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Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Episode: 10,265
Directed by: Roger Inman
Tape Date: 2/11/06

Will returns home and his parents, aunt and uncle all rush to his aid; does Mimi's letter get read?; John, Carrie and Austin all get find out below ;-)

Sami pours her heart out to Austin about how she doesn’t deserve anyone, especially him. He disagrees and kisses her. Austin stops and gets up, saying they can’t do this.

Across the hall Carrie and Lucas finish kissing and she tells him she can’t do this, it’s unfair to him. They talk about worrying about ending up alone and they have a lot to offer. He tries to convince her they have each other and he takes off his shirt and they continue doing some horizontal kissing. Later we return to them snuggled under a throw as he talks about wanting a brother or sister for Will and knowing she wants to get married first. She’s surprised that he’s talking marriage when they hear Will’s voice in the hall. He rushes out and a woman who was chaperoning Will’s overnight nature trip explains Will sprained his ankle. (later Will explains he fell out of a tree and whata guy, not even wearing a jacket!) Sami rushes out and worried he broke his ankle, wants to get him to the hospital. The woman says that’s not necessary as Sami says “excuse me, did you say you were a doctor?”, LOL and helps him into Lucas’ apartment. Lucas stands up for Sami both to the woman (apologizing she’s a concerned mom) and tells Will his mom is concerned as he feels they don’t have to go to the hospital if Will is sure it’s not broken. They call Lexie (the never sleeping doctor who makes house calls, does life saving surgery, etc.) and she’s there before Superman could have turned in the phone booth. Will gets VIP treatment as Carrie offers to fetch the prescription for pain that Lexie called in and Austin insists on going with her as the drug store is in a bad neighborhood. She’ll also get his favorite ice cream (which we learn is chocolate chip). Lucas says he can go, but needs to help Will change into his PJ’s as Sami says she’ll help him. Standing a foot taller than his mom, Will begs his dad for help and threatens to call social services if she tries to (LOL..only in Salem would kids know who to call for that). Lucas agrees to help him. Will asks his mom for hot chocolate and she reminds him ice cream is coming, but he knows how to work the injury and she caves. Carrie and Austin suggest each other button up before going. Later Sami wants Will to stay home the next day from school, but Lucas tries to mediate as he thanks Lexie for coming. Her cell rings and she answers it in the hallway. It’s John, calling from Marlena’s bedroom and filling her in on what’s happening. Austin goes to get his coat and thanks Lexie again in the hallway. Austin and Carrie leave and Sami and Lucas accuse each other of making out with Carrie and Austin. Will hears their shouting and Lucas goes off to help him. Sami looks at the couch and can almost see Lucas and Carrie kissing. Carrie and Austin have the same conversation in the hall and argue as they wait for the elevator. He tells her he saw Claire and she’s doing great. She talks about her sister and his brother are good together. (boy it really is a family affair…his brothers married/almost married to her sisters, LOL) They talk about Billie/Bo/Zach in the elevator as it stops (could have guessed that) and they’re stuck in it. Austin forgot about that old elevator (hello, he’s been living there for how long now??? He must have been using the stairs.)

Sami and Lucas are alone in the living room and she starts crying, thinking they could have lost Will. Lucas says it was just a sprained ankle. She cries about Will could have broken his neck falling out of that tree. She’s tired of losing people she loves, like Will to him, her mother to all sorts of catastrophes, Austin and then him as well. Lucas takes her in his arms to comfort her.

In the broken elevator, Carrie is claustrophobic and asks Austin to hold her. He assures her that he’ll never let her go.

AT THE LOFT, MIMI breaks down and asks Shawn to go ahead and read the letter as Philip and Belle watch curiously. Shawn starts to reads it out loud as she starts off saying how much she loves him, but wants to tell him something before they get married. Philip says he knows what’s in the letter and definitely something Shawn needs to hear. She asks how he knows and Philip says he knows Mimi and she’d want Shawn to know all her hopes and dreams. He cites how his and Belle’s first year was apart from each other and happy to be part of their wedding. Shawn refuses to read it out loud and Philip tells them how he and Belle just had their most meaningful relationship on the rooftop and knows how Shawn and Mimi are going to be great together. Mimi is in agony. Belle’s cell rings and it’s the babysitter wanting to know where they are. She apologizes for losing track of time and they head home. Mimi hands the letter to Shawn, who’s reluctant to finish it. Apparently it starts out with her saying she’s a lot like her mother, a liar and a cheat. He asks her to tell him how much she loves him and to stop putting herself down. He asks her to look at him and smile before he starts kissing her. He can’t wait to marry her and means it with his whole heart. He tells her she only has to remember two words…I DO. He asks her to go to bed with him and she agrees. Leaving the letter behind, she looks at it as he’s absorbed in kissing her and leading her to bed.

Back at home, Belle and Philip ponder what was in that letter Mimi wrote. She knows that Mimi was upset and it freaked her out. Philip figures he shouldn’t have spoken for Mimi (ya think?) and Belle wonders if Mimi’s getting cold feet. They hear Shawn and Mimi moaning (good grief) as Mimi tells Shawn she loves him in their loud bedfest. Belle and Philip doubt Mimi had cold feet now.

MARLENA AND JOHN are in bed kissing and she moans Alex’s name. Startled, John asks what she said as Alex walks up to the door and knocks, asking if she was calling him. She tells him no and John holds up the portable radio to explain what he heard. She tells Alex it was the radio. Alex tells her not to worry about John any more and she tells him goodnight, but rolls over and staring at John, calls out to Alex and tells him there’s something about John he needs to know. She tells him that John would never hurt her and Alex says it’s because he’ll (Alex) protect her and loves her. She tells John after Alex leaves that she loves him too, but also loves Alex. He’s her husband and they’re about to renew their wedding vows. John asks if she knows who he is. Later he calls Lexie (see above) and explains Marlena acts like she’s about to pass out, etc. (Alex must have her drugged) Lexie freaks out as she hears he broke into his own house and did so to protect Marlena. He hid out in the bedroom and was surprised she didn’t scream when she saw him, and didn’t tell Alex he was there. Lexie said he made a huge mistake. She pauses from her call with John to talk to Austin. She explains that Alex could have him arrested if he found him there. Alex lurks in the hall and hears voices, wondering who’s in there. Lexie orders John to get the hell out of there, warning him of the danger of him staying there (add former super cop to her credentials above) Lexie hangs up and leaves the apartment house. John kisses a sleeping Marlena goodbye, saying he doesn’t want anything to happen to her. Alex calls out Marlena’s name just before John goes to open the bedroom door. She’s sound asleep and Alex gets worried when she doesn’t answer him. John puts his coat on and remembers Lexie’s warning that a jury would find John guilty if it went to trial. Alex could prove John broke into his wife’s bedroom….as the previews roll….

PATRICK TO HIMSELF: “What’s wrong with you Bo Brady? How could you let this woman go?

We could have been happy don’t you think. Don’t you think We could have made our dreams come true.

I would give anything if you would give me one more chance.

BO TO BILLIE (with flash of Chelsea’s face) : It’s about time she learns that there are her actions have consequences! (finally!)
BILLIE: No, Chelsea will not go to prison.

as the credits roll....

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