Tuesday, April 04, 2006


WEDNESDAY, April 5, 2006

Episode #10,286
Tape date 3/11
Director- Roger Inman

Another snooze episode, as Sami tries to entice Austin, Carrie talks with Kate, Chelsea interferes with Hope’s phone call to Bo, & Jen takes the ultimate step with Frankie.

SAMI WATCHES AUSTIN working out, (yes, of course, he is shirtless) and has a fantasy of making out with him. Across the hall, Carrie looks at the ring Lucas bought for her and remembers Austin coming out to check on her, after she ran out of church when Lucas proposed. Kate arrives, spots the ring, and in her usual nosy mode, asks what is going on. Carrie tells her she wants to make sure she makes the right decision, as any child she has, she wants to be sure it is conceived out of love. She talks of coming from a broken home, how she felt when her parents split up, and how she does not want that for her child. Kate remembers the warning Lucas gave her about cutting her off from Will if she interferes in his life again. Kate tells her to think hard about what she wants, and leaves.

Meanwhile Sami tries to get Austin to go out, but he says he still has to finish his workout, go get his boxing gloves and go up on the roof to finish his cardio. He then says he has a bunch of reports to do, so that Nicole will have them tomorrow when she meets with some investors. Sami, who is in a beautiful evening dress, does a good job of enticing him, though, as before he knows it, he is kissing her on the sofa. Austin calls a halt, however, says they are good friends, and should not mess that up, that they have been down this road before and he does not want to go back to it. He leaves to go get his boxing gloves.

Across the hall, Carrie again contemplates the ring in it’s box, then sits down, writing a note to Lucas. Out in the hall, Kate wonders aloud how Chelsea is making out, and mentions not wanting Sami to get her claws into Austin. Of course, Sami is right behind her, taking garbage to the incinerator, something everyone does dressed in evening gowns, right? They have their usual spit spat fest, with Sami warning Kate to leave her alone, or she will die, and Kate threatening her right back about leaving Austin alone. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz, been there, heard it a thousand times. Kate leaves. Carrie has gone up on the roof, and remembers the roof party Austin made up there for her, and various other scenes with him. The door opens and big SURPRISE (Not!), there is Austin.

OUTSIDE THEIR ROOMS at Green Mountain Lodge, Jennifer assures Frankie she is ready to take the next step with him, and he carries her to bed. He gets up, puts on a CD and Stand By Me begins to play. They both remember dancing to it at their prom. After they have sex, (I think I am going to be sick, truly) Frankie professes his love for her. He dozes off, and Jennifer imagines it is Jack laying there. Jack tells her it is O.K., it is the right thing and everything is fine. Frankie loves her, and he wants this for her. Jack morphs back into the dozing Frankie, who opens his eyes, as Jen tells him that a part of her has always loved him, and always will. He holds Jen, as she now sees Jack standing by the French doors, smiling, and nodding his head in approval. (I guarantee you, I certainly don’t approve!)

BILLIE CONTINUES TO GIVE BO a pep talk about Hope, as, on the island, Patrick does the same to Hope about Bo. Chelsea lurks outside the window, able to hear everything in the house. Amazing, huh? Patrick convinces Hope to call Bo, who is happy when his phone rings. Chelsea, of course, cannot allow that, so Miss Personification of Evil goes to the shed for wire cutters, then climbs the utility pole, (oh, puleeze!) and hopes she chooses the right wire. Ooops, wrong one, as sparks fly, she screams and down she goes. Must be a very short pole, (or else has nine lives like the proverbial black cat) as she is back up again, no injuries at all. Inside the house, Bo & Hope get all their signals crossed, as he keeps asking her if she got his e-mail, she says yes (meaning the one the bad seed sent, agreeing to the divorce) while Bo thinks she means the real one he sent professing his love (the one his loving daughter rerouted to her computer and destroyed). Hope is devastated, Bo is perplexed, and the demon child gleeful as she manages to cut the right wire this time. Hope thinks Bo hung up on her, Bo thinks Hope hung up on him. (and neither one realizes there is NO DIAL TONE!!) Hope tells Patrick her marriage of over 20 years is over, and if Bo wants a divorce, so be it. She sends off an e-mail saying so, then tells Patrick she is a free woman. Her son is dead, so is her marriage, Shawn is married to Mimi now, and there is nothing for her in Salem any more. Bo is upset, Billie tries to reason with him. Chelsea realizes an e-mail has come in for Bo, (she has her trusty I-pod with her, I guess), she reads it, decides this is definitely something Bo should see, and presses the buttons to send it to his computer. Bo gets the e-mail from Hope, and is devastated. Outside the window, Chelsea smirks! Freeze frame on Chelsea’s face set in between Bo and Hope. And the previews show……

MIMI waking up, calling out “Shawn! Are you here?”

BONNIE sees Shawn hugging Belle (Not Again? Doesn’t that girl have a husband of her own?) & tells Max (her dog) “We have a problem”.

AUSTIN to a happy Sami: “We should spend more time together, see what happens” Cue the LOOK on Kate’s face.

CARRIE to Lucas: There’s something important I need to tell you first

BILLIE to Bo: You just gave her some really tough love. The hard part is over. She needs to be by herself and this all sink in.


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