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Episode #10,276
Tape date – 2/24
Director – Phil Sogard

The wedding continues, as Jennifer evidently is not getting to the church on time, while Carrie continues to drag her feet naming her choice, Sami continues to badger Lexie, & Marlena continues to have her memory dreams.

JENNIFER COMES DOWNSTAIRS, all ready to go to the church, with Frankie thinking she looks amazing. Jennifer mentions the other night at Chez Rouge, saying they have been dancing around what happened there, and she really wants to take things very slow. Frankie gifts her with a wrist corsage, a replica of one he gave her when they were in high school. (oh, c’mon, give us all a break here) Jen laughs, as she doesn’t think anyone wears these any more, but puts it on anyway. She goes upstairs for her purse, can’t find it, throws open the closet doors, gasps “O, God”. Frankie comes up, hears her crying, knocks on door, asking to come in. Jennifer tells him no, go away, she doesn’t want to see him, as she holds onto a big box and bows her head over it, crying.

AT THE HOSPITAL, Lexie cannot believe Sami is asking her to play God with Carrie’s life. Sami again threatens to tell Abe, telling Lexie she has a husband who loves her, forgave her for her previous affair, a wonderful son, & yet she is cheating on him again. Lexie tells Sami she knows nothing of what is going on with her. Sami wants Lexie to make sure Carrie doesn’t have EITHER of the guys. Lexie tells her she only wants Austin to spite Lucas and her sister. Sami denies it, but says she knows Lucas will never forgive her, but Austin would. So her only chance to be happy is with him. (yawwwnnn, we all have heard this repeatedly)

Carrie continues to drag her feet in telling Austin & Lucas her decision. She tells them how she had a fantasy (cue us seeing it) about being "home", waking up to smell of breakfast. Now the eternally shirtless and towel draped Austin comes in, and climbs into bed with her. The both guys keep asking her to tell them her choice....Carrie just continues to give those "soap opera pauses" with look to match.

John & Abe talk about nailing Alex, and trying to prevent him from harming Marlena. They know it would be very dangerous if Marlena got her memory back while alone with Alex. In her room, Alex hovers over Marlena’s bed, listening to her murmuring in her sleep, remembering Alex’s abuse, saying aloud she knows who Alex North is. Marlena dreams of when Lexie first introduced her to Alex, and how he looked so familiar, plus various conversations, including the promise to renew their vows. She murmurs how she loves John, not Alex, then wakes up, startled, calling for the nurse, who comes in (Alex is hiding). She tells the nurse to tell John Black to come in there immediately. The nurse goes out, and Alex returns to Marlena’s bedside. Her eyes flutter open, she sees him, & says she doesn’t love him, she loves John. Alex replies, What a pity for you, my dear.

Outside, near the nurses’ station, John leaves just as the nurse comes out, looking for him. Her shift is over, so she writes a note to John, telling him Marlena wants to see him immediately. As she closes a medical folder and pick it up, the note is swept to the floor. (Naturally! What other lame way could it be for John to not get the note? She could have just TOLD the other nurse)

AT ST. LUKES, we see Mimi continuing her walk down the aisle with her beaming mother. (Bonnie has the most beautiful smile) Finally, Father Jansen begins the ceremony. In the church pew, Kate sits next to Bonnie……(Bonnie is mother of the bride. Just WHAT relationship is Kate to the bride that she gets the honor of sitting there?) and remembers what she did to try and send Belle on a guilt trip before she might try to stop the wedding. Flashback to a teary eye Kate going into a room where Belle is holding Claire, while Kate sniffles. She sheds a few crocodile tears as she moans about how Billie is blaming herself for Chelsea’s troubles, and not being there for her growing up. (Puleeze, Chelsea HAD good parents). Kate then berates herself, saying how she herself abandoned Billie when she was little, who was then left to be raised by a rotten father. She goes on and on about not being there for her daughter, then pours it on how that will never happen to Claire, as she will always have her mother, who loves her and her husband so much, and therefore Claire will always be safe, yada, yada, yada. Back up on the altar, Belle tells herself she knows what Kate was trying to do, but she has to stop this wedding. Shawn steps forward to thank everyone for coming, even though there are some who cannot be there. We see Caroline next to Bo, Victor, Maggie among the guests.

Before Father Jansen can continue, Mimi says her few words, also thanking everyone for coming, and celebrating this special day, especially, her good friend Belle. Kate murmurs to Bonnie that was a good touch, Mimi is learning. Father Jansen calls Maggie up to do the first reading, from the book of Genesis. (it has to do with the creation of a woman for Adam). We now see that Mickey is with Maggie. Glad to know he is there. Philip is to do the 2nd reading, and asks Belle to stand with him, as she has a few words, too. He finishes his reading, and Belle reads from a paper a poem entitled “What is Love”. Now we see more of the guests. Bo is sitting next to a beautiful Alice, while Shawn is now sitting next to Caroline. Bo & Alice talk a bit about marriage, Hope not being there, with Alice giving a bit of her words of wisdom. Behind them, Mickey tells Maggie he loves her, and she tells him she loves him, too. Father Jansen now asks the proverbial, “If there is anyone here who knows why these two should not be joined together……..”. Kate & Bonnie lean forward expectantly. There is silence. Father Jansen begins the final vows, asking Shawn if he will take Miriam….when suddenly Belle yells “Stop”. And the previews show…..

Frankie to Jen: Do you have room in your heart for me?

Sami: I can’t believe you both are letting her jerk you along like this. But since this is a contest, I know who I’m rooting for.

Alex: And now you have your memory back, I’m afraid you are gonna have to die….as he puts his hand over her mouth

Shawn: I know why Belle stopped the ceremony


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