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Friday, May 12, 2006

Episode: 10313, Directed by: Herb Stein. Tape Date: 4/17/06

Mimi gets a surprise, Marlena’s lifetime experiences of being manipulated haven’t taught her much as Alex remains in control; Chelsea’s court date is moved up and Will gives Sami another chance (yawn)

Sami and Austin take Will to a video arcade as a reward for his good GPA. As usual, Will bad mouths his mom saying that he’s not a kid and his love can’t be bought. Austin tries to cheer up the mood as they give Will game money and Austin privately tells Sami he’ll do what he can with Will. He and Will chat while doing a driving arcade game as Will vents he’s upset his mother is lying to him. Austin wins the first game and Will focus’ the second time around on the same game and wins. Austin uses the second chance at the same game as an example of how Will should give his mom a second chance too as she watches nearby.

Carrie and Lucas are making wedding plans, happy that Kate’s footing the bill. They talk about how wonderful his mom was for was paying for Mimi and Shawn’s wedding/honeymoon and they weren’t even related (guess your brother Philip is now Claire’s babysitter as we never see him or her much anymore) Carrie tells him about running into Mimi at the hospital and how she and Shawn were focusing on having a baby instead of their honeymoon. Carrie talks about Sami and how Sami still cares for Lucas and he for her. He says it didn’t work out for them as the feelings were too strong. She says that’s what her and Austin’s problem was too. They hug after agreeing how strong their feelings were for the other’s siblings (excuse me while I get a cup of coffee to clear my head on that comment), glad they have each other now. They find Austin had left them a voice mail. Carrie and Lucas join the others at the arcade and Lucas congratulates his son on his report card. Austin announces that Will’s made a decision and Will tells his dad that he’s decided to move back in with mom, at least part time. Lucas is okay with it and says he and Sami are okay too. He lets Will know that he’ll always have a room with him and Aunt Carrie too. Will gives Uncle Austin credit for the idea. Austin suggests that Will and Sami commemorate the occasion in the photo booth at the arcade. Carrie can tell Lucas is a little jealous and morose of how Sami and Will are bonding. They return to Lucas’ apartment and Will goes to pack some things. Kate’s sent over some preliminary bridal gown sketches that Carrie and Sami look at and know they’ve got the winning gown as Lucas and Austin chat. Carrie gets choked up and rushes out of the room. A few minutes later she returns and asks for the dress she liked and tears up the design, much to everyone’s shock. She says this just isn’t going to work. She looks at Lucas and Austin with tears in her eyes.

Mimi is losing it, worried about what Shawn and Belle are doing in their loft. They walk in and find clothes trailed to the bedroom, overhearing him and Belle kidding in the bedroom. Mimi wants to flee while crying, but mama talks her into staying and catching Belle and Shawn in the act. Shawn, shirtless rushes out, as does Belle. Belle laughs they can explain, but Mimi is furious, saying it was inevitable and knew they’d find out eventually. Shawn asks find out what? Bonnie suggests they get dressed before talking and Shawn and Belle go to separate rooms, confused at their attitude. They return dressed and want to show Mimi what they’ve been up to. Mimi walks into the spare room and looks around. Laney was right on with his guess..Belle and Shawn were going to surprise Mimi with painting the nursery while she was gone. We see a replay of they arguing over who was going to paint the walls/trim and paint gets over each of them in the process of pulling on the paint tray (hello, it would help to at least to prep the walls and take down the curtains first?) Mimi is amazed and Bonnie comments she just dodged another heart attack. Belle knows exactly what’s going on and tells Mimi not to worry about it. She knows the hormone shots will affect her that way. Shawn feels bad how much Mimi is going through to have their baby and loves her.

John’s using the Salem PD computer to make his plans to track Marlena. Frankie watches and warns John he’s falling into Alex’s trap. John grabs his coat and rushes off to head to the island, thanking Frankie for his help.

Bo tells Billie about Hope shacking up with Patrick, a wanted killer. When he finds that bastard, he’s dead (yawn…been there, done that). Billie clues him in that Hope made a decision to be with Patrick, she wasn’t forced into it. Bo tells her he didn’t get to tell Hope he was against the divorce as he honestly answered Hope’s question if he and Billie had slept together. He doesn’t understand how all this happened (oh, let us tell you the long, boring story Bo). Billie asks if his marriage is really over. Frankie returns with the news Chelsea’s court date has been moved up. Frankie tells Bo it’s up to him if he wants Hope to know about it as she could have a big impact on the verdict. Bo tells them he is responsible for Chelsea and is not going to tell Hope the trial date has been moved up. He goes to the outer office and Frankie tells Billie that Hope will find out that he knew about the court date change and didn’t call her about it.

Alex shows Patrick his suitcase of money. After one night with Hope, Patrick says he’d make a deal with the devil to be with Hope and Alex assures him he just did.

Marlena tells Hope she’s getting her memory back and tells Hope the only man in her life is Bo Brady. Alex walks in asking to speak with Marlena alone. She tells him she’d like to see Bo and Hope work things out. She tells Alex she knows he’s not happy she’s not the woman he wants her to be and shows him the drugs he’s been using to drug her with. She drops it to the floor and crushes the syringe with her shoe. She tells him she’s leaving him with Bo and Patrick’s help. Alex walks up behind her and grabs her mouth. He has a spare syringe in the dresser and injects her with it. She mutters she has to find John and he tells her not to worry, John’s already on his way and will be punished for what he’s done. The drug apparently takes affect and HIS Marlena is back. He gives her the necklace and she rushes to put it back on as he smirks, saying let the games begin.

Hope tells Patrick she’s worried about Marlena and she knows her own marriage is over. She is determined to return for Chelsea’s trial and see she goes to prison for a long time. She has to do it for Zack. The trial’s not for a few weeks, so she’s in any rush to return to Salem. Alex and Marlena return and Hope pulls her aside to ask about her change of plans to get back to John. Marlena’s confused, saying John’s the monster, not Alex. Hope’s confused as Alex takes Marlena out and Hope asks Patrick to help her prove Alex is up to no good.

The foursome reunite in the garden as Hope asks Marlena if she’s okay and Alex privately tells Patrick he’s on the clock as of now. He warns him John will arrive soon as we see John (also in his tux) walk into the casino looking around.

CARRIE TO SAMI AND AUSTIN: Lucas and I are having a baby.
SAMI: What?
CARRIE: I’m pregnant.

FRANKIE TO BO: Have you even thought about the consequences if Hope finds out you kept the trial date from her?
BO: I hope she doesn’t.
FRANKIE: She’s going to and it will only make things worse between you.

HOPE TO JOHN: If you go after Alex, it will only make things worse between you.
JOHN (resigned): I know.

ALEX TO PATRICK: John Black needs to die tonight.

As the credits roll..

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