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Episode: 10,300
Directed by: Herb Stein
Tape Date: 3/29/2006

Hope and Jennifer chat, Bo tries to reach Hope on the computer; Lexie’s powwow gets interrupted and Alex uses another weapon in his arsenal, the tape recorder.


Hope calls Jennifer. Jennifer tells her cousin how happy she is to hear from her and won’t let her divorce Bo. Hope tells her it was a difficult decision to make and needs Jen’s support. Hope tells Jen she’s happy to hear she’s with Frankie. Hope knows Jack wanted her and Frankie together. Jen puts down her laundry basket to chat as Hope tells Jen that Patrick was there on the island with her, so she’s not alone. She clarifies how they ended up in the same bungalow by mistake and that Patrick let her stay. Hope raves about how much Patrick helped her and is amazing. Jen wants her cousin to return, but Hope doesn’t know if she’ll ever be ready to return to Salem. Jennifer doesn’t like that, but understands. Hope asks Jennifer to promise not to tell ANYONE that Patrick Lockhart is there with her. She promises to stay in touch and after exchange “I love yous”, hang up.

Hope checks her laptop and wonders why he’s doing this as she stares at the screen. It’s a picture that Bo sent her of them together. She emails him asking what he’s up to and why did he send this. Bo’s computer beeps that he’s got a message. He replies it’s not Shawn, it’s Bo. He tells her they have to talk and for her to call him. She says NO, types something and walks away. As Bo’s typing away she closes the laptop. He types away to Fancy Face that he needs her and loves her…he can’t live without her and doesn’t want a divorce. When he hits the enter key a huge flashing red message comes on the screen that he’s been blocked. Hope cries on the couch

Frankie tells Bo that Hope doesn’t need his consent to divorce him in their state. It’s his job to see his client’s wishes are fulfilled. Frankie hates having to do this and Bo even more. Bo wishes there was a way to talk to Hope and Frankie thinks maybe there is. He tells Bo that he’s a detective and should use his resources to find Hope. Conversation changes to Jennifer. Bo understands the circumstances and happy for Frankie to have his first love back..he advises him to hold on to her.

Lucas arrives giving Eugenia work related tasks. Austin and he chat wondering why Lexie needs to see them, and Carrie.

Sami tries to change Lexie’s mind about telling all, but isn’t successful.

Marlena walks into Alex, clearly upset. John follows her and Alex realizes why. Before they can leave, Lexie gathers her group together. Tek and Abe join the group, as does Sami. Abe pulls Lexie to the side, saying if there’s something wrong with her that she should tell him privately. Alex takes the opportunity to slither away to attend to something. John and Tek do too. John updates Tek about Marlena’s brief memory jolt. Sami sees Alex on the phone in an office and figures his plan failed. Lexie returns and tells them she has something important to tell them and it’s not going to be easy. She starts out telling about the lump in her breast and Abe is shocked she didn’t tell him. She explains unnecessary stress in her life could cause it. On cue, the nurse delivers the results as everyone watches. She opens it and reads it’s benign and cries. Everyone sighs in relief as Lexie gets paged for an emergency. She asks them all to wait as she has something to tell them.

Sami searches for Alex while John pulls (literally) Marlena into an exam area. He vows to make her remember their happy life together. He asks her to remember their own vows and says she has to remember. Cue long footage of her and John exchanging their personal vows at their first wedding Wow, he’s sure changed but she hasn’t when we return to the present.

Abe thanks Tek for keeping an eye on his family for him. Carrie excuses herself to go volunteer at the baby nursery. Austin quietly follows. Eugenia tells Lucas that this big announcement is not Lexie’s style. She figures Sami’s on the other end of the showdown. Lucas remembers seeing Sami looking guilty lately and is determined to get behind it.

Carrie talks to a nurse holding a newborn about her plans to have a baby soon. Austin joins them. The nurse leaves and he tells Carrie he can’t get her out of his mind and doesn’t want to live without her. They kiss.

Frankie arrives to overhear Jennifer talking to herself as she picks up JJ’s toys (at least someone cleans house in Salem). He hears her mutter about promising not to tell anyone and asks if that includes him. She tells him that Hope called and asked her not to tell anyone where she is. They talk about both tried to talk Bo and Hope out of the divorce. Later she comes downstairs and thanks Frankie for staying with JJ while she runs to the mall. She hopes he’ll sleep for another hour so Frankie can work (that’s all that kid DOES is sleep!). Frankie tells her he’s checking a profile on someone wanted for murder and tells her it’s Patrick. Jennifer worries about Hope, knowing she’s with Patrick.

Sami finds Alex and guesses he’s the emergency Lexie left the group for. He figures Lexie needs to know who’s in charge. Alex smirks saying Lexie will be the biggest loser of all. Lexie joins them and Alex listens to her affirmation about telling all, but then warns her that she’d lose her family and plays the tape where Abe said he’d kill any man who tried to take Lexie from him. He continues to play the tape with Abe’s lecture about betrayal saying he knows Lexie would never betray him and if she had, he’d never forgive her. He’d be forced to leave her and take their son. He turns off the ever so clear tape and asks her if who’s going to live happy ever after…him and Sami or her.


LUCAS TO SAMI: I’ll bet Lexie was going to say something bad, but you dodged another bullet, didn’t you?

MARLENA TO ALEX: You’ve been abusing me physically and mentally and now you’re drugging me, aren’t you?

BELLE TO PHILIP: It’s time for me to be honest with you about what I’m feeling.

SHAWN (sitting on the floor) to MIMI (in a blanket on the couch): I’m finally going to get a chance to read this letter (her letter telling him about Claire)….

As the credits roll

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