Thursday, May 18, 2006


Friday, May 19th, 2006

Episode: 10318
Directed by: Roger Inman
Tape Date: 4/24/06

Welcome to Babies of Our Lives as everyone in Salem is talking about getting or being pregnant….while our Morgan Islanders play hide and seek.


Mimi and Shawn arrive at the hospital for their first in vitro appointment (what’s the big rush, can’t they even celebrate their first month anniversary without being pregnant?) The in vitro is done quickly while Shawn stands next to her. The doctor assures them the hormone shots worked and tests showed 5 folicles. Mimi has second thoughts, worried about multiple births and are they ready? Shawn keeps reassuring her and asking her not to have negative thoughts. He’s handed the plastic bottle saying it’s time for him to do his part as Mimi snickers. Later it’s all over as the doctor tells them they should know the results in 18 hrs. She was only able to harvest one egg, so the odds aren’t great. Mimi and Shawn stare into the microscope at their possible baby to be. (ah, isn’t this romantic?)

Apparently it’s dinnertime as Lexie arrives home to find Abe’s home with her favorite dinner (crab cakes and wine). He has candles lit on the set table and tells Lexie he wants a fresh start for them tonight. He knows she’s trying to eliminate stress in her life and realizes all or most of that is because of him. She remembers Sami’s threat to expose her infidelity with Tek and tells Abe it’s not his fault. Abe appreciates that and knows his impotence affects both of them and it’s not fair. He wants her to know how much he loves her. Theo walks in (about 5 years old now) and says they really love each other. He has a book called Eddie has a Baby Brother and asks if he can have one too. Change of subject as Abe says he has to finish dinner and Lexie puts Theo to bed. Later Abe regrets not being able to give Theo a baby brother and Lexie assures him it’s not a problem. She’s too busy at work and Theo wouldn’t want to share his family/toys, yada yada. Abe says he would understand if she wanted a divorce. Ding dong..any guesses? It’s Tek with some case files for Abe. Lexie asks if it can’t wait until tomorrow, but Tek (and Abe) says it’s okay. Abe’s timer dings in the kitchen and he excuses himself as Tek starts in on Lexie the second Abe’s out of the room. (yawn) Ding’s Kate asking to speak privately with Lexie. Abe and Tek step into the kitchen to finish their talk while the crab cakes petrify in the oven. Lexie asks Kate if she’s ill and Kate bluntly asks her what Sami has on her or what she has on Sami. Lexie shrugs it off as she doesn’t like Sami, that’s all. Kate won’t give up and offers to help Lexie, saying she’s more motivated than ever now. She won’t let Sami ruin Austin’s life again. She will find out what Sami has on her and it would be easier if she just tell her now.

Sami brags about not doing anything to make this engagement with Austin happen and Kate explodes with fury. Sami tells Kate she’s not leaving the apartment or drinking anything Kate gives her the night before her wedding. Lucas, Carrie and Austin all defend Sami to Kate, who insists they’re all insane. Will walks in and says he could hear the loud voices all the way from Sami’s apartment and asks “what the hell is going on?”.
Lucas calls Will on his language and Kate says that’s where they all are anyway. Will is happy to hear about Austin and Sami’s engagement and says it’s the next best thing to his mom and dad getting married, hoping they understand. We’re all one big happy family who settles for second best as they all agree (except Kate). Will asks his grandmother not to mess this, up like she did his parents and they all stare at Kate saying the same. Austin assures Will this wedding will happen as Sami remembers her conversation with Lexie saying she’d like Lucas back, but will take second best, Austin. Lucas threatens Kate that they’ll all refuse to have anything to do with her again if she persists. Lucas and Carrie tell Will about their baby and he’s excited to have a new baby brother/sister. He suggests Sami (and Austin) hurry up and have one too as they both laughingly admit wanting a baby too. Lucas suggests Kate leave as she’s putting some negativity on all their happiness and admitting she’s feeling physically ill from all this (you ain’t the only one sister), leaves. In the hallway she warns Lucas that she’s going to get behind Sami’s evil doings and remembers how Lucas had mentioned feeling Sami and Lexie were up to something. He regrets telling her that and steps back inside. Sami thanks them all for giving her another chance and struggles opening up the champagne. She finally opens it and has a problem and breaks a mirror in the process. Panicing about years of bad luck, she worries her life will never be happy again.

Hope calmly tells Alex she’s glad Marlena’s with her real husband. Alex tells Patrick they have to find Marlena before that maniac does something to her. Hope rushes up and insists Patrick not do anything to help Alex. Hope and Alex debate whether John is dangerous as Alex cites examples about Lois and what happened at the church. Alex tells Patrick to call Roman (yeah, he’d love that as there’s an APB out on ya bud) and he’ll confirm that. Patrick asks Hope if she knows where John and Marlena are and she mentions hearing the ocean in the background (hmm, they are on an island..what are the chances of that?)…but for him not to tell Alex. Guess who’s standing 5 ft. away (some law enforcement background Hope) and overhears? Alex rushes off with Patrick and Hope in his wake.

A replay of John injecting the antidote into Marlena’s side as she remembers being happy with John. They kiss and exchange I love yous . Hope calls to warn John that Alex (and Patrick) are looking for them and for the upteenth time, John calmly assures Hope he’ll kill Alex if he comes near Marlena again. Marlena is worried as she’s married to Alex and feels she owes Alex a goodbye. Alex arrives with a gun saying they’re not going anywhere. Pointing the gun at John with Marlena urging him not to shoot, Patrick rushes up. He hands the gun to Patrick and tells him to do what he paid him to do. Hope rushes up and says Bo was right all along as Patrick pauses when the previews roll (sorry…the suspense is more boring than thrilling to me with all this)….

ABE to LEXIE: I’m feeling a little guilty.
LEXIE: About what?
ABE: Capitalizing on somebody elses misfortune.

BONNIE to Mimi: So, have you picked out any baby names yet?
MIMI: No, not really.
BELLE (Philip and Claire are on the couch next to her): Oh come on, Shawn and I had a bunch of baby names picked out when we were dating.

WILL to AUSTIN: She’s walked down the aisle a ton of times but never made it to the honeymoon. What makes you think this time will be different?

LUCAS to SAMI: Why don’t you create some good karma for yourself Sami and tell us all what you’re up to?

As the credits roll..

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