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Friday, May 26, 2006

Episode: 10,323
Directed by: Albert Alarr
tape Date: 5/2/06

Hypocrit is the word of the day for our Salemites as couples chat on Morgan Isle, Sami's worried about bad karma, Mimi and Shawn get good news and Jack's thinking about his return to Jennifer (who's dealing with teen issues).


Helping Mimi and Shawn get pregnant has given Lexie the bug to get pregnant again herself (be careful for what you wish). She tells Abe that she’s talked to urology about EDD. She reminds him there are other ways to satisfy her, but he doesn’t understand her needs. He tries to explain that his masculinity is also impaired and says if she had had to have a mastectomy had the lump been cancerous, she’d understand. She goes to check on Shawn and Mimi’s test results. Lexie is excited as she tells them the news shouldn’t be much longer. Shawn is being protective already and takes Mimi somewhere to wait.

Sami and Austin are out having dinner (have we seen either of them work since they landed that contract?). Sami’s absorbed by Will’s Karma report and worried her past deeds may be her undoing. Austin assures her it won’t and telling her to have good thoughts. A flaming chocolate dessert is devoured by them as she remembers Father Jansen’s words. Abe and Lexie arrive and are seated a few tables away (hopefully someone else will give Shawn and Mimi the results, as they’re lurking by the nursery, daydreaming they had a baby boy).

A nurse joins Shawn and Mimi saying the doctor is ready to see them (phew). The doctor arrives and when asked if the egg is still okay, she tells them it’s no longer an egg. Mimi moans and Shawn assures her they’ll try again. The doctor tells them it’s not called an egg after it’s fertilized, but a pre-embryo. She shows it to them on their direct feed to the lab on her computer. Mimi and Shawn are thrilled and kiss. The doctor agrees something could go wrong, but so far it’s going great. They won’t implant it until it grows some.

Back at the restaurant, Abe offers to switch seats with Lexie so she wouldn’t see Sami and Austin, but she goes to the rest room and freshens her lipstick. Sami goes to the ladies room to chat with Lexie. Worried about her bad karma, she tries to apologize and tells Lexie she should get a second opinion that her lump is not cancerous. Sami asks if she still has the lump in her breast and begs Lexie to have another test done. Lexie feels Sami’s wanting her to have cancer and leaves. Austin asks Sami what happened and she tries to explain about wanting Lexie to be retested, saying Lexie is a really bad doctor (no kidding) and should get a second opinion. Austin tells Sami that this is the Sami he loves, a caring Sami. He’s so proud she’s going to be his wife.

Lexie is clearly distressed when she returns and won’t tell Abe what Sami said to upset her. He hopes Austin will bring out Sami’s better side.

Jen and Abby continue their discussion as Abby stomps off after calling Jen a hypocrit. Frankie returns home and Jen admits wishing Jack were there to handle this situation. She knows that’s not going to happen and shocked after seeing Abby and Chelsea on the Sluts of Salem website. Frankie said Chelsea needs more than a good lawyer, she needs a miracle. He tells her about Bo going to see Hope and she’s relieved to hear that. He also is worried about Chelsea’s fate if Hope is there for the trial.

Abby stares at her computer as Jen knocks on the door, insisting that they talk.
Abby tells her mother she hates her and wishes she had gotten that incurable disease and to leave her alone. Jen leaves and goes down to Frankie. HE gives her a glass of wine. She needs good news and calls Hope, wanting to hear how they’re doing.

The doctor tells Jack he feels the treatment worked and he’ll have many years to spend with his family. Jack tells the doctor he’s anxious to return home before Jennifer moves on with Frankie any further. The doctor suggests he call home and tell Jennifer he’s still alive. Jack wants to make sure the procedure worked and hopes it won’t be too late when he goes home. He imagines what would happen as he explains to Jennifer that he’s still alive and cured. He asks if she respected his dying wish and if she and Frankie are together. He pictures Jennifer telling him that he’s the only man she loves and wants to be with.

Frankie joins Jennifer and she tells him that Bo and Hope are together. Jen’s worried about Abby and understands why she called her a hypocrite being Abby and Jack were so close. Frankie says he’d understand if she wanted to postpone the wedding. She tells him no, she loves him and wants to marry him. They kiss. Abby quietly comes down the stairs and sits there, watching Jen and Frankie kiss.

Marlena and John stroll, anxious to be together again after so long. She hopes Bo and Hope will as well. They kiss.

Bo tells Hope that their love has gotten them through so much over the years. They both tell each other that they still love each other and encouraged, Bo hopes that they’ll get through this too. They talk about Chelsea and he doesn’t excuse his lies and calmly explains it was an accident. He tells her family helps each other through traumatic times yet she took off, wouldn’t return his calls and asked for a divorce. He never thought she would do that. She tells him that’s not what he said and confused, he asked if she didn’t get his email. He tells her firmly that they belong together. She belongs with him not Lockhart and he belongs with her, not Billie. Jen calls and Hope steps aside to take the call (man, do they have great cell coverage!) John pops out of the bushes to ask Bo how it’s going and if Bo’s told Hope about Chelsea’s trial date being moved up. Bo said he’s going to, but trying to resolve other matters first. Hope hangs up and John slides back into the brush (what does a couple have to do to have a quiet PRIVATE conversation, LOL!) Hope returns angry at Bo for not telling her about Chelsea’s new court date, accusing him of still keeping secrets and shoves him. Bo stays calm as Hope erupts about trying to keep her away. He tells her he came because of her call saying she needed him and that he hadn’t told her yet as they had more important issues to discuss, but she refuses to hear, saying that is the most important thing right now. (ask pop in the bushes John to confirm that Hope). Marlena and John finally decide to return to normal life and leave the bushes. Hope tells Bo to go home to Billie and Chelsea. She will return to Salem and make sure that Chelsea is put away for along time. She tells Bo that they’ll never be together again …as the previews roll….

Abby to Jennifer: I’d appreciate it if you didn’t use Dad’s memories to try and manipulate me into staying in your house.

John to Marlena: They can’t blame you for your behavior.
Lexie (with Abe carrying Theo next to her): If anyone’s to blame, it’s me.

Shawn (hugging Hope): I’m glad you’re home.
Hope: This isn’t my home, not any more.

Bo to Billie: She’s here and just itching to testify at Chelsea’s trial

As the credits roll….

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