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Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Episode: 10,285
Directed by: Phil Sogard
Tape Date: 3/10

The evil teen continues to intercept Bo and Hope's emails; Marlena and Alex refuse to press charges; Jennifer and Frankie call it a night at the lodge.


Jennifer and Frankie finish up their dinner at GML as she’s nervous about what’s going to happen next. Frankie looks forward to the night there as he goes on about the promised comfortable bed and thread count on their sheets, LOL. He asks if she wants dessert, but she exercises self control and doesn’t get the chocolate mousse she saw. They head out of the restaurant and she claims to be really tired as he goes on about wanting this evening to be special for her. He finally realizes why she’s nervous and tells her he got them their own rooms. She berates herself while alone in her room about acting like a nervous teenager. She tells herself she’s a grown woman and should start acting like one. Later both step outside their rooms onto their patios for some fresh air in their robes. She looks out saying how beautiful it is as he stares at her saying he agrees. She turns and sees the love in his eyes and kisses him. She apologizes for earlier and he understands, saying they should go in and get some sleep. She stops him from walking back into his room, asking him not to go. He figures he never gets the girl because he is the nice guy she claims he is. She tells him he’s got the girl now as they kiss.

John’s furious about Roman and Abe’s stopping him. They finally arrest him for attempted murder to stop him from following Marlena and Alex. The newlyweds return and Marlena asks John to get professional help. They’ve agreed not to press charges against him. Roman and Abe watch speechlessly as Alex and Marlena state their conditions. Marlena says they’ve excused his actions today if he’ll get help. He’s Claire’s grandfather and Belle’s father. John tells Marlena her life is at stake and begs her not to go as they leave. John can’t believe Roman isn’t more concerned about Marlena’s safety. Roman takes the cuffed John back to his hotel room and won’t uncuff him until he promises to behave himself. John agrees and after he’s uncuffed, pulls his trusty binoculars out and looks through the open window(?) at the penthouse. Alex and Marlena are out on the balcony (she in her white negligee) and Alex hugs her from behind. Roman tells John to stop looking if it bothers him, but John knows that Alex is doing it intentionally to goad him. Roman rationally explains that Alex was married to Marlena before either of them and John’s got to accept it. We see Marlena kissing Alex on the terrace as he suggests they take it inside. They do so and turn off the lights.

Bo tells Billie he’s not up to visitors and she says she’s there to talk about Chelsea, it’s not a social call. Bo tells Billie about Hope’s asking for a divorce. Bo understands why Hope threw him out and is angry with him. Billie encourages him to talk to Hope, but he’s worried he’d just say something that would make things worse. Hope’s his life and he can’t lose her. Billie tells herself that when you love someone, you do what will make them happy even if you don’t want it to happen. She tells Bo to email Hope and he goes and does so. He sends her a heartfelt email saying he won’t give up on them and they need to talk in person. He begs her to come home so they can give their marriage another chance. She’s everything to him and he’ll always love her. He impatiently waits for her reply as Billie tries to calm him saying what he wrote would have any woman in the world running back to him. She stares at him saying she just wants him to be happy.

Hope tells Patrick she made the biggest mistake of her entire life and now she’s lost Bo. He suggests she call Bo, but she can’t as she still feels betrayed and is furious at him. He reminds Hope that Chelsea is Bo’s daughter and Bo is still grieving about Zack too. Hope doesn’t understand why Bo didn’t ask where she was or if he could call her. She thinks Zack’s death was the excuse Bo needed to get out of their marriage and he really wants to be with Billie and their daughter. Patrick tells her he’s not a big fan of Bo’s and Bo’s not one of his, but she and Bo share a rare special relationship that he’d hate to see end (join the club!). Hope says Bo failed her. She sits next to her laptop and finally figures a walk on the beach might help her decide what to do next. We sit her sitting, staring out in deep thought. She remembers (flashback time as “Can’t live without your love” plays) them kissing and on the Fancy Face sailing, in a hot air balloon, in romantic scenes with him Bo’s hair and facial hair in all shapes and forms…(seems to be the only romantic scenes we ever see now a day are flashbacks..) She returns and tells Patrick he’s right. She needs to give Bo another chance.

Kate arrives to visit Billie and Chelsea. She finds Chelsea typing away at her computer and comments how relaxed she appears considering her murder charges. Chelsea gets defensive and says she just feels her chances are good of getting off. Kate asks what Chelsea knows that she doesn’t and Chelsea confides she made sure that Bo and Hope will never reunite. Kate can tell by Chelsea’s snotty grin that she did something to help her cause and Chelsea finally agrees to tell Kate everything. Kate is impressed by her granddaughter’s accomplishments, but worried that Bo might have already straightened out the situation from his own computer. Chelsea tells her how she changed Bo’s preferences so that his email would come to HER computer first. Bingo, the one he sent Hope magically appears (wow, this little computer genius needs a job working on computers!) Kate and Chelsea read Bo’s email and know that Billie and Bo won’t stand a chance if Hope reads it. The evil teen happily interferes as Granny Kate smilingly approves and even says she gets the feeling that whatever Chelsea wants, Chelsea gets (slap). Outside Kate hopes her plan doesn’t backfire and Hope and Bo don’t talk on the phone. Kate refuses to help her saying her children need her. She leaves everything in Chelsea’s capable hands, saying as long and Bo and Hope don’t talk, Chelsea’s plan will work. Chelsea looks in Bo’s window (they live next door to each other?) and sees Hope called Bo. He answers the phone with a little choke in his voice. He tells Fancy Face how good it is to hear from her and how glad he is that she called. Chelsea tries to think what to do next to stop this as the camera freeze frames on her and the previews roll….

AUSTIN (in his token undershirt) to SAMI: “I don’t think I’ll ever get over losing her.”
SAMI: “You and I can help each other forget” as he leans over and kisses her….

JENNIFER AND FRANKIE are in bed and she tells him “I love you and I think I always will.” They kiss.

is up the telephone pole and hopes she cuts the right wire. Sparks fly as she cuts the wires and she screams before falling to the ground (insert your OWN comment her…I’m sure it’s the same as mine)

HOPE to BO: Bo, what’s going on. is that Billie’s voice I hear?
BO tells her she is there….

As the credits roll…Linda

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