliables. She loves Austin. Sami congratulates him, but Lucas starts on Sami about how she never gives up and how she has set her sights on Austin. He is skeptical that she is giving up on Austin so easy. Austin tells Lucas she is being too hard on her. He admits he knows she was making a play, but they will still be friends. Austin tells her that he is grateful for her support, which makes her beam. Lucas thinks to himself that if Sami is ok with Carrie and Austin, then she must be planning something.

Lexie asks what she was going to tell the guys. Carrie confides in her how she feels and how hard it is. She tells her that she made a decision. Lexie wants to tell her something about her decision. She tells Carrie that choosing Austin is a mistake she can’t afford to make. Supposedly, when Carrie's problems came to light and she was talking about wanting a baby, Lexie did a workup and some genetic testing. Austin and Carrie share a genetic marker that could be problematic. A child that the two of them produce may have a severe problem that may be life-threatening. Carrie wants to know how, when and why she tested Austin (ooooh…. Salem Brain makes an appearance!). Lexie says he was tested when he was getting ready to marry Sami. Carrie wants to know how Austin could be affected and not Lucas, since they are brothers. Lexie claims they have different fathers – she is very vague and you see is struggling to come up with answers. She does warn Carrie that Austin is the last man she should consider having a child with.

ROMAN STOPS JOHN and wonders why he didn’t tell him about the accident. John fills him in on his theories. Roman is more concerned about how Marlena is. John is glad Roman is back in town to help keep her safe (first we heard he was out of town, but at least know we know why he was MIA). Roman asks if John is sure North tried to kill her. John is positive. Roman wants to make sure it is not a personal vendetta to get Marlena back. Is he sure Alex is evil, or is John jealous and angry? John tells Roman he has seen the man in action, and he is a killer. Roman wants to make sure John doesn’t go off half-cocked and get himself thrown back in prison. John tells Roman that he came back to town for Shawn’s wedding, so he should go there. They make plans to check in with each other before the reception. A nurse comes up and asks John if he got her message that Marlena wanted him. He is upset that she was awake and alone, and goes off calling for her as we hear a buzzer.

MARLENA TELLS ALEX that she remembers everything. He is sorry to hear that. He stole her past and tried to take her future – John was right about him. Alex thinks John is angry. Marlena says John knows he is dangerous because he loves her. Alex insists that they are still married. He takes her hand and squeezes it. She cries that he is hurting her. Alex asks if she is feeling empowered now. She has her memory back and is going to divorce him. He tells her that he will not allow her to do that. He asks if she remembers the price for disobedience. We see her being shut inside a small dark room (?)(she is looking up, so somewhere underground, maybe?), battered and scared. She thought Lois was insane, but he made her that way and killed her, and made it look like suicide, didn’t he? If she tries to scream, it will be the last sound she ever makes. Marlena tells Alex that maybe her memories weren’t real. John has been filling her head with ideas, and she should have known they weren’t true. Alex tells her she isn’t the only psychiatrist in the room; he knows she is lying. Now that she has her memory back, she is going to have to die, and he covers her mouth as she struggles.


OUTSIDE, Billie flashes to Chelsea saying she will fight for both of them. She cares for Bo, but Hope is his wife and should be with him at his son’s wedding.

INSIDE, Belle stops the wedding. Victor wonders if Belle found out about Claire and Shawn. Phillip asks her what is going on. Mimi can’t believe she waited till now – she must have really wanted to humiliate her. Shawn says he knows why she stopped the ceremony. He turns around and asks, “What are you doing here? No one invited you.” We then see Chelsea at the back of the church. Belle admits to Phillip that she stopped the wedding because she saw Chelsea come in and knows Shawn wouldn’t want her there. Shawn verbally attacks Chelsea. He reminds her that he doesn’t have a family anymore - Zack is gone and his parents are split up and it’s all because of her. She claims that, as his sister, she wanted to wish him well. He insists it is too late. Bo and Billie walk up and Billie asks what she is doing there. Kate whispers to Bonnie, who leaves. Chelsea tells Shawn she brought a gift, and didn’t think anyone would see her. Shawn points out that Belle saw her and she is not welcome there. Bo tells her she made a mistake coming. Shawn asks if Bo can throw her out – will he do that for him and Zack and his mom? Bo can’t throw her out, but he will take her out. Shawn tells Bo that it will hurt him if he leaves, but Bo leaves anyway. Shawn apologizes to the audience. He thanks Belle for knowing he didn’t want her there. Mimi admits she thought Belle stopped the wedding to keep her from marrying Shawn. Belle tells her that since the wedding is already stopped, maybe she should tell what she really wants. Father Jansen tells them that they will continue shortly, so they mingle and talk. Kate wants to know why Belle said anything about Chelsea. Belle says she knows that Chelsea is her grand-daughter, but she didn’t want any trouble. Kate lays on another guilt trip about how good she is for Phillip and Claire. After all, Phillip is the only one of her children that got the support and love he needed, and look what became of the others (namely Billie and Chelsea). Bonnie brings Claire into see Belle and, when Belle asks why, tells her that is a special moment for her parents and god-parents and she will love looking back on the photos later. Belle takes Claire and looks very disappointed.

BACK OUTSIDE, Bo rails on Chelsea. He wants to go back in and be there for his son, but he can’t trust her to do the right thing. Billie tells him he is being too nice, so she lights into her. She says that Chelsea crashed the wedding for one reason only – she just can’t stand not being the center of anyone’s attention, especially her father’s. Chelsea whines that she is being left out – she is not allowed to partake in anything important in her family, so fine. They don’t really want her, and they may just get what they wish for. Bo thinks that Chelsea didn’t mean to hurt Shawn, and tells her that coming to the church was a mistake, but he will try to find a neutral place where Shawn and Chelsea can get together and talk without causing any trouble. Bo goes to get the car, and Billie goes off on Chelsea. Billie knows that Chelsea is trying to drive a wedge between Bo and every member of his family. She admits that she will do anything to keep from spending her best years rotting in a jail cell, no matter who gets hurt. (Tell her some more, Billie – she isn’t listening yet! But then, you are "talking the talk" pretty good, but what about the "walking the talk" part?)

BACK INSIDE, Shawn and Mimi still want to be married and are ready to get the ceremony going again, so that they can be husband and wife. Shawn calls everyone back to order. He is grateful for the break, because now his god-daughter can be there. He makes a speech about losing Zack and what he learned about the value of children. He calls Father Jansen back up, who picks up where he left off with, “Speak now…or forever hold your piece…

Freeze on Belle and Claire, and off to the previews:

Lexie: Carrie could still choose Austin, even with all your lies and schemes.
Sami: I am not going to let that happen!

Alex: What’s going on? Is Marlena all right?
John: You ought to know, you son of a *****, you did it! John launches himself at Alex and Abe grabs him.

Kate to Victor: Your choice is to make sure that Phillip never finds out that Claire is not his daughter.

Father Jansen (We see Shawn and Mimi smiling at each other, but hear his voice): When God joins a man and a woman in holy matrimony, it’s for life, and no one shall come between them. (Flash to Belle holding Claire).

And off to the credits....


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