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Summary: Sami and Alex are worried about their schemes being exposed. Lexie tries to come clean, but chickens out. Another round of John v Alex, and Lucas v Sami. Mimi gets worried, and Belle makes a decision regarding Phillip…Most of the show takes place at the hospital, which makes it difficult to summarize for continuity, but I tried.

LOFT #1:
Belle is staring at a photo and flashes back to her conversations with Mimi (about her choices that she has made) and Shawn (telling her how he feels about divorce). Phillip comes in and tells her he bet he knows what she is thinking (he is pretty good at that, isn’t he?). She asks him why he always claims to know what she is thinking – he is not psychic and almost never right (hey! Isn’t that what we’ve been thinking? ;)). He goes over what they have gone through (wedding, war, leg, parents, unplanned pregnancy, Claire’s illness, unresolved feelings for Shawn….) and how he can’t shake the feeling that she is having second thoughts about being with him and Claire. She tells him that she has had a lot on her mind lately, and it is time that she is honest with him about what she is feeling. Belle asks when they are going on their honeymoon and Philip is more concerned about her feelings for her parents. He wants to be there for her and help her deal with it, since he has already been there with his own parents. He doesn’t want to lose her the way her parents and Shawn’s parents are losing each other. He guilts her big about being the perfect wife and mother, and the center of his world. Belle decides that there is something she needs to tell him. She wants to have another baby with him. He is stunned. He loves the idea and gets really excited about the idea. She wonders why they are just sitting there talking about it…..and she initiates doing something about it. As they bask in the afterglow, Phillip goes on about how he wants lots of brothers and sisters for Claire. Belle gets really quiet, and then tells him that her future is with him and she is right where she wants to be.

There is a baby crying in the nursery as Carrie pushes Austin away. Austin doesn’t understand her decision and can’t accept it. He tells her that Lucas and Sami really should be together, as should they. She has a fantasy about her and Austin in the delivery room after having a child – as Lexie tells her that their son has severe birth defects, just as she warned her. She starts crying. Austin apologizes and suggests she face the truth that she loves him more than Lucas. She wants him to let her go and be happy with Sami. She states she has to go back downstairs and leaves him. He has no idea what is going on with her, but he declares he won’t give up.

John thinks Marlena is finally getting her memory back and he grabs her and kisses her, until she pulls away and reminds him that she is a married woman. He tells her that she did it because she is starting to remember their life together. She does remember, but claims she can’t do it and leaves.

Tek finds Abe and they wonder what is keeping Lexie so long. Abe tells him that it is not like Lexie to talk about her health problems in front of everyone. He wants to know what else is going on.

Alex threatens Lexie again. Is she willing to lose Abe, or is she going to leave him and Sami alone so that they can all be with the ones they love? Lucas calls for Sami and tries to get in, but moves on when the door is locked and no one answers. Alex reminds Lexie of the tape recording of Abe. She can’t let them blackmail her anymore, she has to tell the truth. (Sami looks haunted, but Alex looks plain evil). Lexie is determined to tell the truth and take what she deserves, as they will have to. Lexie fills Alex in on Sami’s little scheme. Sami is worried about what they will do now. She remembers their little conversation about changing Lexie’s test results. Lexie is still determined and goes out to tell her news. Alex tells a worried Sami that she had no choice but to team up with him, and now he has to do damage control.

Abe talks to Lexie about her lump and why she didn’t tell him.

Carrie tells Lucas that she signed up to help in the nursery for practice when they make a baby of their own.

Alex wonders where Marlena is.

Lexie calls the crowd together when John and Marlena return. Sami wants to know what Alex is going to do now, but he tells her to just wait and see.

Lexie hesitates and Abe goes over to check on her. Sami still wants to know, but Alex just tells her that he called in reinforcements that should be here any second. Celeste comes in and claims that she got a phone call from one of the hospital staff that Lexie needed Theo and that she was grateful for the good news that her test results were negative.

Lucas confronts Sami and wants to know what she is up to. He threatens her if she gets in the way of he and Carrie.

John and Marlena discuss her little tidbit of memory as Alex listens in and tells himself that John will never have her again.

Lexie is relieved and tells how just this morning she thought she was going to lose everyone she loved. Celeste is still feeling unsettled about Lexie, and Lexie is sure it is because of her secrets. Celeste hopes she is as all right as she claims, but she still senses the potential for disaster.

Lexie goes on to tell everyone about relieving the stress in her life. She asks Marlena if she remembers their talk about how stress affects them. She knows her news will be hard for some to hear, but hopefully it will change some of their lives for the better. She takes a deep breath. She tells Abe that it is going to be hard, but when he suggests waiting until another time, she is determined to get it off her mind now. Alex steps in and tells them that she wanted to tell them about stress and how it impacts a person. Abe steps in and tells him to let her say what she wants. He doesn’t know what she wanted to say…but he does, and Lexie knows it. He tells Alex that nobody likes him, and he should have let John kill him when he had the chance.

Lexie comes clean about her affair, and Abe attacks Tek and kills him, getting him arrested for murder. Alex talks to a crying Lexie about what he warned her would happen. (Yep, fantasy!). Lexie actually decides to go with Alex’s cover story about not letting stress ruin their lives. Lexie whispers to her mom that she couldn’t do it. She couldn’t risk losing Abe.

Marlena tells John that she has never seen Abe like that. John makes a comment and then turns and questions the fact that she remembers Abe. He tells her that she must be on the verge of a major breakthrough. John is restrained when Alex wants to talk to Marlena, but she pacifies him and says she will be okay talking to her…husband…(yes, she hesitates in saying it). Once in private, Marlena confronts Alex again with her memories of the abuse and how she loses all sense of logic around him. She asks if he is drugging her. He admits it and tells her that after he gives her this (another needle), she won’t remember any of it. Instead of running, she stands there so that he can grab her from behind. In the hallway, John is worried that Alex is going to drug or hypnotize Marlena because she is remembering and wants to go after her. Tek tries to talk him out of it. Marlena stops struggling and Alex lets her go. He tells her that they will be going on their honeymoon soon, and she will never see John Black again. Abe goes into the room with John after he promises to be by his side, as long as there is no violence. John goes after Alex, but Marlena claims that she is happy with her husband. John is upset with the change in her. Alex tells Abe to muzzle John and they leave. John is irate.

Abe is still not happy about Alex. He takes Theo from Celeste to go get some pudding in the cafeteria, but Lexie says she has patients and can’t go. Celeste tells her that she has to tell.

Austin confronts Carrie again about what she is doing with Lucas. He wants to know that she still loves him. Carrie tells Austin again that they can’t be together, and she wants him to be with Sami.

Lucas calls Sami on the carpet. He tells her she looks relieved, as she was white a few minutes ago. He bets she knows what Lexie was going ot say, and it was bad. She denies. He is sure that it had something to do with her, and if it did, she will never get Austin, never change and never be happy. She is very upset.

LOFT #2:
Mimi is talking to her mom and tells her about her conversations with Belle and how she stopped her from telling Shawn. She tells her that she won’t let them know the truth, just as Shawn comes in with groceries and asks about what she said. Mimi gets off the phone as Shawn throws groceries around. He jumps to the conclusion that she has been lying about it being okay that their honeymoon got cut short. He blindfolds her because he has a surprise for her. When Shawn takes the blindfold off Mimi, the place is decorated with flowers and candles and she is holding a glass of champagne. He feeds her strawberries and she kisses him for his efforts (this is o sweet). He jumps up because everything isn’t totally perfect – and goes to put some music on. Off comes the shirt….and the couch gets its workout as Belle and Phillip listen to the music playing. We come back to Mimi and Shawn at the opposite end of the couch as the song ends. He remembers the letter she wrote him that he was supposed to read after the wedding. Of course, there is a flashback to her writing the letter as she looks panicked. He asks where it is, but she claims she doesn’t remember, then he does and goes to get it. Shawn grabs tha letter and gets ready to read it. Mimi is concernece that if he reads it, it will be the end of their marriage.

Fade out from a freeze on Mimi’s face to the previews:

Phillip to Belle: Well, I have a confession to make.

Lexie to Sami: For once in my life, I am going to do the right thing, so you can take your threats and stuff ‘em.

Alex (on a phone): I want you to take off immediately, and make sure this plane cannot be traced.

John, to Abe and Roman: I am going to save her life, or by God, I am going to lose mine trying!

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