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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Episode #10,296
Tape date 3/24
Director-Herb Stein

Sami gets a rude awakening, Lexie has her tests, Kate continues to meddle, as does Hope, who upsets Patrick.

AT THE COP SHOP, Bo is convinced the person wanted for questioning in Chicago in regard to the serial killings is Patrick. Abe agrees that it very well could be him. Bo talks of how Hope trusted him, and Billie, too, commenting that it is lucky Billie broke up with him, as she could have been next, & Chelsea might have lost her mom……again. Of course, Chelsea overhears every word. Salem is full of eavesdroppers, isn’t it? Billie & Kate arrive, looking for Chelsea. Kate tries to talk Chelsea out of telling her father all she has done, but Billie tells her how proud she is of her for wanting to get a fresh start. She then barges in on Abe & Bo, overhearing the talk about Patrick, and jumps to his defense. As she defends Patrick to Bo, Kate is unmerciful with Chelsea in trying to get her to keep her mouth shut. She urges her to think of her mother, and how she loves Bo, and how they could be a family, yada, yada. She is relentless as she paints scenarios for her granddaughter, finally pulling out the jail card. Chelsea is determined and will not be swayed, so Kate leaves. Bo is on phone to Chicago police, giving them info on Patrick Lockhart, his family in town (who have no idea where he is) and wishing them luck. Billie reads the paper and we have a most unnecessary flashback to the rescue of Chelsea, and the TV reporter talking about Chelsea being long lost daughter of Detective Brady and ex-officer Billie Reed. (There is just no reason for this flashback, very odd placement, to me!) She talks to Abe about how Bo & Hope belong together, and how much Bo deserves Hope. Bo comes in, hearing this last part. . Abe leaves, and Billie tells Bo she truly believes Chelsea wants a fresh start, and he should find her and hear what she has to say.

AT SALEM HOSPITAL, Lexie is finishing up her mammogram, and while the nurse takes the x-rays to Dr. Ling, Celeste comes in, assuring her daughter that she will be getting a lot of support from her husband. Lexie tells her mother she is going to tell Abe about Tek, and perhaps that support may not be there, but she has to reduce her stress. She cannot let Alex & Sami blackmail her any longer. Celeste gets a bad vibe, some sort of complications, but cannot identify it. Lexie confesses to Celeste what she told Carrie, about not being able to have healthy children with Austin. Celeste is appalled, and Lexie is determined to tell Carrie the truth.

Sami has arrived at the hospital to pick up forms for Will for summer camp. (poor kid, they do ship him away from home as much as they can, don’t they? LOL) She runs into Eugenia, and they trade barbs back & forth as usual. Sami brags about how “close” she is to Austin now. Eugenia can’t wait for the bubble to burst, and tells Sami it definitely will. Throwing a few more digs, Eugenia leaves.

Now Lexie runs into Sami, and takes the opportunity to tell her the blackmail is over, she is telling Carrie the truth. They argue, with Sami threatening her, but Lexie will have none of it, telling her she is telling Abe herself. Sami tells her that her reputation in town will be ruined, she will lose her medical license. But Lexie says that does not matter, telling Sami of the lump she found in her breast, and how it just puts everything into perspective about what really matters. She leaves, and of course, the ever present meddling Kate finds the upset Sami, throws in a few digs of her own, as usual. We have all heard it before, ad nauseum. Sami vows that she is going to get what she wants, and again promises that all her enemies will pay. (sigghhh, she has learned nothing from her Stan debacle, has she? Sami truly needs to grow up)

Celeste is in the cafeteria, praying to the spirits to bring peace, health and happiness to her daughter. Eugenia joins her, asking if she has any vibes about Sami. Celeste says she knows Eugenia has a vendetta against Sami, warning her that revenge brings nothing but trials, trouble and tribulation. Eugenia looks chastened, but says Sami has always caused problems, and she tries to stay as far away from Sami as she can. Celeste mentions that the 4 (Sami, Austin, Lucas, Carrie) are in for heartache & turmoil, and all to do with Samantha. Eugenia leaves, and Lexie now joins Celeste, telling her about her run in with Sami. Celeste reminds her she has to tell Abe, which Lexie promises to do as soon as she can (uh, oh, is this foreshadowing something?). Lexie is excited, as she can’t wait to tell Carrie the news, and after she tells Abe, then Alex can no longer blackmail her, and she can tell John what he has been doing, John can rescue Marlena and get their marriage back together. And all the couples in Salem will be happy! (Drat, knowing Days, this is definitely foreshadowing probably just the opposite.)

OVER ON MORGAN ISLAND Hope apologizes to Patrick for prying, but claims they have gotten so close, and she knows nothing about him. She pesters him but he is adamant that she drop it, and he leaves. Hope, though, is determined to find out about the woman he loves (jeez, is she turning into Kate???) and runs into a fisherman. She asks if he knows Patrick Lockhart, and of course, everyone knows Patrick. She questions him, but he says only that there is just one person on the island who can tell her about Patrick (and we all immediately grasp that he means Patrick, himself) Hope immediately says, “you mean Alma”, where can I find her? He sends her down a path to where she will find the answers she is looking for. Hope takes off.

A shirtless Patrick is on the beach throwing pebbles into the ocean. A beautiful woman in a white dress comes up to him, calling him Patrick, Corazon, asking why he is throwing pebbles as the sea will only bring them all back to him. They kiss, as Patrick proclaims his love for her, and promising to always be faithful. He picks a flower from the bush, the flower that only grows on that island (remember the legend?) and gives it to her. She tells him to remember that no matter what, she will always be with him, even in death. Patrick shakes himself, and returns to the present, as this is a memory (interesting that he has the same haircut in the “memory” he has now, when his hair was much different when he first came to Salem….yeah, we notice that stuff at times, lol). He picks a couple of flowers from the bush, and leaves.

Hope continues on the path, comes to a clearing, and sees a grave. It is of Alma Delgado, and Hope whispers to herself, that Alma is dead. Patrick arrives, and Hope again apologizes, but Patrick will have none of it. He asked her to leave it alone, but she couldn’t. He then tells her, “And now, when you find out what happened, you’ll hate me as much as your husband does”. And the previews roll……

ALEX TO MARLENA: I will tell you this much, this will be a trip from which you’ll never quite recover

PATRICK TO HOPE: I’m not a good man, & I’m sure not good for any woman, including you.

FRANKIE TO BO: Hope’s filed for divorce

BELLE: I’m still in love with Shawn

AND THEN TO SHAWN: There’s something I have to say to you, & I hope it’s not too late. (Mimi comes in just then)


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