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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Episode: 10,290
Directed by: Herb Stein
Tape Date: 3/16/06

Bo tries to rescue Chelsea as Hope and Patrick watch the live satellite coverage from their boat as they sail home; the loft dwellers join the pier party.

Mimi and Shawn take a short break from activities on the couch to make some breakfast. He tosses her a bright floral apron to wear (and that’s all) as he tucks a towel around his waist. Not sure what the moaning was from as we later rejoin them scrambling eggs and his telling her this is “fun”. They apparently decide to let the eggs rest as they return to the couch.

Across the hall, the old married lady wakes up in the middle of the night and comes downstairs in her heavy robe to hear moaning through the vents. She remembers talking with Shawn about interrupting his honeymoon and his mentioning knowing that his being married to Mimi is upsetting her. Philip joins her and comments she loves one of the newlyweds with all her heart…but he’s referring to Marlena and Alex. They smell smoke and hear a smoke alarm…it’s coming from across the hall. We rejoin the newlyweds as they laugh over their burnt peppers when Belle and Philip rush in to help. Shawn puts his pants on and Mimi her robe as she joins Belle to check on Claire to let Philip and Shawn talk. Philip’s worried about Belle’s stress and sleeplessness and hoping she might talk to Shawn about it. He knows it was hard to see him and Mimi get married and then her mother to Alex the next day. Shawn remembers his discussion with her when she tells him she regrets not stopping their wedding. Philip suggests the four of them do down to the pier to the event going on.

Mimi tells Belle that she and Shawn are going to start adoption proceedings after they return from their honeymoon, saying Shawn’s such a good father, already is one with Claire. Belle asks what? Of course Mimi covers by saying his Goddaughter and rattles on about how wonderful their married life is and knows Belle must know what she’s meaning. She says being with Shawn is like fireworks in a carnival and we see Belle picturing herself and Shawn in a bed with fireworks going off. The guys join them with an idea. Philip tells Belle a neighbor has offered to babysit. Shawn talks a reluctant Mimi, who’d rather just be alone with him on their honeymoon, to go saying they have to air the loft out anyway. Belle (now in a green dress) and Philip arrive and Mimi goes to change.

Carrie and Lucas dance as do Austin and Sami. One relishing her new relationship (Sami) and the other (Carrie) looks so happy she could cry. Sami and Austin give Carrie and Lucas a couple stuffed “love birds”. A photographer from a Salem magazine asks to take pictures of the couples in love and of course puts Carrie and Austin together and Lucas and Sami. Label this photo, awkward moment. The couples then dance for the photographer (who clearly doesn’t agree with the couples either). More awkward couples join them as Mimi and Shawn and Philip and Belle join the party. They congratulate Carrie on her engagement to Austin and are corrected. Sami pulls Belle aside to talk. She apologizes for not staying at Alex and Marlena’s wedding to help Belle through it. Belle asks Sami if she’s okay with Lucas and Carrie’s engagement and Sami says she and Lucas are through and she’s working through it and happy that she and Austin are now together. Belle hugs her sister. Philip asks Lucas what Mom thinks and Lucas tells him who cares? Philip joins Belle, a little insecure about their relationship (go figure). Belle assures him that he and Claire make her very happy and for him not to worry. He points out the kissing newlyweds and tells her how happy they are.

Carrie and Austin wish each other the best and Sami grabs Austin saying they should leave. He agrees. Lucas and Carrie return to his apartment and start to make love. Sami wanders her apartment in her short black robe. Austin joins her and they each say what a good time they had earlier. Kiss kiss as he takes her robe off.

Hope remembers throwing her ring into the ocean. She sits on the end of the boat as she encourages Patrick to go faster. He warns her it’s rough out there and sure enough, they hit a wave and she gets knocked overboard. Patrick pulls her back on board and gives her his shirt (gotta think of one way to take it off). He tells Hope she needs to give Bo another chance, they’re in love. She doesn’t want to talk about it anymore and he says he has a surprise for her. He made something to eat and she remembers when Bo brought her something on the Fancy Face and they ended up kissing and snuggling on the deck. She tastes what Patrick gave her and closes her eyes, picturing Bo in Patrick’s face. We return as she stops a juicy kiss with him after realizing it’s Patrick, not Bo. She’s angry with herself for not knowing what to think or feel. She regrets what she said to Bo, but knows there was no mistake in what he said to her. Patrick tells her to swallow her pride and go home and work things out. She asks for suggestions and he says their boat is sea worthy and asks to sail her home to Bo. (a plane is quicker) She agrees. He tells her to turn on the satellite tv on the deck (oh yeah, right) to check the weather and amazingly enough…it’s breaking news live on scene news about Bo Brady risking his life to save someone in the storm drain…(GIVE ME A BREAK...the satellite news truck beat the fire department to the scene??)


Bo is down in the hole with Chelsea and a street worker. Chelsea’s leg is trapped under something and the worker tells Bo there’s a hydrogen sulfide gas leak. The worker is getting dizzy already and heads out. The other worker tells Billie there’s a possibility of a water pipe burst and what could happen. Billie yells down to Bo. Bo yells up for oxygen masks and Chelsea’s now awake and begs her dad not to leave her there. He has her cover her face with his jacket. She remembers when she greased him for the $250 cash at his house (ah, love those sentimental moments). Bo gets above ground and gasps, telling Billie about what’s happening. She wants to go down to be with Chelsea, but Bo tells her no, they’ve got to think of a way to get her out of there (many of us are saying..WHY, LOL) Gas masks are on the way and Bo yells down to Chelsea that he’s coming as we hear Chelsea coughing down below. Billie prays for God to protect Bo and Chelsea as we hear a rumbling noise as Bo crawls to Chelsea….and the previews roll…

LUCAS TO CARRIE as they’re kissing: “I love you so much, I want you now.”
CARRIE: “I want you too…”

We see Austin and Sami going hot and heavy across the hall as well…

BO yelling: “Where the hell is the rescue squad?” (good question)
SHAWN replies: “I’ll go” as Belle looks shocked and Mimi surprised.
HOPE watching the live satellite coverage yells out loud “No, not Shawn! How can Bo let Shawn do something like this?”

As the credits roll…

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