Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Tape date – 3/20

The rescue attempt continues, with Salem citizens filling in for the absentee rescue squads, while elsewhere all the wrong people end up in bed together, which is not unusual for Days of late.

CARRIE & LUCAS hate for the night to end, as do Sami & Austin, both couples in their respective apartments. Lucas pushes Carrie to have sex, and tho she is hesitant, she finally agrees. Across the hall, Sami & Austin are having a heart to heart about their situation. Austin worries that comfort sex is not the answer, and they have a serious conversation about their past. First we get a series of flashbacks to a very, very young Sami Brady, and all the plots and plans she engaged in to win Austin for herself back 10 years ago, including drugging drinks to make Austin think Carrie & Lucas had slept together (gee, that sounds familiar, Sami), learning Will’s true paternity, and finally, the punch heard round the world, when Carrie decked Sami in her wedding gown, as she was about to marry Austin. In present day, Sami reminds Austin they had lots of good times, too, and now we get flashbacks to them dancing, playing in the snow, love in the cabana (at Victor’s, when the whole gang lived there mooching off the hospitalized rich man). Now, Sami & Austin make love and we are treated to scenes back & forth between Lucas/Carrie & Sami/Austin. Later, both couples bask in the afterglow. (This all proves once again that the show cares nothing for the viewers, and this is just my opinion).

AS HOPE WATCHES ON satellite TV (I guess if they can work in a car, they can work on the high seas, lol), the drama unfolding back in Salem, Bo climbs back down into the sewer to try and free Chelsea. (Hope does not know who is down there). Patrick is constantly encouraging her, praising Bo, and telling Hope he will always be her hero, etc. etc. The quad group arrives at the scene, learn the problem, and eventually finding out it is Chelsea down there. The TV reporter drones on, as all do, about the dangers, etc. The workers talk of the gas leak, possible explosion and cave in. (And yet they were going to seal that thing up with a GAS LEAK??? Puleeze!) Shawn calls down to his dad, and learns the pipe is collapsing, & Chelsea’s foot is caught. Bo climbs out, wanting to know where the rescue squad is. So do we, Bo, so do we. Hope & Patrick lose the signal, but eventually get it back. Philip questions the public works guys, learning there is a possible way to divert the gas, and makes the guy take him to that place. Belle & Mimi look properly concerned. Shawn volunteers to go down (there is something wrong with Bo’s hands, I could not quite get that). Hope is having a fit about that as she watches. Shawn gets down to Chelsea, who is coughing a lot. Suddenly Philip appears, having crawled in from wherever he was diverting the gas (not too successfully). Hope is frantic, watching as the TV reporter says that an explosion is imminent. Philip works at trying to lift the rock that imprisons Chelsea’s foot, and between he & Shawn, manage to free her. They all head to the ladder to get out. Up on the street, we see an explosion coming from the manhole. As she watches, Hope screams, no, no, not Shawn, too. Camera freezes on her distraught face, as the previews show……

Alex to Marlena: You are legally married to me again, Marlena. Take your medicine like a good girl, or I’ll be forced to hurt you.

Bo to Billie: We’re her parents now. We have to make sure she knows we love her.

Hope to Patrick: He has chosen to be with Billie & Chelsea, instead of me & Shawn

Mimi to Belle: I’m the woman Shawn chose to marry, not you. But he is MY husband.


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