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Friday, April 28, 2006

Episode: 10,303
Directed by: Jim Baffico
Tape Date: 4/3/06

One party of four at CLUB DUNE and another foursome at GML continue their usual dialog (yawn) as Lexie and Sami flex their mental muscles on each other; Patrick and Hope prepare for a night out at the casino to get her mind off Bo…whose pity party ends with another beer run (been there, done that)

Mimi’s excited to spend the night at GML as Shawn smiles. He orders their most expensive champagne for there and another bottle to be sent up to their room. Mimi is tickled at the pampering, but privately asks if they can afford this. She knows what it’s like to be broke and have a maxed out credit card. He vows to work OT at the garage to get it paid off. He wants to make their honeymoon memorable being they turned down the round the world trip. He refers to her as Mimi Brady and she admits writing that in school many times. He pulls her in for a kiss. She apologizes to him again for not being able to have his biological child. He reminds her he’s okay with that and asks why she brought it up again (flashback of her and Belle arguing).

Belle and Philip are checked in and check out the dining room. Belle refuses champagne and Philip asks why. She remembers having it with Shawn, but tells him it’s in case she gets pregnant that night. She is anxious to feel another baby grow inside her and sincerely feels sad that Mimi won’t experience that herself.

The two couples run into each other and Mimi and Shawn tell them they changed their mind about going on around the world honeymoon with all that’s going on. They’re trying to get away from it all (nice try) at GML for their honeymoon. Belle and Philip admit being there to make another baby and say Claire’s been declared healthy now. Shawn surprises Mimi (he just happened to have it in his pocket) with the partially completed application for adoption. She’s touched and thrilled about first being at GML with him and now this. She hugs him after they exchange I love yous and Belle tells herself this is all wrong.

Patrick and Hope continue their neverending chat as she moans about Bo’s message, telling Patrick she blocked Bo. Patrick asks if Bo might have had a change of heart about the divorce. Hope goes on (and on, and on) about how Bo’s chosen his life with Billie and Chelsea. Patrick tells her if there was a way he could have Alma back, he’d do it. She shouldn’t give up on Bo. She tells him the real reason she left Salem was how she and Jennifer saw Bo and Billie in bed together. She hopes he won’t be pig headed enough to contact her again. Cue the beeping laptop computer? It’s a picture reminder about a dental appointment for Zack. She touches the screen and tells herself she has to move on. This island isn’t a private place anymore with Bo trying to IM her. Patrick clues her in on a 5 star hotel on the island with a casino. She agrees. He leaves and she opens the laptop and tells Zack’s picture (we don’t see it at all) that she loves him.

Patrick returns with appropriate casino wear for Hope and some cash (supposedly from his previous casino winnings). She smiles and goes to change. She returns in a gorgeous thin strapped black gown and finds Patrick in a white tux with black bow tie (talk about eye candy!). He confirms the dress was not Alma’s and compliments her by saying the dress is just fabric and thread, but she makes it exquisite.

Bo tries to grab some quiet time to think about Hope and Zack when Billie starts banging on the door. She gets in and he tells her that it’s over. Hope has shut him out of her life for good. He’s angry and about to give up, but Billie tries to convince him to fight for what he wants. He remembers what happened at Zack’s funeral with Patrick when Zack’s framed picture got knocked over. He reflects back on how he and Hope have always been exact opposites as we’re treated to a flashback of the first time they met and he gave her a motorcycle ride. Next is a flashback of the mistletoe scene and a walk they had when she told him she first thought he was obnoxious. Bo figures it’s over, despite Billie’s comment about they’re being a fairy tale couple that always get through anything. He says they don’t have their kids to glue them together anymore and maybe they’re better off apart. He heads to the kitchen for a beer and promises not to get drunk again. He returns saying they’re out of beer and heading out for more. Billie screams he can’t drink and drive, but (where have we heard this before?) he heads for his bike anyway.

Carrie and Lucas are dancing as he notices her mood is not the radiant one it should be. They sit down and chat about his feeling Sami’s up to something.

Austin stares as Lexie and Sami erupt nearby. Austin arrives to pull them apart, asking for an explanation. A drunk Lexie breaks down and calls Sami on all her evil doing. Sami admits to that in the past and says Austin knows about that. He nods and tells Lexie to move on. Tek joins Lexie, asking if she’s ready to leave and she’s not…determined to tell Austin the truth and show Sami she can’t get away with this. Tek brings a pretty black gal over named Jada. She admires Lexie’s bracelet. Tek said she’s going to help Lexie get revenge on Sami.

The foursome unite on the dance floor and verbally spar as Austin tells them about Lexie being drunk. Lucas and Carrie take a break as Austin and Sami dance.

Jada (who works there) announces a charity dirty dance dance contest where she’ll choose random couples that will be handcuffed together. They’ll only be unhandcuffed after they’re eliminated. Everyone loves the idea, but Sami clues in on what’s happening once Tek’s announced as the judge. Naturally Jada chooses Austin and Carrie and they refuse, but Jada asks if they could live with refusing their favorite charity a $500 donation? They cave and Sami tells Lucas that Lexie is up to this. He’s secure with Carrie’s love and challenges Austin’s for Sami (not long ago he had also proposed to Carrie, remember Lucas?) The dancing continues and while the other couples “dance”, Austin and Carrie slow it down with more looks and touching. Sami turns and calls someone (Abe?) to come to Dune. A happy, drunk Lexie watches with Tek at her side as other couples are voted out. Lucas watches as Sami looks impatient. Two uniformed cops walk in and stop the contest (after asking what’s going on with the handcuffs) saying they were called that drug dealing may be going on there and Abe Carver wants this place searched. Lexie freaks saying Abe can’t catch her and Tek there together. Camera closes in on Sami’s face as she whispers…gotcha Bitch! No body messes with Sami Brady…

As the previews roll…
CHELSEA TO FRANKIE: I want the truth. Can you promise I won’t go to jail if I tell my dad what I’ve done?

ABE says I can’t believe it as he stares ….we see Lucas and Sami kissing.

FRANKIE to JENNIFER: “I want to carry you up those stairs and make love to you.”
JENNIFER: “Then what’s stopping you?”

As the credits roll..

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