Tuesday, March 28, 2006




Episode #10,281
Tape date-3/6
Director Albert Alarr

A new day has dawned in Salem, as everyone gets ready for the renewal of vows between Alex & Marlena, tho John’s plans are quite different from the others’. Marlena continues to have memories of her life with John.

LUCAS MAKES BREAKFAST for Carrie, happy she made her decision. She goes for the paper, just as Austin opens his own door. (how convenient, huh?) He wonders why she chose Lucas when she still has strong feelings for him. Carrie remembers Lexie’s words of doom about having children with Austin, and the genetic marker.

AT THE PENTHOUSE, Marlena looks at a picture of her and John, as Belle arrives. Marlena wants Belle to be matron of honor, but Belle refuses, she does not want her mom to renew vows with Alex, who is eavesdropping, of course. He tells himself he will not allow Belle, or anyone else, to stop the wedding. The clock chimes, and Belle can tell Marlena has remembered something, insisting she remembers Dad giving her the clock on their anniversary. Marlena has had a memory, but denies it. Belle takes the clock and puts it in her bag. Alex spots her doing this, (the door is conveniently still open a bit) and realizes he has to do something about it.

ACROSS THE STREET, John, who is shirtless for some reason, (but after all, this is Days, isn’t it?) aims his scoped rifle across the street towards Marlena’s windows. Kate comes in, asking if he is going to stop the wedding, and he tells her Marlena can’t marry a dead man. He tells her she is the only person he trusts, he has drawn up papers giving her full powers to run his company, and his children’s trusts. She wants to call Roman, but he stops her, packs up his rifle in the suitcase and leaves.

AT THE CHURCH, Abe, Roman & Tek have secured the premises, making sure John is not around. Lexie arrives, and Abe asks her to check on Marlena. Lexie recalls Alex telling her she is no longer needed as Marlena’s doctor, and threatening to reveal her affair with Tek. John arrives, no gun, and tells them he came to go to confession, which he does. John tells Father Jansen he is seeking forgiveness for murder, which he has not done yet. Father Jansen tries to talk him out of his plans. Kate arrives, and tells Roman she does not know anything of John’s plans. John comes out, Roman tells him to behave, and John leaves. Tek comes back, with the news he lost John. The ever eavesdropping Alex hears this, goes outside, questioning a cop who has not seen John either. Meanwhile, John is in the wooded area, aiming his rifle. We see Alex in the scope. John fires. But in a few seconds we see Alex going back into the church. Back to John now, who again fires (there is a silencer on the rifle) and hits a watermelon. LOLOL, as he goes over, and picks up a piece of the shattered melon, eating it, as he brags of not having lost his touch. (Watermelon in March….hmmm, I live in the Midwest, [where Salem is located] & will have to check the supermarket, as have not noticed them being in “season” here. LOL)

Back inside, the guests have begun to arrive, Lucas with Carrie, Sami with Austin. Lexie grabs Sami for a little chat. Sami tells Lexie that Carrie made her choice, she could have told Austin everything, and didn’t. They could have adopted, etc. but no, Miss Perfect could not do that (you tell her, Sami). Lexie tells her that just because Carrie did not choose Austin, it does NOT mean he will want Sami instead. She leaves, and Sami tells herself nothing stops Sami Brady from getting what she wants. (oh, yeah, then why is Lucas with Carrie?).

Inside the Bride’s room, Belle talks with her mother. She has some gifts for her, giving her a black rosary that Marlena had given to John when they married. That is the something old. She then presents a locket with Claire’s name & birthdate engraved on it, so Marlena will remember her when she is gone on her extended honeymoon. Her something borrowed are the pearls that Marlena had insisted be given to Belle on her wedding day (I think those were first promised to Sami), and finally a blue ribbon. Belle says it was one she had wound around her basket when she was flower girl at her parent’s wedding years ago and she wants Marlena to put it around her bouquet today. (Remember, Marlena, you left on your honeymoon with John, Belle was 4 years old, and returned 2 weeks later to a daughter who was nearly 16!) The clock chimes and again, we can tell Marlena remembering something. Outside, the snooping Alex says he has to put a stop to this. Just then the florist delivery boy arrives. Alex pays him to “accidentally” knock the clock over, breaking it, which he does. Belle is heartsick over this.

AT THE HORTON CABIN, Shawn gets a fire going in the fireplace, and then spots a wedding gift on the table. The card is from Great-grandma Alice, and inside they find what is evidently a healthy check to "start them out", plus the old family scrapbook, in which are listed all the family events. Shawn begins to look through it, stopping at where the birth of Zack is recorded. He says he should probably enter the date of his death. Both Mimi & Shawn are rather sad at this, and Mimi suggests he enter Claire's name. Shawn protests that she is neither a Horton or a Brady, but Mimi says that yes, she is. She is your god-daughter, and a part of Zack lives on. Shawn agrees and adds Claire's name (convenient, huh?) Shawn picks Mimi up, carries to the bed, and they "continue" their honeymoon. A bit later, kissing under the covers, the door opens, Belle barges in. Cue shocked looks on both their faces (and ours, too - did Belle ever hear of knocking?) She says to Shawn that she needs him.

BACK IN THE CHURCH, Austin & Sami chat a bit in their pew, while Lucas & Carrie do the same in theirs. Suddenly, Lucas tells Carrie he went out that morning to get her something, reaches in his pocket, brings out a ring box, opens it, and asks Carrie to do him the honor of becoming his wife. Carrie is speechless. Across the aisle, Austin is not a happy camper, and Sami is almost in tears.

In the bride’s room where Marlena holds the pearls, and fingers her wedding dress, remembering John. Later, she is in her wedding dress, holding her bouquet, and says, I can’t renew wedding vows with Alex, I love John. Kate is just coming in, and asks if she heard right. Is it true, you remembered your past with John. Marlena replies, Oh, what am I going to do, as she turns around and sees both herself and Kate in the mirror. And the previews show….

Lucas, shouting at Sami: Austin is in love with the good sister, and we both know who that is

Austin to Carrie: I really do want you to be happy.
Carrie: Thank you, as she hugs him.

Kate to Marlena: Tell Lexie what you told me, that you remember being in love with John
Marlena: I don’t love John at all, I’m in love with Alex

John: I pledged my love to you, Doc. Alex North will never hurt you again.


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