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Episode: 10,270
Directed by: Phil Sogard
Tape Date: 2/17/06

It’s the night before Shawn and Mimi’s wedding. Shawn surprises both Mimi and Belle; Abe and Lexie help John; Lucas and Austin fight over Carrie.

Marlena questions Alex about the bracelet he gave her, saying it appeared to be the kind that should be engraved. He thinks to himself that he found it in a garbage can at the hospital and thinking he should have it engraved..Dear Bracelet, I found you just in time, Love Alex. He escorts Lexie into Marlena’s bedroom (is she prisoner there now?) and leaves them to talk. They talk about Abe for a minute and Lexie then says she came for John, saying he’s worried about her. Alex obviously was eavesdropping as he walks right in telling Lexie that Marlena is HIS wife and twists the proverbial knife a little as he reminds Marlena that Lexie was the one who declared 12 people dead that really weren’t. Lexie serves it back to him, saying she was the one who recommended Alex to John in the first place. She asks Marlena what medication she’s using and Marlena shows her the bottle of sleeping pills. Lexie asks to examine Marlena privately, but Alex not only refuses her, saying he’s a doctor as well, but insists Lexie leave as he takes her purse and arm. Later he tells Marlena that he doesn’t feel he was rude to Lexie and changes the subject, says he found a perfect place for their second honeymoon. She looks at the brochure, saying it looks beautiful and he smiles saying they’ll be all alone there and no one can interrupt them. She smiles and blissfully leans in his arms studying the brochure. She asks how long they’ll be gone and he says long enough to forget all the bad stuff that happened. Lois’ name is mentioned and he shows her a certified letter where he’s the executor of Lois’ estate. Marlena feels he should do it. A flashback of Alex and Louise in the cabin she rented (one he took Marlena to) as they talked on the couch and he verifies she doesn’t have any of their love letters or pictures together lying around. She assured him they’re safely tucked away. Back to present he worried about any evidence and says has to rush to the travel agency (must be closed by now, it’s dark out). Marlena paces her bedroom, thinking about John and why she’s happily marrying Alex, but thinking about John.

John chats with Abe and Tek about Alex. Abe can’t believe what John was thinking when he learns John broke into the penthouse. John admits breaking into his own penthouse and fills them in about how Marlena wanted him to stay. John thinks Alex is drugging Marlena and now he wants Lexie to prove it. He tells them how Lexie told him to leave on the cell and that she’d look into the situation herself. A flashback for those that missed it of what happened as John left on the terrace as Alex came in. Abe warns him that he’s playing into Alex’s hands. Abe warns John not to let Alex play him. Lexie joins them and says she observed Marlena closely and she doesn’t appear drugged. She saw the bottle of the mild, OTC drug Marlena was using (he probably changed the contents). Lexie feels Marlena could have been confused about whom she was kissing and Abe tells John to stay away from him. Lexie doesn’t share how Alex practically carried her out of the penthouse. John asks Abe if he would sit patiently by as some son of a bitch took his woman? Lexie looks guilty as Tek nervously drinks his coffee. We return later as they talk about Lois and John realizes there’s a way he can find out more about Lois, even if she is dead (probably where she lived). Abe feels he should go with John and apologizes for leaving Lexie after she just go there. As soon as Abe kisses her goodbye and out the door, Tek steps up close and tells her how much he enjoyed the park with her (take a shower Tek!) Lexie tells him they can’t be together like that any more and he looks down at her knowingly. Of course she caves and agrees to meet him somewhere.

Sami watches as Carrie cries for help as she gasps on the ground, debating with herself what to do. Carrie finally tells herself she’s okay and it was just a cramp. Sami decides to sneak away, but sneexes and gives herself away. Carrie asks who’s there and Sami pretends to have been walking by and hearing someone in pain. She plays the sympathetic sister, insisting that Carrie get medical help, citing she can’t lose her now. Carrie appreciates that so much she has to be honest with Sami about her own feelings for Austin. Sami reminds Carrie what Austin did to her company and needs to move on now. Carrie would like to see Sami and Lucas back together, but Sami says that won’t happen. She tries to convince Carrie that being with Lucas and letting her have Austin would be the best solution…even hugging her big sister, to get her way.

SHAWN AND MIMI....Philip, Belle and Claire wait outside the church as Bonnie tells him on his cell that everything is ready. She says she and Calliope had a disagreement and worked things out. We hear Calliope pounding on something and Bonnie urges Philip to beat Mimi and Shawn there.

Inside a replay of Shawn being asked if Mimi told him the truth. They say they had just talked about Claire and his responsibility with Claire. Father Jansen words it such that Shawn thinks he’s referring to Mimi not being able to have children as to if Shawn could live without his child and when Shawn says he can, he gives them his blessing. Shawn hints he has a surprise for Mimi. They go to the bandstand in the park and find it’s all lit up and a waiter unveils wine and glasses. Mimi is so thankful that he did that for her and he says he wants to spend his life with her and he admits having help with his surprise as Bonnie, Philip and Belle walk through the bushes (Claire sleeping in the car?) Belle has her token smile on. Shawn thanks them and says he wanted a small personal dinner(?) to thank them for their help and to toast his future wife. He says his part of the vows to Mimi and promising to be faithful, etc. in case Father Jansen talks too fast or he himself faints, LOL. Music starts and Philip dances with Mimi while Shawn and Belle dance. He can’t believe he’ll be married the next day and Belle says she wonders if he’ll change his mind about that. Bonnie grabs the waiter and dances with him, LOL.

Later everyone’s dancing and Shawn tells Belle (when asked) that he doesn’t know when Kate will have their honeymoon begin. As Belle questions him again, he looks her coldly in the eye and tells her he loves Mimi and is marrying her the next day. She is married to Philip and if Belle can’t accept that they are over, he doesn’t want her at his wedding. He walks away. Bonnie and Mimi talk. Mimi feels bad that she didn’t tell Shawn the truth and now she’s lied to a priest as well. (some romantic night before the wedding) as Bonnie and Mimi lurk in the corner talking about Mimi’s guilt for marrying Shawn with the lie hanging over them. Bonnie tells her it’s amazing what true love can do. Philip advises Shawn not to sweat the small stuff on their wedding day. Shawn hopes it goes smoother than theirs did (yeah, when he crashed the motorcycle through the stained glass!) and appreciates Philip being his best man.

Austin and Lucas each insist they’re having dinner with Carrie. The brothers argue about how Carrie wants. Lucas asks if Austin’s going to steal Carrie’s heart like he did her company. Austin reminds Lucas he didn’t know it was her company, unlike him. Carrie and Sami walk in and the two boys argue over who gets to have dinner with Carrie, both saying they got her favorite foods. Sami watches and suggests the four of them eat together. Carrie apologizes for putting them on the spot like that and likes Sami’s idea that they all eat together.

Alex unlocks the door and starts going though drawers looking for incriminating pictures and letters. (sure looks clean after being sitting deserted for months..and the plants are still alive too, LOL) Later we see (by the mess he’s left) that he’s searched the cabin thoroughly. He cranks up the pilot light to high, saying if she left anything incriminating, this should do the trick and leaves the cabin, locking the door…only to walk into John and Abe outside…as the previews roll…

MARLENA looks startled (yeah, she’s finally out of her bedroom) as we see the cabin exploding…

HOPE AND PATRICK are in a hot tub and she looks shocked, saying “oh my God, what’s happening”

BILLIE TO BO: “Bo, she’s (Chelsea) gone.”

AUSTIN TO CARRIE: “I need you in my life. I lost you once and I’m not going to let it happen again.”

BELLE’S talking in her sleep saying Shawn, you’ve got to stop the wedding.
MIMI (apparently Belle’s staying with her the night before the wedding) overhears and looks surprised…

As the credits roll…Linda

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