Thursday, April 13, 2006


Friday, April 14, 2006

Episode: 10,293
Directed by: Roger Inman
Tape date: 3/21/06

It’s the next day in Salem as Jennifer and Frankie wake up at GML; Bo and Billie are with Chelsea at the hospital; Hope makes a call to Mickey and Lexie notices something in the shower.

Maggie visits Alice (makes them both a smoothie) and tells her that Abby is watching little Jack while she runs some errands for Mickey. She tells Alice where Jennifer is.

Jennifer wakes up to find Frankie’s been awake all night, because of her. He explains he watched her sleep all night and was tempted to wake her up, but didn’t. She tells him she loves him and he says the same to her and they start kissing. They both hate for this to end, but he has to get to work and she’s in charge of Jack Jr.’s playgroup. He heads to the shower and will leave the door open a little bit if she wants to join him. She calls Maggie’s cell and says they were about to leave. Maggie says she was just filling her grandmother in on her getaway. Jennifer says she’s having a good time, but still thinking of Jack and how much she loved him. She’s worried about if this is too good to be real. Anything good in her life seems to go bad or have problems. Alice takes the phone and tells her she’s doing the right thing as she knows Frankie loves her and has for a long time….she should follow her heart. We’re treated to flashbacks of Frankie and Jen from the old days. Frankie’s remembering telling Jennifer she’ll make a beautiful bride someday. Jennifer walks in the shower, saying she changed her mind. The shower steams up more as he sponges her back before they embrace. After they’ve dressed he’s thankful she’s taken the next step with him and wonders what’s going to happen after they leave there.

We find Hope (and Bo) in bed together, except Hope wakes up and realizes she’s kissing Patrick. She asks what he’s doing in her bed and he explains how tired he got during the night, put the boat on autopilot and being she was asleep and there’s only one bed, didn’t think she’d mind. She checks her email to see if anything has come in (must be nice to have satellite email and tv accessible with local channels to boot!) She finds a news video where they interviewed Billie after the rescue and she credits her brother Philip, Bo and Shawn, knowing they’d do everything they could to save her daughter and they did. Bo walks in during the interview and hugs her, saying Chelsea is okay. She rants to Patrick about how Bo always takes Chelsea’s side over Shawn’s. Patrick knows Hope would have rescued Chelsea too and she agrees, but this still upsets him. Patrick reminds her that Bo only thinks she wants a divorce and she needs to talk with him. He tells her she needs to reach out to Bo. She thinks it’s too soon, but Patrick continues to try and change her mind. He hands her the cell phone. She calls Uncle Mickey and tells him she wants a divorce.

We join Lexie and Abe kissing in bed. He gets up to check on the sewer explosion case and she asks if Roman can’t do that..but he says Roman’s got John under house arrest. She finally relents and asks that next time he stay in bed. Just because he’s impotent doesn’t mean he can’t be close, there’s kissing and touching. He apologizes for not being there for her and appreciates her patience…(flashback of her thinking about being with Tek). She wants to start over and starts kissing him. He holds her off and says being close to her without being able to make love to her is torture. He asks her to stop patronizing him that it’s okay to live like brother and sister instead of husband and wife.

She goes down to answer the door, it’s her mom (she’s going to watch Theo today.) Celeste says she came to talk to Lexie about her affair with Thomas Cramer. She tells her daughter about seeing her and Tek in the garden at Marlena and Alex’s wedding. She asks if it’s over between them. Lexie says she wants it to be over, but she has needs. Abe walks down with Theo (amazing) Lexie gives Abe a kiss on the cheek goodbye as she heads up to shower. Celeste and Abe set Theo on the couch with a plate of cookies (hello, the kid just woke up and you give him cookies?) as they talk. Abe takes Theo into breakfast and Celeste senses Abe and Lexie could be happy, but there’s something heavy on Alexandra’s side. She shuffles her cards and deals out THE STAR card (which means optimism and hope). She senses something is wrong with her daughter. Lexie steps into the shower and feels something above her breast. She knows it wasn’t there before.

Bo’s pulled another all nighter and hoping this incident will bring his family closer together. Chelsea wakes up and apologizes for what she’s done to keep him and Hope apart. Bo asks Billie to give him and Chelsea time alone. Chelsea tries to explain that Bo was right to yell at her as he keeps interrupting. She finally tells him she really thought she was going to die in the sewer and thought of all the horrible things she had done and realizes she only thought of herself. She’s determined to tell him everything to make things right with him and Hope. The nurse interrupts to check Chelsea’s stats and to give her meds. Chelsea asks Bo to return so she can tell him everything. He joins Billie and tells her what Chelsea said, saying she sounds like a different person. He goes to check his voicemail to see if Hope’s called. Later they rejoin Chelsea and Bo doesn’t let her talk as he goes on about how they’re family and will always be there for her. (just SHUT UP Bo and let her talk!) Later we see Chelsea sleeping and dreaming about Bo’s lecture to her about maybe going to prison is exactly what she needs. Bo and Billie watch her sleep as he regrets yelling at her. Zack’s death was an accident and he can’t remember ever being angry with Zack. He was a little boy with a big heart and he touched Chelsea and would want them to forgive Chelsea. Billie says Hope is going to have a hard time agreeing to that. Later Chelsea wakes up and tells Bo he’s not going to like her after she tells him something….freeze frame on Bo’s face as the previews roll..

CARRIE TO AUSTIN: I’m a mess, I just got out of the shower.
AUSTIN: I was just thinking you look incredible.

KATE TO CHELSEA: You’re going to ruin everything.
CHELSEA: I’m going to tell Bo and Billie today and there’s nothing you can do to stop me.

BILLIE TO BO: She’s your wife Bo, you love her. Find a way to get through to her.

HOPE TO PATRICK: He wants a divorce, our marriage is over. There’s no turning back now.

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