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Friday, April 7, 2006

Episode: 10,288
Directed by: Albert Alarr
Tape Date: 3/14/06

Ho hum show as Carrie accepts Lucas’ proposal, Bo feels bad about yelling at Chelsea (who’s where she belongs…in the sewer with rats running around her) and Patrick tries to cheer a morose Hope up.

A replay of Carrie accepting Lucas’ proposal. They kiss and are excited (?) as he asks why she chose him. (flashback of Lexie’s warning about children with Austin) Carrie just answers that he’s the man she wants to spend her life with. He can’t believe it, nor can she (nor can WE). He has something to do before they go to celebrate. He wants to be able to tell their grandchildren about this moment years from now and throws a pillow on the floor. He tells her he’s loved her since he first met her. They both had gone different directions, but God brought their paths came back together. His program (AA) told him to live his life through a higher power . It’s given his life purpose. He promises to never hurt or betray her again. He’s done things in the past he’s not proud of like helping Sami break her and Austin up and working for the Dimeras, but he’s going to try his damnest to do his best. God has blessed him now that she’s accepted his proposal and he puts the engagement ring on her finger. She looks down at him and Austin’s face morphs over his. He asks what’s wrong, if she’s changed her mind, and she says no. He wants to take her out for lobster dinner and she remembers how Austin bought Austin the Lobster so he can reunite him with Carrie Lobster (we see the whole scene). No, she doesn’t want lobster for dinner.

We see Sami’s bored expression as Kate passes out. Austin rushes to her side and when she comes to, confirms that he and Sami are going to start dating again. Nicole calls and he warns Kate and Sami to not fight as he walks out of the room to talk to Nicole. Sami tells Kate she’s going to be her next daughter in law. Kate tells the “conniving little bitch” she knows she did something to make Carrie choose Lucas over Austin. Sami’s surprised that Kate’s not happy that Carrie chose her favorite son. Kate doesn’t have any favorites ( ironic how all her sons are involved with all Marlena’s daughters/stepdaughters). Kate and Sami start bickering as Austin urges them to be quiet. Kate opens the door to find Carrie and Lucas on the other side. Lucas tells them about their engagement and talk about a somber mood. Lucas point blank tells his mother that Carrie is the woman he belongs with and Kate is happy to have her as her daughter in law again (yeah, we can tell that Kate). Sami suggests they celebrate with some champagne left over from the High Style (oops) takeover. Lucas and Carrie kiss as the awkward moments continue while Austin watches. Sami poured Lucas some soda and distributes the others their glass. She proposed a toast to Lucas and Kate saying she hopes their love grows each day for the rest of their lives. She looks at Carrie’s engagement ring and says it’s beautiful and way larger than the one Lucas got her (where’s Will?) Sami asks if they chose a date yet. Carrie says no, and Sami rattles on about how they’re not getting younger now. Kate quietly tells Austin there are many other nice women out there, he doesn’t need to date Sami. Austin joins Sami in toasting Carrie and Lucas.

Bo is frustrated that Hope hung up on him as Billie urges him to give her more time. He feels bad about taking his frustration out on Chelsea (replay of him doing so..thank you, I needed THAT!). Now he’s sorry for screaming at her and chasing her out of the house. He tries to call her before she reacts by doing something stupid (too late) as we see her lying in the storm drain unconscious. We see her phone ringing. They know she always has it with her and Billie figures she’s not answering on purpose. Billie doesn’t want him to fall into Chelsea’s trap and worry about her instead of focusing on getting his marriage back on track. Billie is angry with herself for what’s happening. She manipulated him to help Chelsea by lying about her driving the car. She was just like Chelsea at that age. Bo said it was a totally different situation as she and Austin had to deal with Curtis (their abusive alcoholic father). Billie wonders about what Chelsea must think as she and Bo weren’t married and never loved each other and didn’t even know she was alive until she was a teen. Bo stops her saying that’s not true. They did love each other. She warns him that Chelsea knew her mother manipulated Bo in the past and is doing so herself now to keep him and Hope apart. He reminds her how she helped them by walking away after Maison Blanche. Billie says she always known that he and Hope belong together. She regretted not staying and fighting for the man she loved, but wouldn’t have played fair if she had. Bo tells Billie she’s proven herself recently by not taking advantage of Hope’s absence. She tells him to fight for Hope. He worries that would push her away further. Zack’s death tore them apart and he needs her (Billie) as a friend. Maybe helping Chelsea will bring them closer. Chelsea needs both of them.

We see Chelsea unconscious and squeaky rats crawling next to her (ugh) The sewer workers come and put the lid back on the open hole. One suggests checking the hole first, but the other said there’s only rats down there.

Patrick is worried about Hope and follows her to the beach. Wanting to be alone, she runs down the beach. She returns and finds Patrick built her a fire and brought her a blanket. He also brought her some other things to make hot grog from (rum, lemons, water) She explains how hurt she was to read that article about the wedding and didn’t mean it when she asked Bo for a divorce. She was shocked he replied and approved so quickly. Patrick figures Bo was upset too, but she wonders why he hung up on her then. (call now, the devil child can’t interfere) She said he was suppose to answer NO, that he loved her and would do anything for her. She takes off her wedding ring and hurls it into the ocean. Later she says she’s all alone as Patrick assures her she’s not. He leans down and kisses her as the previews roll

CARRIE TO AUSTIN (as they dance): I’m so glad you’re willing to try again with my sister.
AUSTIN: We’ll see what happens

LUCAS TO SAMI (as they also dance together): I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together…and kisses Sami.

HOPE TO PATRICK: I’m not going back. Not to Bo, not to Salem

BO: We’ve both lost so much, we can’t lose each other.

As the credits roll..

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