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Episode # 10299
Tape Date: 3/28/06
Air Date: 4/24/06
Director: Phil Sogard

Summary: Lexie puts her plan in motion to come clean with everyone, as Sami tries to warn her of the dangers…Chelsea tries to come clean with Bo, but fails again…John tries to get Marlena to remember their past…the contents of Alma’s letter are revealed.

At the Cop Shop…Chelsea tries again to tell Bo the truth, saying everything is her fault. But before she can spill her guts, that girl (Charise?) come rushing into the outer office (she escaped) and grabs a letter opener. Bo rushes out and they take her down and haul her back to her cell, as Chelsea remembers her talk with her. Bo and Chelsea go to his office, determined to tell him the truth. He promises to do all he can to keep her out of jail as she says she just wants him and Hope to be happy. She has flashbacks of Kate’s warnings, but is ready to tell when Frankie returns. Chelsea backs out again and leaves. After she is gone, Frankie asks Bo if she finally told him the truth. When he realizes she didn’t, he tells Bo that he can say no more because of at tourney/client privileges (as Frankie has flashbacks of Chelsea telling him the truth). Frankie asks him if he has signed the divorce papers and Bo says no, and he isn’t going to and hands them back to Frankie. He also shows Frankie the rap sheet, sure it is Lockhart. Frankie says it could be anyone, but Bo is sure it is Patrick and says if he comes near his family, HE will be the one on murder charges.

Meanwhile, Chelsea goes to St. Lukes to pray and then goes to confession. She tells the priest that she has done something bad and he asks her to be specific. She asks him if it is confidential and he assures her that it is. She confesses everything to him and tells him she fears going to jail. She also tells him what she did to instigate the divorce between Bo and Hope. He advises her to come clean with her father and rectify the situation, otherwise she is putting her soul at risk. But she says she can’t and rushes out. She says she knows she should tell the truth, but she can’t…and never will.

On Morgan Island…Hope finds Patrick and says it isn’t his fault that Alma died. She tries to talk him out of leaving and tells him that Alma gave her a message. She tells him about finding the letter and gives it to him. As he reads it, we hear Alma’s voice explaining that he was honest with her about his criminal past, but she wasn’t so honest. She too, was involved with bad people and came to the island to escape, and fell in love with him and he changed her life. But she knew the people were after her and there was no where to hide. She thanks him for his love and the time they shared. Hope tells him it is time he stopped blaming himself for her death, but he says he should have been there to protect her. Hope says that this letter has exonerated him and given him a second chance…Alma loved him and wanted him to move on. He says he tried with Billie and look how that ended. Hope says that maybe Billie wasn’t the right one. She wants to offer her help, but he says he just wants to be alone and leaves.

At the Hospital…Sami sees Lexie (as she has flashbacks of Alex’s plan) and I guess her conscious is eating at her and she says she can’t let him do it. Lexie is on pins and needles hoping for good news from the biopsy. Meanwhile, Alex is on the computer writing a letter to Lexie when Sami comes bursting in, saying she is not going to let him kill Lexie. Lexie calls Carrie and asks her and Lucas to come to the hospital and then crosses their names off her list. Then she calls and leaves Austin a message asking him to come down as well. Alex tells Sami she doesn’t have to do anything but keep her mouth shut, but she fears that Lexie really does have cancer and will die. She says she will not be a part of this. Alex says that Lexie has to pay for what she has done. Sami argues with him, refusing to help him. Alex calls her a good Samaritan and tells her to be prepared to lose everything, including Austin Reed. Lexie runs into Tek and tells him that Alex and Sami both know the truth about their affair. She also tells him about the lump she found and the needle biopsy. She tells him that she is going to tell Abe everything. Alex goes to leave and Sami stops him, telling him that she can’t lose Austin again, but she isn’t going to let Lexie die. All she wants is happiness. He plays to her worst fears and works her over, telling her to trust him. She says she can’t lose Austin, so yes, she will trust him.

Marlena is in her office…looking around. She thinks about Lexie talking to her and picks up John’s picture. He is in the hallway following her when he realizes someone is following him. He ducks around a corner and grabs them and it is Tek, who says he is just following orders. John says he is there to see Lexie, but happened to see Marlena and is keeping an eye on her. He asks Tek to back off and let him talk to her. In her office, Marlena is having flashbacks of her and John, but then says she belongs with Alex, but just wishes they weren’t leaving Salem. She has flashbacks of talking to him about their mysterious honeymoon and how she is worried about Sami and Belle. He says they are adults and can take care of themselves. She takes her passport out of her desk and is looking at it when John walks in. He says he isn’t giving up on her but she tells him that their life is over. He asks her to flip through the passport…all the places she sees there…he was with her. He shows her a picture of Belle and Claire. But she tells him that her life is with Alex now. He tells her they were soul mates…she loves him…she just can’t remember. She tells him that she does remember and knows that he was special to her. He shows her their wedding picture and she has a flashback of their wedding. With tears in her eyes, she says she remembers and he says that their love is too strong to forget. He says he loves her…always has and always will and they kiss. But she snaps out of it and pushes him away, saying she can’t do this…she is married to Alex now and asks him to leave. He refuses to leave and wants to talk further, saying he will make her understand the mistake she is making with Alex. She says she doesn’t want to talk and rushes out the door. She runs in to Alex in the hospital and he asks her what is wrong…then he sees John like 3 steps behind her. Alex tells him to leave her alone, but John says he will never stop. Alex suggests they get out of there.

Sami catches up with Lexie and tells her that they need to talk. Lexie tells her that her threats are over…she is going to tell Abe the truth. They love each other and their marriage will survive. Sami tries to tell her the trugh, but Lexie interrupts and tells her that she is going to tell Carrie and Austin the truth as well. Sami tells her that she is only going to be hurting herself and everyone that loves her. Lexie tells her that finding the lump was her wake up call and she is going to stop Sami. Sami begs her to listen, she is making a mistake, her future is at risk. But Lexie says she can’t stop her. Lexie walks off as Sami says Alex can stop her and it will be her own damned fault. Lexie then walks over to the others (Tek, John, Alex and Marlena) and tells them there is something they all need to hear. Sami walks up as well as the camera freezes on her face…and the previews show…

Alex (to Sami): I think it’s time to let Lexie know who’s really in charge here…don’t you?...

Bo (to Frankie): If there was just a way I could talk to her…get through to her somehow…(Frankie): Maybe there is…

Hope (at her computer): I don’t believe this…why is he doing this?...

Austin (to Carrie): The only think I know is that I love you so much and I am never going to let you go (as they kiss)…

And the credits roll…

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