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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Episode: 10,275
Directed by: Jim Baffico
Tape Date: 2/25/-6

Hope calls Bo; pre-wedding jitters and discussions at the church and the evil teen strikes again!

Sami lets Lexie know that she saw her and Tek in the park and just now outside the door. She asks if she’s dumping Abe for her new young stud. Lexie accuses Sami of making a big deal over what she saw, saying Abe knows she and Tek are friends. Sami states that Abe’s a cop and Lexie has cheated on him before. She stands to lose everything if Abe starts an investigation, saying she’d lose custody of Theo in divorce court (who? How old is he now? Probably in grade school, haha) Sami admits if she had a choice, she’s have a life with Lucas and their son, but that can’t happen and she’ll settle with Austin. Sami rants about her sister has two gorgeous men chasing after her and she’d love to have that happen. If Lexie wants her marriage to stay safe, she better help her get Austin. Lexie tells her she’s out of her mind and can’t do that. Sami vows to call Abe and have a little heart to heart with him.

IN THE HOSPITAL CORRIDOR…Carrie tells Austin and Lucas that she’s made her decision, but Lucas tries to stop her from saying more. He asks that they both have time to talk with her before she makes her decision. She agrees. They flip and Austin goes first as he puts his arm around the patient and helps her to her room to rest while they talk. Privately Lucas says if Austin wants to marry a Brady, it’ll have to be Sami Brady and wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

We find Austin talking with Carrie as she laughs til it hurts, remembering a good time they had together. He tells her sincerely how much he loves her, more than anything in life. He’s never felt more complete than when he’s with her. Nothing can ever come between them. He doesn’t believe in coincidences and that’s why she and Mike didn’t last. They belong together. She smiles in response. Lucas interrupts for his turn and Austin tells her he has and always will love her, and leaves. She wipes tears from her eyes as Lucas tells her he’s tired of being stepped on and used and won’t let that happen any more. She understands and agrees. He tells her that he loves her and would never hurt her. He knows what she had with Austin was powerful and they thought it would last forever, but it didn’t. He asks when Austin put her first like he did with Sami. She deserves something better. What they have is better and it’s based on honesty and trust. If she chooses him he’ll guarantee she’ll never regret it.

Later Austin and Lucas flank Carrie’s bed as she tosses her stuffed bear. She mentions Sami and says her decision has nothing to do with Sami.

Billie arrives and finds Bo dressing hurriedly for the wedding and can’t find his cufflinks. She smells something burning and he rushes to the kitchen saying it’s the oatmeal pot. He returns saying the pots history and she asks what is an oatmeal pot. He tells her Hope wanted one as Zack loved his oatmeal, but it was too expensive, so he got it for her for their last anniversary. Now it’s trashed. Billie can’t believe that Hope is missing her son’s wedding and Bo says that Shawn didn’t tell Hope he moved it up, knowing she needed to get away for a while. (being Bonnie was given a clean bill of health, why are they rushing into it then?) He wishes there was a way to get hold of Hope and Billie figures maybe there is. She mentions the mental connection he and both have had in the past. He comments that was when they were in danger, but she says their marriage is now and it might work. Encouraging him to do whatever he can to reach Hope and make their marriage work, Chelsea overhears from outside the door and says Damn it Billie. What are you doing, trying to send me to prison?

We return to Bo pleading Fancy Face to know that their son is getting married today and he needs her. Chelsea busts in saying they have to work on her defense. Bo rushes to get ready and Billie tells him they’ll stay and pick up after him. After Bo leaves Billie tears into Chelsea.

ON MORGAN ISLAND…Patrick serves a freshly caught cooked fish to a distracted Hope. He encourages her to call Bo. Hope is still angry how Bo lied to her after giving Chelsea the keys to his car. She’s grateful Patrick found out the truth and told her. He reminds her how she defended Shawn after he rode his motorcycle through the church window. She says that was different, no one was killed. Patrick reminds her that someone could have been, they were just lucky. If she wants to keep her marriage, she needs to try and work things out with Bo. He gives her the phone and asks her to call him (we all know she’ll call home) and of course she does and Chelsea answers. Hope asks who it is and Chelsea says “Chelsea BRADY” (when did they change her last name?), who’s this? Hope asks what she’s doing there and she says it’s my dad’s house too. She asks where Billie is and Chelsea says she’s out with my dad, doing everything they can to help with my defense. Billie walks in and realizes Chelsea is talking to Hope, but Hope hangs up before Billie can do anything about it. Chelsea gives a cold stare at her mother. She says if Billie can’t fight for her and the man she loves, she’s fighting for both of them.

Hope breaks down telling Patrick what Chelsea said. If there’s any truth in what she said, how can she and Bo have a future?

Shawn and Philip arrive in their tuxes and sunglasses. Shawn’s worried if Mimi’s there yet and Philip tries to calm him saying that seeing Mimi coming down the aisle will be one of the best moments in his life. Shawn remembers one of Belle’s pleading sessions asking him not to marry Mimi. Shawn tells Philip there’s something he has to tell him. He asks what Belle’s told Philip and learns nothing. Philip checks for the rings and realizes he left them in the car and dashes out for them.

At the altar….Bonnie’s rearranging Calliope’s decorations, much to Kate’s dismay. Kate comments on the gown Bonnie’s wearing, saying it’s not a Basic Black design. Bonnie tells her the BB line was too boring and she had better be in the wedding pictures..and Belle, the matron of dishonor, NOT (oh yeah, right). Kate says she’s got her daughter in law occupied. Kate says a little guilt trip probably wasn’t good enough as they both worry.

In the bride’s room….Belle asks Mimi if she’s absolutely sure about marrying Shawn. Mimi tells Belle how lucky she was to marry such a wonderful guy like Philip and have his children. Belle listens patiently, then tells Mimi she can’t let her do this. Before she says any more, Bonnie and Kate interrupt saying Bonnie has last minute words for her daughter. Belle leaves, but Kate stays as they both warn Mimi that Belle’s a timebomb about ready to explode. They feel Belle should leave, but Mimi reminds them that she’s her matron of honor and best friend.

Caroline arrives with Mimi’s gown and Belle continues her mantra of stopping the wedding. Even Caroline is getting tired of it and tells Belle she made her choice and married Philip. Belle rants the lengths Shawn went to for trying to stop her marrying Philip. When the question is asked who has cause for these two not to wed, SHE will speak up. Caroline says that Shawn loves Mimi or he wouldn’t be marrying her. Caroline suggests Belle tell Philip first before he finds out publicly about Belle’s true feelings, she owes that to him. Disgusted, Caroline leaves after telling Belle to think of her little girl.

Bonnie wants to dress up Mimi’s gown, but Mimi insists on keeping it just the way it is. We learn Bonnie’s walking Mimi down the aisle. Bonnie gives Mimi a family garter that her great grandmother wore, a new hanky with Elvis’ picture on it (that she wants back after the wedding) and a big blue breath mint for when she and Shawn have their first kiss. Mimi says this is all wrong and her guilting Belle speech made her feel more guilty. She knows she’ll always be looking over her shoulder wondering if she did the right thing and starting her marriage with a lie. Bonnie tells her daughter that lies are the price every woman has to make to make her marriage work.

Father Tim asks Shawn to discuss the vows and Belle finds Philip alone, asking to talk with him. She tells Philip she loves him, but before she can say anything else, Kate arrives and pulls her away, saying they can’t wait. Shawn returns saying he and Mimi both felt the “obey” part of the vows should be removed. Bo arrives and hugs his son. He hopes Shawn and Mimi have a lifetime of love and advises him to grab that love and hold onto it.

The procession begins and Caroline walks down the aisle to sit by Bo (what, Pop Shawn isn’t there either? Or Roman (just where IS he?) And this is a Basic Black photo shoot, right? Where are the photographers? Belle walks down the aisle. Bonnie and Kate talk as Bonnie’s nervous if the wedding will finish. Mimi walks out in her gown and Bonnie starts crying, saying how breathtaking she is. She tells Mimi she loves her and lowers her veil and says let’s go show those Bradys how lucky they are to marry into our Lockhart family. Shawn smiles at Mimi and she smiles radiantly back. Shawn glances at Belle and Bonnie walks Mimi down the aisle. Belle watches nervously….as the previews roll…

Philip says “My wife asked if she could join me up here as she has a few special words of her own….Belle.”

Lexie to Sami: “What if the man you want doesn’t want you Sami? What will you do then?”

Frankie (outside the door) to Jennifer: “Jen, can I come in?”
Jennifer: “No, I don’t want to see you.”

Marlena (in her hospital bed) to Alex: I don’t love you.
Alex: "What a pity my dear, for you."

as the credits roll to "Alias" type heartpounding music....

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