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Episode #10,266
Tape date – 2/13
Director – Jim Baffico

Various couples have heart to heart conversations, none of which seem to really matter, while Chelsea once more proves she thinks only of herself.

SAMI CRIES as she continues to talk of Will and how much she worries about him, and what might have happened. She reminds Lucas of what happened to Zack, and then to Bo & Hope afterwards. Lucas tries to calm her down, as she tells him all she ever wanted was to be the best wife to him and best mother to Will. Lucas reminds her they will always be a family, giving Sami a glimmer of hope that they might get back together, but Lucas says it would not be a good idea. He goes to be with Will, while Sami heats up the hot chocolate. She finds a letter Lucas wrote to give to her on their wedding night. As she reads it, she becomes ever more morose. She brings the guys their hot chocolate, and runs out into the hall, thus hearing Austin & Carrie in the elevator.

CARRIE PANICS in the elevator, begging Austin to hold onto her. She tells him how claustrophobic she is now, after an incident in the middle east….wherein she & Mike were trapped for hours in a small space in a bldg. that had been blown up. Austin comforts her, then points out the trap door, promising to crawl out and get help. Off comes his shirt (This is Days, what else would he do? LOL) and he tries to open the trap door, oops, it is stuck. Carrie panics again, asking Austin to hold her. He convinces her to sit on floor, as will make it seem better, it does. She asks about his life in NY, then women he dated. He assures her he was never serious, they were not her. Sami calls down to them, and Carrie is screaming for her to help. Sami tells Austin how to press 3 different buttons to reset the system, it works, the elevator opens, and amazingly, they are right there on the same floor with Sami. (now WHY did we think the elevator was going down when it got stuck? Lol). Carrie is greatful, Austin goes for the presciption (putting his shirt back on), Carrie & Lucas return to his apt. while Sami vows to get Austin and not let Carrie stand in her way. (and 10 seconds ago she was wanting Lucas)

CHELSEA is at some club, bemoaning the fact she has to wear a wristband and be treated like a baby. She says aloud she wishes she could get at least a beer. Some guy offers to buy her one, asking then what is in it for him. She proceeds to kiss him…quite a long time, as Max comes up seeing this. He pulls her away, asking what she is doing there. Poor Chelsea was bored staying at home, whines about having to be cooped up with Billie playing gin rummy and drinking hot chocolate. Max talks of how it looks to a judge, but Chelsea is not worried, her trial is not coming up yet. She stalks off, back to the stranger. Later we see her with her beer, & Max once more trying to reason with her. As she takes a drink, snap….the stranger has taken a picture of the “tot killing teen” he assures her will be on the front page of the Intruder tomorrow morning. Max goes after him, with Chelsea following. As he grabs the guy, the camera falls to the floor, Chelsea picks it up, extracts the film. Max tells Chelsea this is exactly what he was trying to tell her, as she pouts with her “I’m sorry” mantra. They leave, as the photographer pats his shirt pocket, saying he is glad he has his photos backed up on this memory stick.

HOPE SITS by a fire on the beach in front of the cottage, as Patrick splits some more wood. She comments how peaceful it is here, but she knows she cannot run away forever and at some point is going to have to talk to Bo. She offers to help, and he shows her how to hold the ax. Splitting a couple of pieces tires her out, and she heads for bed. They argue a bit over who gets the bedroom, but Patrick assures her he likes sleeping outside in the hammock, under the stars. Later, Hope is having trouble falling asleep, and asks Patrick (on the hammock right outside her window, apparently….and no screens, glad there are no bugs there, lol) to tell her the story of the legend of the flower. He tells her of the woman in black, only survivor of a shipwreck, who washed up on the beach, and was found with that flower in her hand. Sorry, the story gets a bit convoluted, but apparently some man had washed up on the island years before, only survivor, too. Evidently some of his wife’s things washed up, too, including a bottle of special flower seeds she had cultivated. He planted them, a vine grew, and no flowers. He always prayed for wife to be found. Finally a flower appeared. The natives believed that the seeds were connected to her soul in heaven, and that God was so moved, the woman’s bod & soul were reunited and thus, this woman in black was washed up on the beach, who looked exactly like the man’s wife. Thus love was found again. As Patrick tells the end of the legend, we see a couple kissing, and she turns and it is Hope, & Patrick (dressed appropriately in clothes of that time period). Hope has now fallen asleep.

BO & BILLIE are freezing in the sleeping bag, and wake up to find the fire is out. Bo rebuilds it, as Billie moans of how worried she is about Chelsea. Bo drinks from his flask, as he rags on irresponsible Chelsea, while Bille defends her. She does not want her to go to prison, but Bo thinks it might do her some good. Billie talks about Hope wanting Chelsea to go to jail, but Bo says he is going to stand by his wife, that he is not going to lose her over this, and that tho he loves his daughter Chelsea, she killed his son, and has to realize there are repercussions for her actions. As they settle back down to sleep, Billie thinks to herself, that her mom and Chelsea were right, she is going to have to change what is in Bo’s heart, and take him away from Hope. There is no way Chelsea is going to go to prison. And the previews show……

CARRIE: whatever decision I make, there’s one person who won’t be happy for me – Sami!

LUCAS TO PHILIP: Bio clock is ticking, so I might be the right man at the right time

BO TO BILLIE: Im not going back to Salem, you’re going alone

HOPE: I should go
PATRICK: I don’t want you to go, Hope


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