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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

EPISODE: 10,280
DIRECTED BY: Phil Sogard
TAPE DATE: 3/3/06

The evening winds down as the newlyweds return to their loft and Belle has her own pity party, Abe warns John not to take drastic action as Alex is confident his plan will work; Carrie makes her choice.

Belle watches as Philip tells Claire that she and her mommy were the prettiest two ladies at the wedding. Philip asks Belle why she’s crying again. He understands because she’s realized that she’s lost Shawn for good tonight. He asks her if Belle would rather be with Shawn. He knows if he lost her he couldn’t get over it and says he and her are the real deal, not a childhood fantasy. She thanks him for understanding and tells him she loves him and they kiss. Philip takes Claire up to bed and Belle wants to call and check on her mom before coming to bed herself. She steps into the hall and finds a white rose from the wedding and smells it. She goes up on the roof with the rose and her cellphone and sees her and Shawn’s initials carved on the wall. She remembers Shawn telling her how much he loved her. She then remembers him telling her that he and Mimi are getting married and how much it hurt when she and Philip got married. Remembering when Shawn told her that Claire is not his daughter and she belongs with Philip and their daughter. She has to let him (Shawn) go and they’re finished.

Shawn carries his bride over the threshold to their loft (can’t even swing a night at the Salem Inn?) and both are happy and in love. She stops him as things progress. He says they’re married, it’s okay, LOL, but she can’t do this in his grandmother’s wedding dress. She sends him for champagne and remembers telling Shawn about her lies to Rex and wishing she had told Shawn the truth. He overhears her and asks about what. She explains seeing the old love letters with Rex and feared she and Shawn might fall apart too. He doesn’t think what she is worried about could be all that bad, but she thinks it could. She has to tell him now, she can’t put it off. He tells her the world won’t come to an end if it waits. He offers to help her out of her beautiful dress, but she says she can handle it. He pours them some champagne and YOU AND ME by Litehouse plays as they fall to the bed..


A replay of Lucas and Sami talking when Carrie and Austin arrive. Austin kisses Carrie. Sami says they’re both losers and felt sure things would go their way. Sami asks Lucas what he was going to say about them before Austin and Carrie came in, but before he can reply, Carrie interrupts, asking to speak with Lucas. Austin confirms to Sami that Carrie made her choice. Fresh from her hospital gown to evening dress, Carrie thanks Lucas for all the support he’s given her. Lucas tells her from what he’s observed, it’s pretty obvious who she’s chosen. Sami doesn’t understand why Carrie’s dragging everything out and it’s obvious she chose him. Chugging his drink, Austin tells Sami that Carrie didn’t choose him, she chose Lucas. Carrie tells Lucas that at the same time as well (oh paleez..this is so pathetic…) Lucas is shocked that Carrie wants to be with him and not Austin. Flashback of Lexie’s telling her about the genetic marker problem with Austin. She chose him (Lucas) because she thought they could have a future and family together. He asks her if she is still in love with his brother. She doesn’t answer, just says Austin is her past and he’s her future. She’s anxious to start a family, but at the right time and with the right person. (sounds more like a stud farm then a romantic relationship!) She asks if he’s sure he wants another kid, with her, at this point? (so romantic) Later he tells her that’s exactly what he wants and Carrie asks if he’s really over Sami. He looks across the room at Sami and says to Carrie that she’s the one he’s always dreamed of being with and really wants it to work. She says she does too.

Austin asks Sami if she thought his little brother was going to take her back. After another drink Austin says he’s going to focus on his business and assures her he’s fine and Carrie’s gone. Sami asks what about her. After chugging another drink he says he’s going home to get some work done. She suggests he take a cab (why not go home with him?) He tells her not to give up and there’s someone out there for her and she should go find him. Watching Lucas and Carrie dancing, she says she’s lost Lucas for good and determined to get Austin.

AT JOHN’S (AND KATE’S) ROOM AT THE INN…(he’s so rich and still living in her suite?)
Abe walks in and overhears John saying he’d blow off Alex’s head before he’d let him have Marlena. Abe says he’s under arrest if that’s the case (is he officially on the force now?) He warns John that Marlena wouldn’t approve of cold blooded murder for any reason. John says Marlena knows it won’t be the first time he’s killed, but Abe says she also knows he was under Stefano’s control at the time too. Abe’s cell rings and he leaves.

Lexie checks Marlena out at home in her bed. She wants to stay to monitor Marlena, but Alex refuses. He tells her and the rest of Salem to stay out of their lives. Arguing outside her door, Marlena finally awakens and joins them. Alex tells her there’s nothing for her to worry about and Marlena tells Lexie she’s getting married tomorrow and it’ll be a quiet ceremony. Alex puts her back to bed as Lexie watches from the door. Outside in the hall, he orders Lexie out and tells her that her services are no longer needed. He threatens to physically eject her. He vows to tell Abe her nasty little secret about her cheating on him and stops her from slapping him as well. Alex sits on Marlena’s bed and watches her sleep. He tells her not to worry. They are going to get married and he’s taking her far from Salem and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop him. We next see John assembling his rifle with mega scopes on it…

Lexie and Abe are outside John’s room as she explains she couldn’t tell John anything helpful, only that the marriage/vow renewal is going to happen the next day. His cell rings (busy guy again) and Lexie feels bad that because of her affair with Tek, it’s damaging so many relationships..Marlena and John, Carrie and Austin’s and even hers and Abe’s.

as the previews roll….

KATE TO JOHN (who’s holding the rifle): What are you going to do John. Are you going to shoot him?
JOHN: You can’t very well marry a dead man.

BELLE TO MARLENA: What is it? You remember something, don’t you?

LEXIE TO SAMI: Just because Carrie doesn’t want him, it doesn’t mean he’s going to settle for you.

MIMI TO SHAWN: You should enter Claire’s name in the book.
SHAWN: I don’t know if I should, she’s not a Horton or a Brady.
MIMI: Yes, she is.

And the credits roll..

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