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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Episode #10,271
Tape date 2/21
Director - Roger Inman

Very late night tonight as lots of people are reassuring each other, ranting to each other and just plain upset today.

AT THE LOFTS, Mimi is looking sad, as Shawn comes in and asks if she is ok. She shrugs and then tells him she is just nervous, as they sit on the couch to talk. He reassures her that he is also nervous, but he can’t wait for them to start their life together.

Belle gives Phillip last minute instructions for Claire. He tells her that they will be fine and that she should go across the hall now and have a good time with the bride-to-be. She tells him that she can’t go through with it. She flashes back to telling Shawn she can’t live the lie anymore, and he telling her they have no future together. Of course, Phillip speaks up for her and tells her that he knows she will miss Claire, but she is just going to be across the hall. He will miss her, too. As he goes to kiss her, the door opens and Shawn and Mimi walk in. Phillip voices all of our thoughts for us: doesn’t anyone believe in knocking anymore? Phillip reassures Mimi that they won’t get into any trouble and shows her the movies he’s chosen. They all say their very uncomfortable good nights. Mimi finds Belle sulking in the hall and asks her what’s wrong. Belle say, “Everything.”

We come back later to both guys half comatose in front of the movie, each with a beer. Claire is crying and they argue over who gets to go feed her. Phillip passes back out and Shawn gets up to put a bottle in the warmer. He sits down and looks at a picture of Belle and Claire. Time lapse again, and we see him feeding her, telling her she is the most beautiful girl ever and that he hopes to have a girl as beautiful some day.

Mimi is crying at the end of their movie. She asks Belle if it wasn’t a great movie, but Belle is fast asleep at the other end of the couch. Mimi listens as Belle cries out in her sleep, “Shawn, I have to stop the wedding.” She listens to Belle say a couple more things and then grabs the phone. She tells the person she is sorry it is so late, but they have got big trouble.

ON MORGAN ISLAND, Patrick and Hope are sitting outside. He still wants to help her, but she reminds him that the doctor said there is nothing they can do for a sprained back. He says he has something that will make her feel better. Time lapse and he is lowering her (in a new outfit and hairdo) into some water. He tells her more island legends that indicate that the ocean water around the island is magic, especially at night. Apparently the lady from the other legend washed up here, where her man found her. It has healing properties, which is why she was found alive. Hope knows that salt water soothes sore muscles and is still sceptical of his claims. Lights come on and she wants to know what is happening. He tells her that there is a school of lantern fish, who can tell when there is someone in distress. They lit up the beach when the woman washed up, so that she was spotted. They must have come to help her because of her back. Patrick tells her that she needs to go back to Bo and work things out. She wants to, but isn’t ready to face him yet. Is Patrick trying to get rid of her? She knows she is making work for him, being injured, but he reassures her that isn’t it. The lights get brighter, as apparently the fish are going back out to sea. He tells her to make a wish, but she doesn’t to as her wishes don’t come true. Her only wish is for her and Bo to be together, with Zack.

Chelsea is all dressed up and sneaks out of the house while Billie is in the kitchen. She shows up at Club Dune, while some guy watches her come in on his pda screen. She walks up to him and he offers to buy her a drink. The man asks Chelsea about herself, but she tells him she wants to hear about him first. His pda rings, and he goes to get her another drink while he answers it. He stands at the bar watching her on it, then pours something into her drink. Max sees her and asks her if she is crazy or just plain stupid (tough call, Max….I can’t decide either). He demands to know what she is doing there. He tries to remind her what happened with the last guy she tried to hit on, but she isn’t hitting on this one, she is letting him hit on her. She tells him to stop treating her like a child – so he tells her fine, if she wants to ruin her life, go ahead, but she is doing it alone (about time, Max!). Derek comes back as Max leaves and asks about him. Chelsea says he is nobody important. She takes a sip of her drink, and comments that it is pretty strong. He tells her strong is good, as he views her on the pda again. He wants to take her somewhere private, and she agrees to go. (I am going to go with stupid, now, Max, although I reserve the right to change my answer later…)

Lexie and Tek also arrive at Club Dune (actually, I think they arrived first and Chelsea last). Tek says hi to a lady, who turns out to be the owner, Janet (I think). He introduces Lexie as an old friend. Janet asks Lexie if her husband knows that she is there with Salem’s sexiest bachelor, and Lexie pales. She claims that she was just joking, but then tells her that Tek’s is every girl’s fantasy, count herself lucky (not this girl’s fantasy, but oh, well). Later in a private booth, Tek asks Lexie how she likes the place. He reassures her that no one they knows come here, so just relax. They snuggle up with some smooches in the corner. Lexie is disgusted at herself for cheating, but Tek runs down Abe as half a man that doesn’t deserve his wife (uggg….barf bag, please. Why does she listen to this crap?). They go to go out and dance, but Lexie spies Sami, and then Lucas and Eugenia, and panics, wanting to know if he is trying to set her up to be caught. (You’ve already been caught, Lexie). He tells her that he comes there all the time and has never seen any of them there before. She closes the curtain and kisses him.

Austin, Carrie, Lucas and Sami all show up together at the club (after Lexie, but before Chelsea). Austin thought they could try something new. Carrie isn’t looking well, and Lucas is the one who notices and asks, but she tells both guys she is fine, she just needs a glass of water. Sami rants in her thoughts that if Carrie is pretending to be sick to play both guys, she will just have to make sure it doesn’t work. Lucas leaves the table to go get Carrie some cold water, and Austin asks her to dance, leaving Sami at the table by herself and fuming. Eugenia comes in and stops to talk to the owner (a friend apparently). She notices Sami and isn’t too pleased. She points her out to Janet, who asks if that is really Sami Brady, the Scandal-a-minute-chick. (LOL). Eugenia then watches as Lucas comes back with the water and assumes he is there with Sami. She is not pleased about that at all. Sami is watching Carrie and Austin and complaining how she didn’t want to come to watch Austin make a play for her sister. She asks Lucas what he is going to do about it. He is going to get another glass of cold water. Austin shouldn’t have asked her to dance, she obviously isn’t feeling well and needs to be sitting down, resting. He runs into Eugenia, who gives him what-for for hanging out with Sami instead of trying to win Carrie. He claims he is with Carrie, but Eugenia says it looks like Carrie is with Austin.

Austin tells Carrie how much he loves and how much he wants another chance to make it work. She is very woozy listening to him and doesn’t hear half of what he says. Lucas tells Eugenia he is going to cut in now, as she says he should have done it five minutes ago. Austin offers to take her back to the table, but just as Lucas comes up, she gets really weak and hot and passes out as Austin catches her. Sami comes rushing up and the three of them look at Carrie in shock.

AT BONNIE'S HOUSE (I have yet to figure out where Bonnie and Connor are living - at Alice's maybe?), Billie comes out of the kitchen just as Chelsea shuts the door. She is thinking of her conversation with Chelsea, where Chelsea told her that she made a mistake leaving when Hope came back from the dead, that she should have fought for Bo. Billie tells herself she made the right decision – even if she had fought, she wouldn’t have won. The doorbell rings and Bo apologizes to her and hugs her. He apologizes again for losing his cool with Chelsea. Both are frustrated with her. Bo asks forgiveness for taking that frustration out on Billie. Billie refuses to forgive him, citing that there is nothing to forgive. They both need to figure out how to get through to Chelsea without making matters worse. Billie tells Bo that she told Chelsea about Hope’s message and how won’t testify for Chelsea because it is what Hope wants. She didn’t want him mad at her for it. She calls Chelsea so they can talk, but of course Chelsea doesn’t respond. Thinking she must have her headphones on, Billie goes to get her, but comes back saying that Chelsea is gone. Both get on their phones, calling around trying to see if anyone has seen her. Neither has any luck. Max calls Bo, interrupting their diatribe on Chelsea’s behaviour. When asked, he admits he saw Chelsea and has some bad news. He proceeds to tell Bo, who is holding the phone for Billie to hear, where she is and what she is doing. He tells Bo he is worried about the guy she is with because he seems creepy (way to go, Max! I am gaining respect for you today!). Bo and Billie go after her.

Marlena is fast asleep at the penthouse as the phone rings. She asks if they know what time it is, as apparently it is about funeral arrangements for Lois (in the middle of the night??) She tells them they want to talk to Alex and gets up to go get him. Unable to find him, she goes to take a message. She tells them they wanted her to be buried in her own clothes. She tell them she will try to call Alex on his cell and call them back. She goes back to bed, but ends up getting up and tries to call his cell phone. (She is very sleepy through all of this). Unable to reach him, she gets dressed and goes out to get Lois some clothes herself. She lets herself into Lois’ cabin (she must have gone a different way as she didn’t see or hear the guys, and they didn’t see her). She calls out for Alex, but gets no answer. She finds a picture of the three of them and wishes she could remember that time. The stove is starting to smoke as she goes upstairs to find some clothes. As Marlena finds a dress, John and Abe are approaching the door and see the lights on.

Alex is at the cabin rummaging. When he doesn’t find what he is looking for, he rigs the stove. He leaves and just as he shuts the door, John and Abe show up. Each wants to know what the other is doing there. His cell rings, and seeing Marlena’s name, he shuts the phone off and claims it was a former patient and not an emergency. Abe wants to know how he knew that if he didn’t answer. John again asks why he is there. After flashing back to why he was really at the cabin, Alex claims to be the executor of Lois’ estate and shows them the papers to prove it. John takes it as proof that Alex has been planning the whole thing since day one. John brings up the conversation in the morgue, which Alex continues to deny. He tells them he has nothing to hide as he agrees to let them look around the cabin. He gives them the keys and leaves, to go hide in the trees. Abe talks John down again. They are sure he got rid of all the evidence, but they go to look anyway. From his hiding spot, Alex tells them to go look around, they may find something explosive. He then also spots Marlena in the cabin and wonders to himself what she is doing there, as she can’t die yet!

There is a huge fiery explosion, as the previews roll in:

Sami (screaming, of course): You promise to protect her and yet you never do. It’s all your fault, John!

Lucas to an unconscious Carrie in a hospital bed: You deserve to have a wonderful life. I just hope I am the man who will give it to you.

Billie to Bo (as Chelsea listens behind the door): Please don’t throw your daughter’s life away. You already lost one child; if Chelsea goes to jail, you will lose her, too.

Patrick: This is good night I guess.
Hope: Good night.
Patrick kisses Hope and pushes her back on the bed, as the credits appear.


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