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Friday, April 21, 2006

Directed by: Deveney Kelly
Tape Date: 3/24/06
Episode: 10,298

Lexie's enemies strategize how to stop her from exposing them; Hope learns more from Alma; John and Bo share frustrations and will another reality check stop Chelsea from telling Bo the truth?

Lexie remembers her conversations with Alex and Sami about no more secrets. She calls and leaves a message for Austin, saying she needs to talk with him and Sami overhears. Sami slips into the records room and sits at the computer as Alex (donned in his doctor’s lab coat), strolls in and catches her. He finds she’s checking Lexie’s medical records and figures out Lexie has something on Sami…now to just figure out what. They exchange insults about who’s crazy as Lexie heads to the room they’re in. She gets called away before she goes in. Alex reminds Sami that Marlena would be back in John Black’s arms if she didn’t have him. Sami says she’d like her parents back together, but Alex reminds her that’s not going to happen. They’re on the same side against John and Lexie. Alex contemplates what Sami’s upset about and figures that Lexie knows something that will stop her from getting Austin. She claims to be desperate to find anything she can against Lexie. Alex offers his help. He’ll fix Lexie’s biopsy results to come back negative, whatever the results really are. Even Sami is shocked at that..that he’d let Lexie die without treatment if she did have cancer. Alex gives her the option to work with him or fail. Her hands would be clean and she’d be free to have Austin. Alex says it’s time Lexie Carver is dead in her tracks, with the emphasis on DEAD (being Stefano’s daughter, you would think Lexie would talk to those she wanted to first before threatening people). Sami sees Lexie and her conscience fights with if she could let Lexie die.

Belle arrives to see Shawn and Mimi has “maydays” going off in her head. She tells Belle about Hope’s asking for a divorce. Belle feels for Shawn and he rants on about how marriage is forever..through good and bad times. Belle tells Shawn that sometimes true love wins and Mimi encourages Shawn to return to his email to Hope. After he’s across the room Mimi makes it clear to Belle that she’s on to why she came there and to leave Shawn alone. He’s hurting enough about his parents and hasn’t he told Belle enough times that they’re through? Belle can’t help the way she feels and despite Mimi’s warnings about who’s married to who, etc. Belle knows Shawn loves Mimi, but the only reason they’re together is because Shawn wouldn’t break up her marriage to Philip. Mimi tells Belle that she needs to think of Claire. Philip’s the only father Claire’s know. Shawn finishes his email and says that he realizes things aren’t always black and white. Belle takes the opportunity to have him say divorce is okay sometimes. He tells them if a couple got married under false pretenses would be an exception.

Hope’s worried about Patrick as they talk over Alma’s grave. He feels responsible as the men that killed her were after him, not her. He’s offered Hope the use of his house as long as she wants, but he has to leave. She won’t let him run away from his problems. He tells her she belongs back in Salem with her friends and family. He doesn’t want to return to Salem and figures he’ll set sail. She tells him she’ll miss him and he tries to talk her into returning to Salem once again (yawn). He gives her a hug goodbye and hopes she finds the peace she deserves.

Hope runs into the fisherman who clued her in on Alma. He tells her that Patrick and Alma lived in the bungalow together and Alma use to love to garden. She grew a flower that only grows on their island. Patrick has a flashback of him finding Alma in her garden and having a little water fight with her before kissing.

Hope returns to the bungalow and finds Patrick’s not there. She goes out to the garden and magically finds a wooden box in the garden and breaks it open to find a letter. She reads it and says Patrick has to see it and dashes off to find him. The fisherman said Patrick’s left already and Hope (holding the envelope addressed to Patrick), says he’ll never know the truth about Alma’s death.

Bo doesn’t understand Hope’s persuing a divorce after they talked. Chelsea remembers her involvement and wants to talk to him about something she did. Of course John walks in and insists what he has to say to Bo is more important (even though Bo and Chelsea wanted to finish their discussion). Chelsea steps outside and John rants about the 24/7 police tail he’s got. He can’t believe that someone who loved Marlena as much as Roman supposedly did, would let Alex North get away with everything. Bo explodes that he can’t deal with all this now and tells John about Hope’s filing for divorce. He shows John the papers and why she’s filing. John tells Bo he can understand why Hope’s feeling the way she is. Bo should have leveled with Hope from the beginning. John tells Bo he has to get Hope’s whereabouts out of those who know where she is. Bo’s sorry about not taking off John’s watchdogs. John knows Bo would do anything to protect Hope and he agrees..saying Patrick Lockhart is her only threat. The two talk about Marlena and Hope and Bo said if he knew where Hope was, he’d be on a plane to get her and wouldn’t come home without her.

Lexie calls John and says she needs to talk to him about something. He’s on his way over.

Chelsea watches a female prisoner brought in and cuffed to a chair. She asks Chelsea for a cigarette and tells her she was busted for solicitation of drugs. The gal puts the fear into Chelsea what time behind bars is like. She tells Chelsea prison is 10x worse than what you see on tv. We return after Chelsea’s been told what happens in prison, not believing it. The prisoner tells Chelsea she doesn’t have anything to worry about if she hasn’t done anything that can send her there. The prisoner is taken out of the room. John leaves and Bo asks Chelsea if she’s ready to talk. She says yes, and it’s about what she did to him and Hope… the previews roll…

Sami walks back into the records room and tells Alex: Thank God you’re still here. I won’t let you kill Lexie!

JOHN TO MARLENA: We were soulmates. You don’t remember how you use to love me.
MARLENA: But I do.

PATRICK TO HOPE: I know you want me to stay, but I’ve made up my mind and you can’t change it.
HOPE: I know I can’t, but maybe Alma can. She gave me a message for y ou.

FRANKIE TO BO: This profile could match a lot of guys besides Lockhart.
BO: If he comes anywhere near my family, I’ll be the one locked up on murder charges.

As the credits roll…

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