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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Episode: 10,295
Directed by: Phil Sogard
Tape Date: 3/23/06

Nothing exciting as Chelsea continues her vow to change; Kate’s meddling, a fun flashback of Jack, and Hope’s got something else to focus on…finding out what Patrick’s secret is.

Jennifer sleeps on the couch and remembers Frankie’s concern about where they’ll go from there. The picture of Jack becomes interactive (like Harry Potter movies) and agrees it is a good question. She talks to the picture, asking for his help. She yells at the picture to come back and don’t go. Abby comes downstairs and we see Jennifer is sound asleep on the couch. She wakes her up and they talk. Abby assures all went great with Uncle Mickey and Aunt Maggie and Frankie joins them, saying they he’s all unpacked (it was only an overnighter, LOL). He asks Jen if she is and Abby says her mom fell asleep on the couch and kids they must have had wild time for her to do that. Jennifer is embarrassed and denies that and Abby laughs, saying it was a joke and to lighten up. Frankie chuckles too, but after Abby leaves to see Joshua, Jennifer is concerned about what Abby would say if Frankie moved into Jennifer’s bedroom and wants to set a good example. Frankie calms her, saying he’s not pushing her into anything she’s not comfortable with. Jennifer admits she just wants someone to grown old with and always thought that would be Jack. Jack’s picture speaks up about the talk show they had and she laughs, saying she could never forget that. She tells Frankie about their talk show and how Jack went undercover as a single woman to get first hand knowledge. We see a flashback of Jack dressed in a blue suit and brown wig. Jennifer chuckled at him saying only men attracted to drag queens would be interested as Jack trips in his heels. We see her helping him into Java Café and arguing it would be easier if SHE were the one pretending to be single, but he wants to do it from a man’s point of view. She pulls the camera out of her jacket and videos him ordering a cappuccino. A man comes on to Jack and offers to show him/her what he’s got if she lets him buy that cappuccino for her. She continues her story about how the man wouldn’t leave Jack alone (chuckling) as Jack whispers to her at the table about how hard it is to ditch this guy. Jennifer says it’s even harder in a dark bar. Jack decides that’s enough and pulls Jennifer into a kiss as the people at the café gasp. The man realizes that’s why he wasn’t having any luck and Jack pulls his wig off asking if they hadn’t seen a man kiss his wife before. Back to reality, Jennifer hugs herself from the memory and Frankie comments that Jennifer still really loves Jack…she nods. Frankie understands that she does and always will love Jack, but she says she’s ready to move on. His cell rings and he tells Jennifer that Hope called Mickey and wants a divorce.

Replay of Chelsea telling Kate she’s going to tell her parents the truth. She tells Bo she’s going to start over with a clean slate and make him proud. Bo asks her just say what’s bothering her, but goes to check her out when she said she needs more time. Kate is bubbling over with anxiety which cues Billie’s curiousity. Bo returns and tells Chelsea that no matter what she says, he’ll be there for her as he’s her dad. He blames what happened between him and Hope for his last outburst to her and apologizes for it. She starts to tell him and his cell rings. It’s the station (apparently a text message) as he explains the serial killer he was after a few years ago has come out of retirement and he’s the only one with working knowledge of the case. She understands and he leaves. Billie steps away and Kate tries to talk Chelsea out of telling the truth. Max joins them and says he won his race over the weekend. Kate wants to take Chelsea home, but Chelsea asks Max to take her and Billie agrees. Chelsea reiterates that she’s going to change and tell Bo the truth. Kate warns Billie that Bo is up for grabs and she should take the opportunity…yada yada. They step to the cafeteria for coffee as Kate continues her mantra..get Bo. Kate updates Billie on Lucas and Carrie’s engagement. Kate’s worried that Austin will get together with Sami and is worried about him as she is Billie…bringing the circle back to her badgering Billie about belonging with Bo.


Max and Chelsea run into Abby at Java Café as she tells Abby about her life flashing in front of her eyes. Abby gets their coffees as she confirms to Max that she’s going to change. She wants to be someone that her family and friends can be proud of. He asks if that means she’ll take responsibility for what happened to Zack, even if it means she goes to jail for it? She says yes and will start by telling her dad the truth, confessing about trying to break up his marriage. She asks Max to take her to the police station so she can talk to her dad before changing her mind.

Josh (who works at Java Café) and Abby chat about how things are going with her. She likes Frankie and he was her mom’s first boyfriend. It’s hard to let her dad go though.

Abe warns Bo to take a break with all that’s going on (then why page him to return to the station?). Abe thanks Bo for Zack’s corneas so he can see again. Abe appreciates his second chance and Lexie and Theo are his world. Abe tells Bo to fight for Hope, but Bo says she’s filed for a divorce. He’d love to talk with her, but doesn’t know where she is as she won’t call or email him. He sits at the computer and finds a description of the serial killer that fits Patrick Lockhart. He’s relieved Patrick is far away from Salem. Bo tells Abe he’s going to try and find Hope.

Chelsea arrives at the station, hoping Bo will forgive her for what she’d done.

Patrick tries to convince Hope to slow down on the divorce. She knows what she needs to do and Bo’s decided to be with his other family over her. She has to decide what her next move will be without Bo. She contemplates living on the island forever..getting a job at the hotel or at the orphanage. She just wants to be a stranger where people won’t know about what happened and extending their sympathies. She asks why he’s there and he won’t tell her. She asks if Bo was right about him, does he have something to hide? She questions him about his past. She’s noticed he slips off during the night and asks where he’s going. Does he have someone on the island he’s interested in? He finally shouts back that yes, that’s why he comes there and walks away. He asks her to drop it, but she tells herself she can’t and is determined to find out what his secret is.

KATE TO CHELSEA: “I love my daughter dearly, but if you listen to her, your life is going to be a disaster.”

BO (on the phone): “Good luck to you in Chicago. I hope you catch the son of a bitch before he hurts another innocent woman.”

HOPE (to Patrick): “So my wanting to get to know you better is because I genuinely care about you.”

LEXIE to Sami: “I’m not lying for you any more. I’m going to tell Carrie and Austin everything.
SAMI: “You’re what?”

As the credits roll…

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